View Full Version : Completed Codex Ideas (Definite Spoilers)

11-18-2009, 09:05 PM
For people who have completed the game,

What do you guys think about the completed codex map? There are eight Assasssin's seals. I think in ACIII we will be visiting each location. Minerva said to visit the temples of the civilizations who were against war or something like that. There is three in the ocean, which is kind of strange...I guess one could be Atlantis but I have no thoughts on the other two. The other ones seem to symbolize America, China, Nordic Civilization, Majapahit empire, and the Kingdom of Nri. Also the smaller dots seem to be strategically placed, but again there is a bunch of them in the ocean. Perhaps the ones in the ocean belong to the "1st earth"? Any Ideas.