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The terror of the sky over Europe...1939 - 1945.

04-09-2005, 09:47 PM
...but thats a 67 or 68 no?

04-10-2005, 02:30 AM
i had a 67!

i sold it about 3 years ago after the motor blew. well worth the money even though it lasted me a year. a great hooligan machine!

thinkin the image above is a SUPER beetle.
IIRC, the vent behind the rear passenger window was a dead givaway to a 70'S/80'S MODEL

04-10-2005, 03:32 AM
Does it have GM-1? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-tongue.gif

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04-10-2005, 04:21 AM
This bug once was mine!
Lovely thing!
(Untill it gave me cold feet in wintertime... due to the holes in it's bottomside ;-)

This one also:

04-10-2005, 05:33 AM
I bought my 1st beetle in 1978 for 25 http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif It was a '62-'63 model, a red one, and it had certainly seen better days. Headlamp adjustment was performed by bending the wheel arches up & down, you dig, and the exhaust would've made a Sherman tank sound quiet! But the wife was complaining about doing the weekly shop in the works' flatbed Transit http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif
I was quite poor though, so the taxed & tested (by a blind person, i expect) Beetle was too good to miss. The owner was a plumber and a self-styled mechanic I recall. He was certain that the engine was on the way out because it would never fully rev and could only achieve about 30mph in top gear. I agreed that it was very weak but, at the same time, the engine sounded good. Years & years of experience with air-cooled engines, i.e. motorcycles, had left me with a "good ear for fettle" - even on such a techno-marvel as a flat-four - and I was convinced that a few hours of spannering would sort it out. Translated into haggle-speak, we both came out feeling that we'd got a good deal!

Here's the worksheet for the repair:
Saturday morning - opened bonnet, found someone had stolen engine overnight..................!!!
opened rear bonnet http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif
Started engine....fetched ear defenders from Transit.....located throttle cable at carb.....gave a hefty pull.

(I felt really good about the ear-defender decision & wished that I'd remembered to grab a dust mask as well. I was also wondering how to explain the slightly singed and very oily circles on the legs of my weekend Levi's, but I was also grinning from the roar of a seemingly-sound engine http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif) Back to the worksheet...

I couldn't get the same effect from pressing the foot pedal, so I got down into the untidy footwell and took a look around.....
after removing a 10" Stilson wrench from under the throttle pedal a little improvement was detected - after bending the pedal back up using the discovered wrench, full revs were attained. Dogs barked, cats fled, and the nearby USAAF station went to full alert.
Total parts used: none. Labour: 15 minutes. Sundries: 1 pair of Levi's downgraded to bike use. Possible prosecution under noise abatement regulations. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

The best part came about a week later, when I spotted the plumber and his wife out in their 'new' car. It was an old Morris 1000 'woody' and maybe the only car around that was slower than a VW. Their faces were a picture when we breezed past them at a raucous 60 mph! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif
Apparently the plumber liked his woody for the extra space it afforded for tools and pipes, but his wife had been very reluctant to let the beetle go, only convinced by the 'failing' engine that it was dying a death. I learnt that from the plumber when he came around the next day, fifty quid in has hand and obviously 'under orders' from 'her indoors'. I returned his valuable wrench, but I refused the two ponies. He was grateful, for the tool and for the excuse to keep the woody, but his wife and mine did dark looks and muttering at the school gates for a while...... http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif The'Red 'un' did good service for a year or two, 'til I managed to obtain a '65 in mint condition. Lol....thanks for dragging me back down Amnesia Lane, he he he. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

04-10-2005, 05:59 AM
Good read, Brando. I wonder at times how the world looks from those who are not mechanically inclined... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

04-10-2005, 07:31 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by FoolTrottel:
This bug once was mine!
Lovely thing!
(Untill it gave me cold feet in wintertime... due to the holes in it's bottomside ;-)

This one also:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v668/fooltrottel/RedBeetle.jpg <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yeah, what crappy cars those were...My dad was a salesmanager for them in Finland and my earliest memory is looking up through the backscreen of one. I was about 1 year of age by that time (1960). My parents put me behind the back seat(there were a stowing area) to sleap. :-).

Up here in north they all vanished to rust:-((.

Not to mention the K-70 which came about -70. They all rusted away rapidly. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

04-10-2005, 07:31 AM
My first car was a '67 Beetle...loved that car! Got her in '72 just after H.S. graduation. I'm in Minnesota, and the thing had no gas heater...will never forget winter...steering with my knees, shifting with right hand, all the while tryin' to scrape the windshield with the left...ahh, the memories....

04-10-2005, 08:13 AM
My first car was a '68 karmann ghia. It was pretty fun driving somthing almost nobody recognized. Had holes in the floor and the heater hoses were gone so winter was a pain.
One thing I liked was that you could drive with the window down in the rain and almost no rain would come inside the car.

han freak solo
04-10-2005, 09:09 AM
Check out my 1968 model and what you can do to one in a 90 mph spinout. I did this in 1983. The missing windows were taken out with my head.

www.lssdigital.com/ (http://www.lssdigital.com/)'68BeetlecrashcircaFeb-1983.htm

I really liked it at the time. I had recently rebuilt the engine (bumped up to 1650cc w/extras) and was saving up to do the interior and exterior. After that crash I went back to American Iron, a '72 Dodge Charger with a 400 ci (6.56 liter) engine.

But, by 1985 I got into motorcycles for the speed fix that I couldn't afford in cars. I spent 18 years riding these (in order of ownership):

1979 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif
1985 Kawasaki GPz550 http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/heart.gif
1982 Kawasaki GPz750R http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
1985 Honda XL350R http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-indifferent.gif
1989 Kawasaki KDX200 http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/heart.gif
1978 Honda CB750F http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

The off-road stuff was the best!! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif