View Full Version : Matchmaking problems + some info.

07-25-2011, 02:30 PM
Ok, so I have a little problem. My dads has access to network and router. I asked him to open this ports on router. He denied doing it, claiming it makes computer more vulnerable to hackers attacks, viruses etc. Is there anything, that may convince him?

On the other hand, I've discovered something. It may be connected to matchmaking issues. Im both experiencing problems with slow matchmaking and "Session is unreachable", when connecting to friends. It seems I can join them most succesfully, when there is a 1 minute break before next match, or when they have not enough players to start another game. I thought that it may have something in common with the slow matchmaking issue.. Game tries to connect to a given game, which is already on, so we can't join in.
Second - when my friend session is full, the message while attempting to join him changes to "This session is full", or something like that.