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09-15-2010, 07:12 PM

I have just completed the single player campaign and at first run of the game i said "oh sh*t" seeing that this game is one of these games developed for consoles, not PCs... and that always means lot... a LOT of flaws, at least for me, a dedicated PC gamer. But ok, the single player wasnt that bad, i really enjoyed the gameplay style mostly.

What i want to talk about are the multiplayer's flaws - a giant flaws! First of all, there is no way to see yoru connection status, you dont know who is hosting the game - you, or your anonymous muted partner. You cant check nothing. All you can do is press the button and hope game gonna do everything for you (which of course is fool's hope, cause automatic stuff is never good, especially if you cannot correct it). What bother me most, is that game in multiplayer drops my FPS in wierd way and creates kind of input lag, where i have to wait for my crosshair to adjust after i move the mouse in some moments, not to mention the unplayable lags when you are throwed against your will with some people from the other side of the globe.

This system is horrible! Why the hell you dont fix the games to meet PC games' standards when you release it for PCs? There are some strandards you know...

The next thing is the voice chat, that you claim you have in yoru game. Wierd thing is form what i have observed, this voice chat is totally not working. But ok, its a big flaw, but its nothing we coudlnt play multiplayer without, right? We have a chat, like in every multiplayer game, even the cheapest productions have chat, come on... how hard it is to implement chat in the game? Oh wait... Splinter Cell dont even have chat in multiplayer. Ah.. i know why... That must be becouse PC players dont have keyboards, they must play on pads like all console fans. Yeah, lets asusme they all have pads, so who need chat? Why to communicate at all? Let them just insert the dvd, press button and BOOM! Awesome multiplayter experience! - NO.

Another thing is that i have no idea what version my game is, and where do i check it. Well, that not suprises me cause game did not even made any shortcut for me to run from, other than autorun from DVD or running .exe file found after digging in folders structures where it was installed.

The idea of co-op and other multiplayer modes with such gameplay's concept had so much potential. I coudlnt wait till i play it, and now i dont even want to try it anymore... its just unplayable.

Please, next time you release game for PC ripped off console version, provide some info about that fact, so i wont buy it. :/


09-17-2010, 05:42 AM
You're totally right, but funny fact is that they had a chat that worked pretty good in-game. But after patch 1.02 or something they removed that feature and implemented voice chat instead haha. I'v never experienced it working in differense of the chat, but i'v heard that it's not very good...
What i dont understand is why they had to remove the normal chat to introduce the voice chat. Keep both and its a win-win situation! Or maybe fail-fail i SCC's situation lol...

09-17-2010, 10:54 AM
Next time, just read the forum before buying, that's what I ill do. The amount of complaints towards this game was ridiculous in the first couple of days.