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A large number of minor variants were also developed, including a dedicated trainer version (Pe-2UTI), a heavily-armed version (Pe-2M) and a rocket-boosted version (Pe-2K). A fighter version (Pe-2I) and radial-engined version (Pe-2K) were put into limited production as the Pe-3 and Pe-4 respectively.

Air forces that continued to fly the Pe-2 after the war included those of Czechoslovakia, China, Poland, and Yugoslavia. In total, around 11,000 were built.

While the Pe-2 general featured favorable flying characteristics when airborne, it took a good amount of force the pull the elevators up to get the plane rotated off the runway during takeoff. Russian night bombing missions often flew with female pilots and some of the women pilots were not sufficiently strong enough to get the airplane airborne by themselves. When such a situation occured, the procedure was to have one of the crew get behind the pilot's seat and wrap her arms around the control wheel and help the puilots force the wheel back. Once the aircraft was airborne, the crew returned to her duties and the pilot continued to fly the plane without assistance.


* World War 2 - Finland, Soviet Union,
* Post-war - China, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia

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no money for books, must save for pe2 addons

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There's a cheap Squadron Signal Pe-2 softcover as an introduction to Pe-2-ology. I've read it a few times, but the anecdote about the female pilots is a new one for me.

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Thats odd...because I had just read that apparently the Pe-2 has power boosted elevators for pulling out of dive bombing runs. Maybe this was on later editions?

Apparently the ailerons were very ineffective at higher speeds and the wing was of a high speed configuration so it was not pleasant to stall. Landing speeds were apparently fairly high.

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