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08-15-2006, 08:52 PM
Can anyone tell me what the basic improvements are in commander 2.6 as opposed to v2.5?

08-16-2006, 06:29 AM
Check out the documentation for 2.6

Here (http://www.users.on.net/%7Ejscones/software/SH3Cmdr%20Help.html)

And here is a brief history of improvements of the prior versions;

- "Simulate a realistic career length" parameters now editable via "Career options.cfg" file. Retirement is now based on the number of completed patrols multiplied by the total number of days spent at sea
- "Randomised days spent in base" parameters now editable via "Career options.cfg" file
- "Simulate realistic crew transfers" parameters now editable via "Career options.cfg" file
- Added ability to randomise essentially any value in any data file used by SH3
- Added ability to set the first patrol grid when starting a new career
- Added ability to randomise next patrol grid based on Flotilla and date
- Added ability to view SH3 Grid Map from "Change" screen
- Added ability to play (random) .wav files in Nightclub
- Added French translation to the Nightclub and NewsMod plus corrected other minor typos in the French language files (by Martin)
- New "RenownAwardedEqualsRandomTonnage" key added to "Ship displacements.cfg" to provide support for NYGM Tonnage War mod
- "Medals and renown.cfg" file renamed to "Basic changes.cfg" to reflect true scope of the file
- Added new fatigue model - Grey Wolves 8 Hour
- Minor code revisions

2.4.1 (special release)
- Now filters out non-SH3 added entries in the Log_x.cfg files

- Added new career action - "Go to Nightclub..." and slightly renamed other existing actions
- Added ability to remove the deck gun from your U-boat
- When starting a new career a U-boat can now be selected from any U-boat type and variant available to the selected Flotilla up to the selected career start date
- Added ability to set U-boat number when starting a new career
- Selected Flotilla and U-boat type no longer reset when year or month is changed
- Use of historic U-boat availability dates is now a selectable option
- Now rolls back changes made by the "Randomise gramophone tracks" option
- Now saves Personnel Files to user's "My Documents" folder
- Added ability to import user defined crew configurations for using with new careers and missions
- Added ability to modify the renown awarded in "Ship displacements.cfg"
- Added new wave height selection - "Seasonal"
- Added an extra 40,454 first names and 41,786 last names to the names lists to reflect the names of (almost) every person to serve on a U-boat. Now provides 1.7+ billion crew name combinations!
- Added an extra 1,300 towns to the birth place list to reflect the birth places of almost all U-boat Commanders
- Realistic crew now has more voice and complexion variety
- Minor interface tweaks and code improvements

- Crew Manager component updated: promoting, demoting or awarding any medal or badge now has the same effect as if awarded via SH3
- SH3 ship class labels now included with real ship names in patrol logs
- Added ability to randomise gramophone tracks (based on original concept of JXP's)
- Added ability to adjust wave height (based on original concept of TimeTraveller's)
- Now uses EnglishNames.cfg for comparing ship labels when French language is selected
- New surrender feature added for "dead" careers
- Now recognises new careers which are mid-first patrol
- Now works around the SH3 bug which in some instances writes career start dates as 0's
- Added ability to adjust time compression values
- Added ability to modify Basic.cfg renown, medals and promotion values (via editable cfg file)
- When starting a new career, selected year and Flotilla are added to the SH3 new career screen
- Now uses correct date for copying files when continuing careers mid-patrol
- Health status of crewmen now included on Crew Manager screen and in Crew Lists
- Added "Summary" title to Personnel File
- First names, last names and place names now sourced from .lst files in cfg folder. Unlimited names can be added (SH3Cmdr.ini listed names no longer used)
- Captain's Log reformatted to look more like a real Kriegstagebuch
- Improved HTML code

- Improved insertion of date based variable menu text. No more need to include *_menu.txt files in the Date folder structure
- Now recognises when a career is "mid-patrol" and ignores realistic career length and realistic crew transfer options accordingly
- "U-Boat Aces" listing now includes other player Commanders (marked with single asterisk)
- Added "Use real ship names" option which if selected replaces standard SH3 ship labels in patrol logs with real ship names
- Improved random tonnage calculations
- Now randomises the time Escorts spend looking for U-Boats after losing contact
- "Randomise crew names" renamed to "Use realistic crew configurations". Functionality is unchanged
- Moving the mouse cursor over text "hidden" under the Commander's image now shows the text
- Improved the robustness of recording a Commander's pre-career history
- Improved the insertion method of Basic.cfg modifications
- Modders can now use a /nolaunch switch to stop SH3 loading (ie for mod testing purposes)

- Now allows for the Silent Hunter III installation path to be forced via a /l switch, or manually entered if SH3 Commander cannot find it
- To accommodate future growth, career options are now contained in a pop-up menu, retitled "Actions"
- Now recognises and supports French text language setting in Silent Hunter III
- Added realistic crew transfers option; you may lose up to one crewman per patrol
- Added ability to force (corrected) ranks, medals and badges to display in Silent Hunter III in English (with American or British ranks) or German, regardless of in-game language setting
- Added ability to adjust deck gun reload times
- Added ability to adjust water density
- Now displays last patrol end date on existing career screen to allow for easier "specific days in base" calculations when wanting a specific next patrol start date
- Added new fatigue model based on RUb's 1x TC model
- Added new background image for generated HTML files
- Added new banner image

- New interface
- Now provides better integration with Silent Hunter III by linking Date/Flotilla/U-Boat selection to that allowed by Silent Hunter III when starting a new career (no more selecting XXI U-Boat in 33 Flotilla in 1939)
- Added ability to start new careers in any month between 9/39 and 5/45
- Added ability to randomise or set specific days spent in base
- Added ability to include (or remove) the "Hull Integrity %" text
- Added ability to use any one of three different types of fatigue handling models, with ability to add your own fatigue models
- Added ability to change next patrol grid
- Added ability to delete selected career from the hard drive
- Added ability to return Commanders from retirement
- Career Summary now retitled to Personnel File
- Now generates Personnel Files and Crew Lists in HTML format
- Now specifically advises if required information can not be found in career files when generating Commander history
- Added ability to check the internet for updates
- Many (interface) tweaks and code improvements

- Improved Career Summary to be compatible with commander histories generated by earlier versions of SH3 Commander
- Minor tweaks to interface

- Added random feature - up to 5 similar sets of files can be included with one different set randomly copied across to Silent Hunter III every time a career is loaded. Useful for randomising skins etc
- Added ability to generate Commander name for new careers
- Now sets career (new and existing) in Silent Hunter III prior to loading, thus providing more integration with Silent Hunter III
- "Realistic Length" preference now saved between uses
- Now correctly inserts tonnage information in Career Summary regardless of user's country
- Now removes empty folders from \BACKUP! folder after Rollback
- Incorporated further enhancements to the Career Summary
- Added ability to print Career Summaries and Crew Lists for dead and retired commanders
- Removed IC2 and Front Clasp from the Auto Fix routine (suggestions are still provided)
- Incorporated the appropriate en_menu/de_menu text labels for ranks, medals, qualifications and dates (based on user's game settings)
- Added realistic U-boat number selection by type and flotilla
- Provided a German language version of the Crew List and Career Summary (based on user's game settings and customisable to any language)

- Corrected Silent Hunter III promotion dates in the Career Summary
- Added number of days to the Patrol History in the Career Summary

- Added "Crew Manager" component, which allows user to:
- promote and demote within type (ie Officers, Petty Officers and Sailors);
- change crewmen names (including auto generation of typical Germanic names - 46,000+ different combinations);
- give and remove medals and badges based on historic criteria;
- give, adjust and remove qualifications (3 for Officers and Chief Petty Officers, 1 for Petty Officers and 1 for Sailors);
- create a crew list for viewing (txt file) and printing;
- auto-fix identified problems with medals, badges and experience.
- Improved rollback performance. Now much quicker - original Silent Hunter III files are backed up under the SH3 Commander structure
- Added ability to change sub number
- Added "realistic career length" option (based on Beery's "roll of the dice" logic)
- Excluded completed or "dead" careers from the career selection box
- Added ability to create a career summary for viewing (txt file) and printing
- Added ability to replace default crew configuration files with historically accurate crew including realistic ranks, qualifications and unique names (ie no more "Adolf Carlewitz" in your new careers)
- Added unique commander images and other personal details, such as date, place of birth and full commander life history
- General code improvement
- New icon

- Added ability for user to select date, U-Boat type and Flotilla

08-16-2006, 03:20 PM
Thanks for that GG. A friend of mine is sending me 2.6 on disc, as I am already using 2.5 I was curious as to the improvements. Wow, they have certainly packed a lot in.
Once again Goose, thanks bud http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif