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ok so my theory is based on the events of the game and both truth movies.

so I've been thinking, subject 16 seems to know everything, the past, the present and the future. I doubt subject 16 is desmond's son because then he wouldn't say "your son" to desmond as if he was talking about another person.

what if subject 16 is desmond himself? a desmond from the future, or maybe another personality of desmond? in the end of ac 1 we saw all the symbols and marks subject 16 left for desmond on the wall, so I think to myself, how subject 16 made it to desmond's room? why did he was at the same room? we saw in the start of ac2 that abstergo have tons of rooms and animus machines, why would they put subject 16 in desmond's room? how subject 16 even knew desmond would look on that wall?

subject 16 and desmond share exactly the same memories, subject 16 knows EVERYTHING about desmond and about his surroundings, on top of that subject 16 also said "I am with you until the end, find me in the darkness" why would he say that? how can he be with desmond until the end? it just seems to me subject 16 might have been part of desmond or another personality of desmond, maybe he found out all the truth and didn't want to tell everything to abstergo so maybe he found a way to live inside the animus or maybe abstergo trapped him in the animus because desmond is the only person who have the ability to know everything about eden etc.. maybe they even implanted all the memories he have about his life and subject 16 was actually his true personality- "everything you hold dear, everything you hope to become, everything you hold dear, its already gone". so they could make desmond work for them again and refind the truth, I know it's crazy but why would ubisoft hide the identity of subject 16? it must to be something big, I'm pretty certain that subject 16 must be very related to desmond if not desmond himself, could be a future desmond, another personality that desmond had or idk.

it's very weird that subject 16 could predict every one of desmond's moves. have exactly the same memories like desmond, has been at exactly same room, lucy knew both of them, subject 16 told desmond "she's not who you think she is" what if he meant to lucy? what if lucy know the truth.

I just know the identity of subject 16 has to be something a lot bigger than him being a new character or a random new person . there is going to be a twist in the plot I'm sure.
another theory I have, subject 16 told desmond: "Eden. she ....... in eden. find eve. the key. her DNA"
so basically it means desmond needs to literally go to eden and find eve?, maybe the temple would take desmond back to the past, and maybe the key to the temple is really "her DNA" which means eve's descendant like everybody say.
the truth movie in ac2 shows us the place called eden, so obviously subject 16 meant that place when he said "she.. in eden". and now the interesting part of my theory.
in the end of the truth movie we see eve and adam, then somebody calls eve, eve turns around and yells "adam look out!" so it's obviously not adam who called her, I think the one who called eve was actually desmond himself, either him or subject 16 (which in my theory is desmond anyway). I think we saw the future of the ac plot we follow, that desmond is really going to go back to the past to meet eve. and I've checked the truth video of ac2 few times and the voice actually sounds like desmond/ subject 16. in my opinion it is one of them who calls eve.

What do you guys think? I would love to hear your opinions http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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How can Desmond be both S16 and S17 if the reason Abstergo kidnapped Desmond was because S16 "killed himself"?

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i think 16 is Desmonds father. that would explain him ''knowing'' desmond and they have the same ancestors

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I thought this twist would be cool, but I thought of it has that when Desmond did go insane and Abstergo had to wipe his mind clean and could only repair so much (thus why he never remembers being kidnapped before) and just told Desmond that S 16 died. The rest is like you explained (Desmond leaving hints for himself to find, etc) except he did it in the past, not future.

Do I see it actually happening... Not really, just seems too much of a mind**** for them to actually do.

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yes abstergo could have lied to desmond when they said subject 16 killed himself. also as flyingeaglemile said desmond never remembered him being kidnapped.
and subject 16 mentioned desmond's son. he said "your son", now if subject 16 was desmond's father then how could his father knows about his son when even desmond doesn't know he have a son?
how anyone could know desmond has a son if even desmond doesn't know it? only explanation for that is that subject 16 is someone from the future.
and I still don't understand why would ubisoft hide his identity and won't even show his face if it was just someone else like desmond's father...
I mean I think of me as a fan, reaching the near ending of ac and finally revealing subject 16's identity and finds out he is desmond's father.. what would be my reaction?- "hummm.... ok."
I think it would pretty much fail...
but if subject 16 is desmond from the future or another personality of desmond my reaction would be "OMG mind****".

bottom line, ubisoft better do a damn good twist to the story with subject 16 or they would fail badly.

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Please continue any theories or story plot debates in the other ongoing threads please.