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11-18-2007, 09:26 AM
hi i am new to this forum and i wondered if i could get some help, i recently brought this game but havnt been able to play it because it keeps saying game data file corrupted ? and it says delet the file and restart the game?

please could you help me many thanks

11-18-2007, 09:29 AM
if your on a ps3, go to game>game data>assassins creed

delete it... along with your savegames if its the only one that works...

if your on 360, get a new disc

11-18-2007, 09:30 AM
Umm... how about trying to delete the file then restart the game? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-indifferent.gif

11-18-2007, 10:57 AM
In your dashboard (dunno what PS3 calls theirs) go to your memory section and delete the save file from the hard drive.