View Full Version : Fight attack really not responsive

05-13-2011, 01:55 PM
Up to now, Assassin's creed has been a pleasure when it comes to fighting sequences....But not this time with Assassin's creed brotherhood!! I have a Quad Core 2.83 Ghz Intel processor + 4 GB mb...With windows 7....I have a very good graphic card: Asus EN9400GT with 1 GB....I would expect a good comfortable play with ACB, but whenever I come to the fighting scene, the attack button seems very unresponsive...I usually press it repeatedly to produce repeated attack....BUt it doesnt respond....Ezio is so slow in the attack...I take so many blows before I can strike myself.....I am using the XBox 360 controller which has always been very good for assassin's creed...But even if I try to play on the keyboard itself, the response for the attack button is so slow, as though it respond once every 4 seconds or something like that....Am i the only one getting this problem....Curiously enough, I never used to get that problem with AC 2!