View Full Version : Calling All Stand-In's 100% Sync [Spoilers]

02-19-2011, 07:05 AM
For those a little rusty, it's the mission where Cesare's hitman first kills Edigio the banker, then rides off on his horse to give guards costumes for a play where they poison a guy acting as Christ. 100% Sync is to use your Recruits for every kill of the guards with the costumes.

Anyway, it appears that if one of the recruits kills a guard with a throwing knife, it fails the 100% sync. It sucks, because you can't control whether or not it happens.

Krayus Korianis
02-19-2011, 09:09 AM
Actually it's Francesco Troche, the Papal Chamberlain.

Yes, I agree this is a problem and needs to be worked with to allow assassin recruits to use any weapons that comes from THEM, and not from you.