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12-15-2006, 03:50 PM
Hello All,

Looking for some recommendations for a new video card (have Nvidia GeForce FX5200)

Just bought the stand-alone version of PF and after reading the messages here figured out that I couldn't simply apply the latest patch by itself but had to use the intermediate ones too, so the forum has already proven to have knowledgable people here!

I have a Nvida GeForce FX 5200 card 128MB which came with my Dell Dimension 4550 system. I have plenty of RAM (1.5g) and a 2.8GHz P4.

I downloaded the latest drivers for the card from Nvidia, but the program still stutters (even during the start-up movie sequence) and sometimes locks up all together giving me the BSOD).

From reading messages here it seems that the 5200 isn't a very highly regarded card, esp for use with this game.

Can anyone recommend a different card? I am *not* a hardcore gamer, so cost is a factor, but if I am going to get something, I want to make sure it will work decently with PF and the aero/vista setup too. In fact I fire up MS FS (older version too) and StarCraft every once in a while, but that's about it. I would like to get into PF if I can make it playable with my setup.

In the meantime, if anyone has some tweaks/settings that would let me play PF somewhat decently with my current setup (which really isn't that bad I think for a game of this vintage) I would be really grateful). I find it very frustrating that it is necessary to tweak games this much. I really just want it to work :-|


EDIT: It's actually a Dell Dimension 4600 system, sorry. (The FX 5200 will go into a 4550 running Linux once the new card arrives for my Dimension 4600 box running XP)

12-15-2006, 04:16 PM
Hi eb9,

I am using the FX5700Le-td256 and I am very happy with it.

The only other thing that may be of use, I have 2Gb of Ram, and a seperate sound card.

This is by way of a suggestion, Have you done a antispyware clean and defrag?



PS I am now running 1946 and I did not have to upgrade anything. In fact the new game (1946) seems to run a good deal smother than IL2fb+aep+PF+Patches...........A

12-15-2006, 04:23 PM

Yes, I have defragged (do it regularly) and also run spybot and ad-aware.

I have Turtle Beach/Santa Cruz video card/game controller.

I'll have to take a look at the card you mention. From the name another Nvidia card, but with twice the on-board RAM. I was starting to think that it was better to avoid Nvidia .. but like I said, I'm no expert on this type of hardware.


12-15-2006, 04:35 PM
I'm no expert on this type of hardware.

Me niether. I had it recomended by my local PC store manager with a return guarantee.

Hope all goes well.


12-15-2006, 06:17 PM
7900GT or GS, X1950Pro. Best bang for buck mid range cards.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


12-15-2006, 07:52 PM

been reading hardware reviews, glad to get your post because several places seem to also recommend the GeForce 7600gs, so I think I will order it to replace my GeForce FX 5200 with it.

EDIT: Just ordered it .. given my current system and its power supply, and the price, this seems like the perfect choice. Should get it sometime later this week .. can't wait.

12-15-2006, 09:56 PM
studders can be cause by more then a low range card.i found the PCI Latency Tool v2.3 from http://www.guru3d.com/
help with my studders GL<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


12-16-2006, 12:13 AM
Hi! I have GF 7900GT and the sim runs perfectly! (X2 4200+ as a processor) I beleive the card isn't that expensive anymore so I'd go for it. And after Christmas the prices are nearly always bound to drop so... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif


12-16-2006, 12:44 AM
i have 2 7900 GTXs but i had 2 of the 512 7800GTXs so im guessing that since they are a year old, that you can get one at a fair price... but it all depends on what you want to spend on the card<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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12-16-2006, 12:51 AM
I have read reviews from several sites saying the Geforce 7600 GT is good choice for OpenGL games like this if you dont want spend too much money for the card. For example Gainward 7600 GT Bliss seems to overclock nicely and has fast memory in it. Available as PCI-E and AGP.

But If I had the money, I would naturally go for the 8800 series http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif on the other hand the upcoming ATI R600 seems to be 512-bit card with GDDR4 memory.. with huge price tag prolly

12-16-2006, 04:00 AM
Seeing as he is coming from an FX 5200 I guess AGP cards is what he needs eh? All I can say m8 that the world is your oyster with so many cards that have been released that are allot better than what you are used to. I own a Dimension 4550 myself. With your cpu, I believe anything between a 6800GT to a 7600GT will do nicely. Your PSU is only 250watt. I ran several X800 series cards using the Dell PSU but was pushing my luck no doubt. So just be careful. The two cards I mentioned above have recommended requirements of 300 to 350watts. I eventually picked up a 300watt PC Power&Cooling PSU for $25 including shipping on eBay. Dell will tell you only a PSU from them will work. That is bullocks. You will just need a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter to power your mobo. Dell uses a 3-pin connector. Just plug the 4-pin end into an existing 4-pin molex connector from your PSU. Works fine. That is if you ever decide to upgrade your PSU to run a better card. As is, I believe your current PSU will work, but, you are pushing it. And if it can't handle the extra load and blows, it is liable to take a few components with it. I was lucky using my 250watt Dell PSU for 6 months before upgrading.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


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12-16-2006, 06:17 AM
Hi -HH-Quazi

yes, I need an AGP card.

Actually, I have a Dell Dimension 4600 (the 4550 is my Linux box and will get my current FX 5200 once I get a new card for the 4600).

The PSU on both is 250watt, I am assuming that the passively-cooled 7600GS that I ordered will be ok with the system. I think the 7600GT is more power hungry?

This thread in the Dell forum seems to suggest I should be ok. I guess I'll find out :-|

http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?b...=us&l=en&cs=19&s=dhs (http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=dim_upghw&message.id=96382&c=us&l=en&cs=19&s=dhs)

I can't wait to see the change from the 128MB FX 5200 to 256MB 7600GS .. ought to be quite noticable I suspect/hope!

That's great news on the PSU, I recall looking into this earlier (just because the stock one is so noisy) and reading that it was a proprietory power supply. If possible I'd like to avoid upgrading the PS, but just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for yours? (oops, just saw, $25 .. that's not bad :-)