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Today's the anniversary of the legendary 1942 Doolittle raid on Tokyo. Big brass ones, all.

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It sure was devastating to their morale.
For us to go in there so soon, (about 5months) after Pearl Harbor, was thought to be impossible, mainly by the Jap military.
And it wasent just a gesture, as we hit some pretty good targets in tokyo. A steel mill, several power stations, and an oil tank farm, as well as other targets in Yokahama, and Yokosura.
But one has to consider that only 16 B25s are not able to put a serious dent in their ability to wage war. The real damage Doolittle and Crews did was to destroy the myth that the japs believed that they were invincible on their own turf.
And as devastating as it was for the Japs morale, it had of course, the opposite effect for the US and allies. Right when we needed it most.


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Doolittle Raid on Japan, April 1942...

<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Jimmy Doolittle's own bomber was the first to rumble down Hornet's pitching flight deck. Between the forward velocity of the carrier, and the winds churned up by the stormy weather, he and the other pilots had the benefit of a 50 mph headwind. Still, with less than 500 feet of open flight deck to take off from, many of the planes nearly stalled on take-off, and hung precariously over the high seas for hundreds of yards before finally gaining altitude.</span>

Link: http://www.cv6.org/1942/doolittle/doolittle.htm

Enterprise (foreground) and Hornet race towards Japan prior to launching the Doolittle Raid.

Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle, USAAF (left front), leader of the raiding force, talks with Captain Marc A. Mitscher, USN, Commanding Officer of USS Hornet (CV-8), on board Hornet sometime before the 18 April 1942 launch of the raiding airplanes.
Members of the Army Air Forces flight crews, and the wing of one of their B-25B bombers, are in the background.

Two of the operation's sixteen USAAF B-25B bombers, parked on the flight deck of USS Hornet (CV-8), while en route to the mission launching point.
The plane at right has tail # 40-2282. It is mission plane # 4, piloted by 2nd Lieutenant Everett W. Holstrom, Jr. during the raid, in which it attacked targets in Tokyo. Note protective cover over its gun turret, and wooden dummy guns mounted in its tail cone.
The plane at left is warming up its engines, as was done periodically during the voyage.

Nose of one of the raiding force's B-25B bombers, which is tied down on the flight deck of USS Hornet (CV-8) while en route to the takeoff point.
This aircraft is mission plane # 11 (USAAF serial # 40-2249), nicknamed "Hari Carrier" and decorated accordingly. The plane's pilot was Capt. C. Ross Greening. It attacked targets in Yokohama.
Note slippage mark on the nosewheel and tire, and inscription on the wheel cover: "Inflating instructions inside -- check tire pressure daily".

USS Nashville (CL-43) firing her 6"/47 main battery guns at a Japanese picket boat encountered by the raid task force, 18 April 1942.
Photographed from USS Salt Lake City (CA-25).

USAAF B-25B bombers prepare to take off from USS Hornet (CV-8), on the morning of 18 April 1942. These are the last five or six planes to be launched.

USS Gwin (DD-433) approaches USS Hornet (CV-8) from astern, with USS Nashville (CL-43) beyond, while en route to the mission's launching point.
The ships are framed by the tail of a USAAF B-25B, parked on the rear of the carrier's flight deck.

Navy blimp L-8 hovers over USS Hornet (CV-8) while delivering parts for the mission's U.S. Army Air Force aircraft. Taken shortly after the ship left San Francisco to begin the operation, circa 4 April 1942.
Note USAAF B-25B bomber parked on the flight deck.

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Excellent, Woofiedog!

I'm missing your daily updates on war events! Those were very interresting and educational.


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Great photo montage, woofie!

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Great pics,thanks alot for sharing Woofie.
The city of Killeen,TX declared yesterday Capt. Robert Gray Day (http://www.kdhnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=15437),since it's his hometown.http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i314/DMFesel/saluteflag.gif

He was played by Robert Mitchum in the movie,"30 Seconds Over Tokyo"(the pilot of the third plane away (http://doolittleraidersreunion.com/cl.htm)) .
The joint-use airfield at Ft. Hood used to be called 'Robert Gray Army Airfield',(before it became joint-use).

Some may know Gray Field like this. (http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/facility/killeen.htm)