View Full Version : contextual/intuitive/whatever camera

03-28-2011, 01:05 PM
It sucks, at least on pc. Because, first, I have a mouse, I use it, and I love it, thatīs why I dont buy consoles, I like using mouse, so let me use it! And also keyboards donīt allow for 360° immediate movement like a controllerīs stick, we can only move to 8 fixed directions using the keyboard keys asigned for the directionals and itīs combinations. It gives us a 45° gap between one movement direction and the next, and this gap should be corrected by camera rotation using the mouse, but in some moments during the game thatīs not possible because the camera is fixed, what causes a lot of jumps to death. I hoped this wouldīve been corrected from ac2 to acb, It wasnīt, but please, dont let ac3 have the same handcaping cameras for pc users.