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There has been alot of speculation about Assassins Creed 3 and what it will be about. But there are bits in pieces that have been in nearly every Assassin's Creed game from 2 and onward. Let me tell you what I believe it will be about.

Assassin's Creed 2:
This monumental game ended with Ezio speaking with a Hologram of a "Goddess". It seemed to be a recorded message at first but this thing was perfectly replying with Ezio and mentioned Desmond. In her final sentences she said "We are gone now from this world." This could mean heaps of things, it doesn't mean they are dead but it could mean that they left Earth, maybe they were transmitting their message from their world.
This also had an optional quest in it, in which you could go after a glyphs that were encoded into the Animus. Now these didn't come from Desmond and our first guess is that it's from the Memory Core that Lucy gave Rebecca. But remember, subject 16 who placed these files is the biggest mystery. What if it was Desmond's memory that held these files, what if Subject 16 is Desmond's father or uncle or grandfather? It makes sense doesn't it, because if the Animus helps them relive memories of their ancestors, isn't his father, uncle or grandfather a ancestor, yeah think about that.
Also the video file "The Truth" Revealed the garden of eden and Adam and Eve.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood:
This game was kinda like the next game in the series but it also seemed like a spin off. Apart from the fact it had the 2012 timestream in it. This game gave you the ability to look at emails. The emails had specific dates on them that revealed that the disaster is months away. This reveals that the next game can not fully take place in an Ancestor's memory because they will run out of time to stop the disaster.

The end was shocking. The "Goddess" Juno stopped time and possessed Desmond and made him kill Lucy. This reveals that these "Gods" have shocking powers but if we all remember the pieces of Eden. These must have came from the gods so maybe they arn't gods at all. So maybe they are aliens or something. They brought with them the pieces of eden, the people of earth fought back and some pieces were lost. This reveals the possible disaster. I believe that these things cause the disaster and defeating them stops them from using the power. AHA, this might reveal a few bossess.

Now just before the time freeze, you hear Shaun mention two historical artifacts that converge in one place, that place is America. Now we all know that the leader of Abstergo, Vidic, is american, so he must have gone back to America, but why? Read the next paragraph for more info.

During the Credits you hear two people speaking saying "Get him back into the Animus." one voice is unknown, could this be Subject 16 or a templar? Maybe they are taking them back to America, where the big base is. Now remember that Abstergo will be going crazy trying to get these pieces of Eden. but why? how do they know about the pieces, what if one of the aliens are leading abstergo. Okay think about all this and tell me what you think.

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This (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5251069024/m/6831010868)

Originally posted by aussie310:
what if Subject 16 is Desmond's father or uncle or grandfather?
However, this would be one hell of an idea...

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Templars, assassins, and greek gods, what a video game should be about

also subject 16 is dead and we are pretty sure the people talking in the end were assassins

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In AC Brotherhood Desmond met Subject 16 in the Animus, maybe his brain was downloaded inside it. Think about it maybe its a vice versa thing, bleeding effect uploads memories downloads computer code.

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It's possible but probably won't happen. Because in order for you to carry a memory in your dna the memory in question would have to happen first to Subject 16 before Desmond was born. And considering Lucy was there when 16 was at abstergo, it probably means Desmond was already born and therefore does not contain the glyphs in his own dna. I'm already confused so I apologize if this makes no sense.

This doesn't rule out Subject 16 being Desmond's dad, uncle, or grandfather. But even then I think it'd be wierd if they pulled that "Desmond, I'm your father"-esque thing.

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Well what explains 16 in the animus? The truth file on brotherhood.

04-10-2011, 12:27 AM
Originally posted by aussie310:
Well what explains 16 in the animus? The truth file on brotherhood. It's from the memory core Lucy brought from Abstergo. 16 put it there while he was at Abstergo.

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No you dont understand, he actually materialized in the Animus, like his conscious was inside

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