View Full Version : BoB & WW1?

Mike Dora
01-20-2005, 10:18 AM
Being fairly new to all this IL2 stuff, I see some references to a potential Battle of Britain version. What is the story - is one in the works, as a mission disk or standalone, and if so when is it likely to surface?

Also, any likelihood of a WW1 version? Now that _would_ be good, Camels & Albatri with IL2-level flight models & graphics!


01-20-2005, 10:28 AM
BoB is the next Sim from 1C:Maddox Games

It will not be an add-on for any current sim made. Completely new. Won't be ready for some time. Some were saying 2005 but I wouldn't take that bet

features I have heard of are large (100+? I beleive so) aircraft formations, better graphics of course, better flight and damage modelling, and more detail in general

On the WWI front..it was considered a while ago by Oleg Maddox. As I recall, it needed to be 3rd party (not 1C: Employees) and Oleg would review it if at least a half dozen planes were done. I think they managed three, so that got dropped

Oleg is willing to consider 3rd party add-ons if they are submitted and get his approval in a wide variety of things