View Full Version : Will GR:FS end up on Onlive

10-25-2011, 07:41 PM
I know a lot of PC gamers look down on Onlive, but I was hoping maybe a community manager might be able to give some insight. Ubisoft has adapted the Assassins Creed games to Onlive, but I was wondering if there were any plans to adapt GR:FS to the platform. Any kind of response would be appreciated.

10-26-2011, 09:29 AM
The PC community can't even get a response on if Future Soldier is even still coming out on PC.

10-28-2011, 05:38 AM
Haven't you heard?

'Neither confirm nor deny' is the new Ubisoft watchword. In other words, they likely don't know or CARE if it is coming to PC. PC markets are old news after all. Who cares about PC players anymore when they can make clones of other -decent- games for console and market THOSE?

And if it does come to PC? It will be a crappy port with no support. That is what this company does now.

Sad. They were a premier game company. Now they are a laughingstock.

10-28-2011, 02:34 PM
Sad to say but I agree.
These forums seem dead, everyone has forgotten how good the old series was, 10 years later this company should have taken out all other companies in the FPS market without question.

Now they have stumbled into a ditch trying to find new ways of creating a new game that looks nothing like the RAW TALENTED ACTION GAME it was.

The thing i loved about ghost recon was after playing for 4 years, you could always improve on your skills, using the threat indicator too accurately tell where enemies were.

Gears of war already took the 3rd person shooter market, and looks like they will maintain this for many years too come.

GL trying to fix what should have never been broken.