View Full Version : Ok silly question......

11-24-2009, 08:12 AM
Ya know when you are about to fight a group guards and they are just kinda standing around....well i notice that some of them twirl their swords in sort of an acrobatic way and i was just wondering can we do that to and if so do i just let Ezio stand there and its a auto stand around animation or what?

11-24-2009, 08:16 AM
if you are about to fight a group of guards your best bet is to get in as as many assassinations before combat starts properly as while they are messing about doing stuff like that you can assassinate about 4 times before any1 tries to hit you or gets in a position they can block.

but I don't think Ezio has any idle animations as they wont expect people to be standing round a while unless they are following some1 or observing something.