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12-05-2004, 09:24 AM
UQMG for PF - Preview 2 (Update and Carrier Action After Mission Report)


The UQMG developments are coming up slowly, but steadily. As of now all PF planes are incorporated, including all updates to the database, pictures, statistics, and even the fictional L2D+Glider composite flights. All new PF features are fully working now, including Time Freeze, DF Arena Parachute, Weapon Change block, Radio Silence, Parachutes, Nose Art, and... of course, Kamikaze attacks.

Kamikaze attack, for those of you who are users of UQMG currently, is simply an additional type of Ground attack you select from the Flight editor. There is a General Area and a Pinpoint Kamikaze attack. Kamikaze planes can be cloned for multiple planes like any other type... so 100s and even thousands of KMK planes are available with a simple click - and of course you can have them coming in waves. (You can even have a SPB ZVENO suicide attack. The I-16s detach and do a suicide attack, and the TB3s circle overhead indefinitely... so this is a preview of the G4M+Baka.)

In order to program the Carrier functionality, I had to create a new map template. So the Online Coral Sea 1 was it. I basically added several improvements to the one in the QMB (Carrier Take off, Static Ship AA, Naval Targets, Rescue Zones, Ability to use Seaplanes, and all UQMG features, even V-1 rockets.).

Today I fully finished all the code for Carrier Operations. The good news is, I changed the code around so that YOU do not have to do anything. If the mission has Carriers, they will come up automatically without you having to remember to check any ground objects. (UQMG always generates 3 versions of every mission: SP, Coop, and DF - all ready to go in the FB/PF menu for you to play). I am very pleased with how this turned out; in fact for the DF Arena version of the mission, static versions of the carriers and supporting fleet is automatically generated for you as well.

OK, so how does that change UQMG? NOT AT ALL. Carrier operations is the same as selecting your take off options in a base. But enough of this, here are some pics of a sea battle fully generated by UQMG for FB+AEP+PF. (All is Work in Progress)

So above were the options. I simply picked 20 Sea-Spits from the Illustrious, and put them against 20 '43 Zeroes from the Zuikaku. (In this mission template red flights 1+2 takeoff from the Lexington, and 3+4 from the Illustrious; blue flights 1+2 takeoff from the Akagi, and 3+4 from the Zuikaku.) Took a few seconds to chose all options, and wham, mission ready.

Briefing above... this is just a test, so no briefing, really.

Only 11 of the 20 Seafires make it to the carrier... not all fit. I am flying the one closest to the front. (ZZOI)

But 16 of the 20 Zeros make it to the Zuikaku.

As we all know, if there are too many planes, or if the planes are too big, the remaining ones start flying on air above the carrier...

For those of you who have used UQMG for a while, you may recall I developed the same solution for Clones... So certain planes are in the runway while others start the mission flying above the base... So looks like I developed the solution that Oleg used about a year before the PF concept was announced... I guess I should be expecting a check from UbiSoft anyday now for coming up with that solution.. right?? right?? (Ha ha!! Sorry, I couldn't resist that ... Just kidding.)

A takeoff without too many problems. One of the few I didn't end up drinking a whole lot of water.

Same for my Japanese counterpart.

I arrive a little late into the action, the chaps who started on air got to the action quickly. But nevertheless, I engage...

... Continued Below

12-05-2004, 09:26 AM
... Continued from Above

And I get a kill. How about that... I am not that great of an air-combat pilot... I am more of a groud-pounder, not that I am any good, I just enjoy it.

... and somebody vouches for me, because I get a confirmed kill credit.

Uh oh... I spent too much time thinking of my own glory... and a Japanese pilot attacks the heck out of me.

Darn... I really liked that plane too...

Hope a friendly seaplane sees me... cos I'd hate to be eaten by sharks, or strafed by enemy planes. Well, end of battle for me.

Here I enable the Icons so you can see the magnitude and chaos of the battle.

Things didn't go so well for the Royal Navy today. The battle was quite one sided. We got some kills but only 5 of us returned. The enemy had the day. They will be drinking sake tonight. For me, I was lucky to be seen by a Catalina PBY about 16 hours after being shot down. After some serious hypothermia, my mates cheered me up with some Guiness. I lived to fight another day.

=== The End ===

Well I hope you enjoyed it. It is back to the drawing boards for me. There are many more things I need to implement, including:

- Much better GUI to be posted later - I want to deliver a quality product, and my eyes are starting to hurt at the clutter, so I came up with some programming tricks to make the UQMG more advanced than ever... but at the same time a LOT easier to use and better to look at, with not so much stuff...
- I am working with an individual to add Latin Serbian, Cyrillic Sebian, and Croatian in the UQ Briefer.
- Will try to implement Artillery/Ship Gun options per team to make either side stronger or weaker, but it will be easy to use.
- Updates on UQMM and UQMB
- Lots of testing

[I do not know when it will be ready however... it is a lot of work, and I am a team of one. I will have it out as soon as possible.]

Best Regards
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Thanks for the update,this will be fantastic when finished! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif

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Very cool update Uber.... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

I am certainly looking forward to it so I don't have to build any Pacific missions. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

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This puts the icing on the cake!

As always- Above & beyond the call of duty.

Many thanks