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Oright Guys, My Theory On the Assassins Creeed Brotherhood, Now Everyone was shocked when they saw lucy was killed, For What? We dont know yet as which theory was confirmed, To be honest my Mouth Jaw Dropped when it happen, i even literally left my controller to see what happens if dont move in the ending before killing lucy. Now i Think Real hard for this theory.

Note: I dont know yet if anyone else had the same idea.

Theory :
In AC 1, Desmond was playing as Altair, and lucy and also that doctor was trying to find the Apple of Eden, When that was done, Subject 16 was a complete different story compared to Desmond, In my Opinion subject 16 was a relative of Desmond, But or it could be Someone we havent found out yet. Now AC2, We saw a vision of altair chasing that girl, Now we all know that girl is a templar and she was in AC1 and AC Bloodlines, Now if we put it in Desmond way in AC Brotherhood, We know that Altair fell in love with the templar and it could be the same reason for desmond thats why he forced to kill lucy since people say that lucy was have a exchange with a templar in her mails.

2nd Theory:

In the Credits of AC: Brotherhood, We hear some unknown voice a doctors or someone, and another misterious sound, that sounded as desmond, Now what im thinking, Desmond, is still in that old building in AC1, which he doesnt know and lucy is also in the animus with desmond hoping to find where is the apple of eden hidden, ITs more like going on the 4th dimension i think the doctor or someone talked about some dimension in AC1, I do not have a good recall of this. and so Lucy failed to get the apple of eden and so the protectors of apple of eden forced desmond to kill Lucy

Theory 3:
In the ending as soon as desmond kills lucy and he falls on the ground, That of the god, was talking about a Girl or lady and also When they both fell down, She mentioned Something "Awaken....SIXTH Form" Could be Lucy is one of the protector and so she doesnt belong in the real world.

We dont know which is right, but some have their own believes

So This Game is awesome and loved it, And i know theirs going to be one more, could be anounced next year , as rumors spoke of. Pleease tell me what u think of my findings, thanks http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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1. So you're saying Lucy is a Templar and Desmond needs to kill her because Altair also fell in love with a Templar? I see no logic, sorry.

2. You're saying they programmed Desmond and Lucy to go into the animus to relive their future memories and they're stuck there unless they die. And you're saying that the Templars control the Apple of Eden through the animus so they can kill Lucy to bring her back into the real world? I don't get it.

3. When Desmond kills Lucy with the Apple of Eden, he went into shock. And Lucy just happens to be a special form that would help Desmond, but only if she died? I think others would say that Lucy was some kind of sacrifice for the sixth form to "awaken".

Just testing your theories, don't hate.

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1) Nonsense.
2) It's not desmond who's talking. It's not the matrix. And templars would have no interest in doing that, it's only a waste of time.
3) You misheard it.
Here is a quick explanation of what happened.
Juno says (after talking about the 6th sense):
"The cross darkens the horizon, The Path must be opened, the scales must be balanced".
Then, as Desmond tries to resist:
"You know so very little. We must guide you!"
Once Lucy is dead:"It is Done"

Let's read it again. What is the cross? Templars. The scales must be balanced -> Assassins vs Templars.
We must guide you! -> we must show u the way, the enemy, etc..
It is done -> The enemy is dead.

This is only a theory, but it seems pretty clear to me: Lucy might be a templar, or, if not a templar, a way for Desmond to gain the 6th sense: Knowledge.

I blame ubi for not making that mission replayable. I understand it wouldn't really fit the story, but still... Might want to check it out again on youtube.
For further reading:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A...ed:_Brotherhood#Plot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassin%27s_Creed:_Brotherhood#Plot)

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