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04-28-2011, 09:30 PM
First I would like to say that I love the combat system as it is now, although I makes the game too easy. My idea would make the game a lot harder and make it more enjoyable to play (if u get the timing down :P)

The controller layout for AC is triangle/Y is the head, square/X is the hand with a weapon, O/B is the open or free hand, and X/A are the legs. This basic idea could be greatly improved on. Instead have it that B/O and square/X are just the hand, not free hand or weapon hand, just refer to it as the hands of the assassin. the other buttons should stay the same.

When fighting a guard allow me to press square to punch with my left hand and O to punch with my right. if the guard swings with his sword at my feet, we the gamer should have to press X or maybe R1 and X in order to avoid the blade. (yes I know that R1 and X is dodge, but they can improve on the dodge concept) If a guard swings at my head, we should have to press triangle or R1 and triangle to dodge the blade with moving our head or even press one of the hands to stop the blade.

disarming can still be used (but even can be made better), if the guard attacks me I can use R1 and one of the hand buttons to grab the blade, moving the analog stick in a circle I spin while taking the blade. pressing O (I pressed square to grab the sword) to hit the guard and then press square to stab the blade into him. This could allow different play styles for each gamer. Yea I might do a spin to take the sword, but my friend may take the sword and quickly turn it against the guard to cut his throat. there are many different ways, all Ubisoft has to do is allow the animations.
this could work with ideas adding a crouch ability (pressing R3, analog stick) if u want to roll then press R3 while moving forward and press the legs button. That way falling from heights and rolling would be put in the hands of the gamer but could also be used in fighting.

With the new combat idea I have suggested, multiplayer can be changed as well (just adding different modes, not removing what's already in ACB). Multiplayer can be more like single-player, with NPCs that look different and allows the gamers to dress similar to the NPCs (how AC should be) it can be 3 vs. 3, 3 assassins and 3 guards.

A situation I thought of was, if me and my friends were playing on a map at night (using my old idea of classes based Assassins: archer, bomb, and poison). lets say one of my friends jumps down from a roof to assassinate the guards but he was noticed and the guards roll out the way (R3+forward+X). they surround him and kill him. the other assassin gets on the roof and throws 2 smoke bombs (setting one of the d-pads to the class based weapon [d-pad down twice is two smoke bombs]) blinding the guards. I shoot 3 arrows (d-pad down 3 times) killing only two guards and then my teammate jumps down and rolls, standing up pressing d-pad left (hidden blade) and presses square for assassinate.

This will allow more epic moments in the game and make multiplayer even harder then it is now.

Now on to the co-op idea. I apologize for the long message and if my ideas are quite collected.

I know everyone has ideas of where they want the location to be for the next game. but if the co-op was in Japan then there could be a story of (ninjas vs. samurai vs. templars vs. Assassins) which would be interesting. But what I want is the game to take place during Jack the Ripper. And the story should be templars vs assassin of course but add Jack as a rogue assassin, the best assassin. Since we don't know who Jack is then Ubisoft shouldn't show who he is or say a real name, so it could be that Jack is the name he took up when he became an assassin.

(this is where I really love my idea), as the two assassins (gamers) find Jack they fight him in the shadows, that way you don't see his face. And with my idea of a new combat system, Jack should be the "super" boss, stronger then the best templar in the co-op story. That way you are more likely to die when fighting him alone. You and ur friend will have to work together trying to find weak spots in his fighting style. something that would be interesting to see is different endings. One were one of the players die (because of the gamer of course) or both players die or Jack dies.

Yea that was a long message, and idk if I worded everything in the correct manner. But I'm pretty sure everyone can get what I'm trying to say. What do u think fellow AC fans.

04-29-2011, 06:49 AM
it's actually not that bad of an idea, i would like to see it in the future Assassin's Creed games. and It could work with co-op too. You could even do co-op moves, if a ledge is to high for a wall climb then jump off of ur teammate. There could be some issues with implementing it into the game but I'm sure Ubisoft will find ways around that.