View Full Version : Sequence 3, Memory 1 and 2; can't find the start.

08-20-2011, 08:51 PM
I am in Sequence 3 and finished the last memories but somehow missed memory 1 and 2. I cannot find the start of these 2 memories. Can anyone help me find these? I can't continue on as all the other areas are out of bounds so far.

I have not found any guilds to join my brotherhood except for the corteson's. I went to all the lookouts in this area and killed the Borgia captains in this area.

I am stuck. Please help.


08-22-2011, 10:19 AM
The starting point for the Thieves guild is in their hideout (far in the west of the map). The mercenaries guild starts in the Barracks (in the northeast). Their symbols should be on the map (if they are not listed as !).