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11-22-2011, 02:16 PM
Hello fellow gamers.As the title suggests I have some theories(but who doesn't right?).

1)Lucy indeed got stabbed by Desmond at the end of AC-B,but is she really dead?Revelations gave the answer to Juno's cryptic speech(at least to a bigger chunk of questions).It is now obvious that Juno wanted to "motivate" Desmond to fall into coma to receive a message that Jupiter left for him to find.So the whole stabbing event was a motivator to "balance the scales"(the scales being Desmond's mind and body,thus not leaving the potential messiah a drooling mess).
2)I cannot shake of the feeling,even after all that was suggested,that Desmond is being used as a puppet in a greater plan than saving the earth(Juno shows quite a hate towards humanity). Maybe there is a way for them(TWCB) to somehow make a return onto earth using humans as vessel's.
3)There is a huge chance that Desmond and crew are going to fail in stopping the solar flare.They already tried six ways to save earth,and as most of you seen failed(and that was when all artifacts were in the hands of TWCB).Granted they did not held the apple that Adam and Eve stole,but I doubt that it would of have made a great difference in the end.
4)The son that 16 mentioned in AC-B will probably lead the new civilisation after the next solar flare(if 2) and 3) are indeed where AC writers intend to go with the story).This could be an interpretation of saving humanity.In the end there was some life left,and from combined effort of TWCB and humans,a new life began.

So I would like to see your opinion on this manner.BTW English is not my primary language so sorry if something I wrote is not quite understandable.

11-22-2011, 02:44 PM
i got a thread that suggests plausible solutions to Lucy being stabbed and other theories. i like your theories bud and you should def read mine and post ur thoughts. as i will yours.

I agree with 1. as per i explain in my posts more thoroughly
2. is absolutely right She has a hatred against humanity (watch the video "the truth") maybe not a hatred persay but moreso a desire to control the human race.
3/4. if the solar flare is the problem, then yes. you are right that is the most likely solution.

however as 16 said Desmond's son is in trouble from the sun. 16 was too weak to continue telling desmond the rest. but its assumed what he means.