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10-21-2011, 09:06 AM
Hello citizens of Imagine Town! As we get closer to Halloween, we are excited to announce the next Imagine Town Forum Contest - Post your Ghost story contest!

We love to see you all exercise your creativity, so we are hosting another writing contest. Everyone will post their best spooky ghost story in this thread. I'll be making sure plenty of lights are on when I read them so I don't get too scared. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

A couple of the usual ground rules:

1. Post only one original submission written by YOU!

2. Obviously, no bad language will be allowed, this is still the same fun, safe for kids place as always.

3. Any feedback to other submissions should be positive! Here in Imagine Town we are all about making FRIENDS and briging each other UP! Let your friends know how awesome they are for putting their ideas out there!

4. As always, the GMs decisions are final. Judging is a tough job, trust me when I say we do our best to make it fair. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

5. Submissions are due by no later than Tuesday, November 1.

Now for the best part. Prizes!

First place will receive this pretty ghost costume for Halloween!

Second place will get this fun party table for their room!

Third place will be given this awesome bat mask!

Finalists will also recieve the exclusive title "Spooky Storyteller" for their avatar!

Time to go get writing! We can't wait to read your ghost stories!

10-21-2011, 09:46 AM
<span class="ev_code_BLACK">THE GOLDEN TOOTH</span>

One coldy night a man and his wife were walking down the street on Halloween to see all decoration, suddenly an old woman came up to them and said "be careful someone has a golden tooth and if you know who it is and take it they will haunt you for the rest of your life." but the two couple didn't believe her so they knew someone with a gold tooth and took it from them and it killed them.they went home looking at the shiny golden tooth and laughed and giggled when all of a sudden they heard a voice.the voice said "you took my toothhh i must haunt you or you will die your choice?" the couple thought it was a prank but it wasn't it was the person they stole the tooth from.
"i will haunt you until you give the tooth back to me!" moaned the ghost.but they just ignored the ghost.they finally went to bed and saw a ghost staring at them straight in the eye and the couple screamed so loud that the whole street could hear.the ghost came up to them and said "BOOOOOOOOOO IT IS HALLOWEEN IT IS A TRICK OR IS IT?"
BUT it wasn't this is real the ghost snatched the tooth off them and said i warned you.but know you must cry not die.
the couple cried and thought he said DIE but he didn't.he left and never saw them again.

<span class="ev_code_BLACK">THE END</span>


10-21-2011, 10:08 AM
The Tale of the Abandoned Warehouse

I walk up the steps to the abandoned warehouse, breath shaking, my knees about to give way. It was freezing cold outside. I watched the tiny snowflakes flutter to the ground. I kept walking and reached the door. I put my hand out to open it but took it back immediately. I looked up: It was a two-story black house, the windows broken and cracked, crows on the dented roof, and spiderwebs everywhere. I was terrified to go in, but my friends dared me, and I had to. I put my hand back on the doorknob and opened it. I gasped. It was quite beautiful on the inside. A dark purple grand piano, black walls, wood floor, sitting area, a crystal chandelier, and a window. The window was broken and there were cobwebs in the corners, but it was still beautiful. I went over and sat on the piano bench and started playing "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter. I suddenly heard a scream overhead and stopped playing at once. I looked up and saw blood dripping from the ceiling. I got up and ran behind the couch in case anything thing...or anyone came down the stairs. I waited for a long time and no one came. After about an hour I slowly walked up the stairs. There were no noises. I expected that whoever was up there had probably left. I reached landing and screamed. Standing in a big circle were a group of ghosts, witches, zombies, and vampires. Right in the middle of the circle was a man with a knife stuck in his chest. The monsters must have noticed me because they all turned my way. I ran back down the stairs as fast as I possibly could. They were right at my heals. I ran out the door of the house and slammed the door. Were they gone? I didn't know. I just stood there for a minute, watching the bats circle the top of the house, catching my breath. Suddenly, the door burst open and they all came running out. I sped toward my school, the closest place. I kept running until I reached the big glass door of the building. I looked behind me. I heard faint groans from the next street over: they were still following me. I tried to open the door of the school, it was locked. Luckily, I had a bobby pin in my hair. I took it out and wiggled it in the key hole. After many attempts it was open and the monsters had almost reached me. I ran inside and re-locked it. I ran through the whole school, making sure every door and window was locked. I went to the cafeteria, panting. I got myself a drink from the soda machine and sat down. I would have to stay there all night probably, until they went away. I heard a enormous crash from the halls. I ran out the closest door and locked it. The monsters were locked in. I walked around the school and saw that they had broken a window. I ignored it and ran all the way home. They wouldn't know where I was, hopefully. I picked up my phone and called 911. Nobody answered. It went to message. The message system said "AHHHHHHH!!!! MONSTER ATTACK MONSTER ATTACK!!!". "Oh...my...gosh....the monsters are killing the police man!" I said to myself. My bedroom door flew open and one of the zombies came in. I yanked my covers over my head. I felt it's massive hand grab my leg and pull me. I landed on the floor, right in front of it. I saw a flash of green light opened my eyes. I was sitting in my bed. Rays of sunlight poured through the windows and there was a layer of fresh powdery snow on the ground. "It was only a dream" I said to myself, and went back to sleep. I was so thankful that none of this happened. My friends really did dare me to go into the abandoned warehouse two streets over....I'm never going in there!!!

By Hermione Starshine http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Thanks for reading! http://media.ubi.com/us/forum_images/gf-glomp.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/heart.gif

10-21-2011, 10:56 AM
Character Name: Kiara Fabulous Melody.

Title: Not A Haunted Dream

I look around, all the costumes are great, I find one in particular that makes me smile. I reach for it, and get the perfect size, pay and go. Halloween is tomorrow and I need to get ready for the spooky party! I decorate my house, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts made out of cloth, and plastic spiders. I fill a bowl with some small candy bars and then eat my dinner. Once I finish I am worn out. "Phew I need my sleep for tomorrow, it's going to be a long day," I say, yawning at the same time. I go to sleep, that's when the horrors begin. My phone rings, all I hear is a hush, "Beware, beware!" It mumbles into my ears, a scream starts and I hang up. I am shivering, my window opened and it's a blizzard outside. I try to close it, as the latch breaks, I cry. Thats when the booming starts, it's not thunder, but there is lightning. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Tears trickle down from my dark brown eyes, to my cheeks. I wipe the water away, and tip toe downstairs. The door rattles, BOOM BOOM BOOM! I peek through the peephole, and the door slams open and knocks me in the face. "OW!" I yell. A shadow forms, a weird form actually. And it comes right up to me. A skeleton with a huge scary pumpkin head. It grabs me, shakes me up and down, bangs me into the door, and drops me. I am bleeding at this point. Then a swarm of giant spiders crawls into my house. "Ahhh!" I scream running towards my kitchen. My toaster starts hopping up and down, the lights flicker, and my blender starts blending the air. I run to my phone, it doesn't work. I feel a cold gust of air hit me, as something appears, it must be a ghost, maybe this is a dream, I pinch myself and close my eyes, open them, nothing has changed. "Wh-wh-what are you?" I ask backing up. "Only your worst nightmare," it says coming out from thin air. I am shaking, chattering my teeth, as every glass window and door, shatters to a million tiny pieces. I start crying a lot now, when the wind stops, and I hear nothing anymore. BANG BANG BANG! I black out, I feel something carry me away, as I am taken to the graveyard, and burried alive...

<span class="ev_code_RED">The End</span>

I hoped you liked my story!

10-21-2011, 11:58 AM
The Blue Ghost....


back in the 50's,there lived a woman in a mansion,and this woman,she was famous,and her most prized possesion,was bher giant blue jewel. Now,there was her greedy & jealous sister,who had always wanted to be famous,and,she had wanted the jewel,for it had been her mother's. and the Greedy and Jealous sister had plotted a plan to KILL her,because,the only way to get the jewel,which she had said HERSELF,that the ONLY way she would let go of the jewel would be if she died,so one night on her birthday,the sister took the woman,and took her out to the pool,and said she had a present she wanted to give her in "private",so while she was opening the present,she drew out a knife,struck her in the chest,and drowned her in the pool then took her necklace,and went on,loking like her sister,for they were twins,and said that her sister,had had a heart attack,and died....

Years after the famous woman had died,and her Greedy & jealous sister had died for real,of old age,and had many,many children,the ghost of her sister had roamed the halls,unoticed,loking for her jewel,now,after all her children moved out,the eldest,whom she had given the house to,she sold the house to a,ghost ad all to a family,who had 3 children,a grandmother,and a mother & father. after thwy moved in,on late nights,they thought they heard moaning,but they said it was their little old grandmother.and they went back to sleep,but the grandmother,who was the best friend of the REAL famous woman,who had watched the killing,but their friendship had been forgotten over theyears,but the grandmother,knowing thw ghost was her best friend,walked around until she found her,and when she did,she was suprised,because the ghost was blue,and she had a knife in her heart,and looked drenched as she did when she died,for the grandmother thought she would look so much prettier,so,the ghost and the grandmother walked,until the ghost said that she had stayed in the house to find her jewel,so,after 6 yeaqrs,the grandmother and the ghost finnally found the jewel...in the pool guter...next to a knife.....

<span class="ev_code_RED">This isn't the end</span>

(I wrote in red to look like Blood)

Written By: Erika Fabulous Paris http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/59.gif

10-21-2011, 12:22 PM
The Haunted Plantation

One scary halloween night,me and my best friends went to Plantation Blood.This plantation
was the most scary plantation of all times.It was right by the bigest grave yard in town.To enter the plantation you had to walk through the grave yard through the funeral home and out the back door where where you saw this big field.There was know in sight just us three kids.Then all of a sudden all the leaves started to shake.Then came out a huge man with a chain saw .We run as fast as we could through the plantation until he disappeared.Then we hid behind a big tree.Then all of a sudden a ghost came out of know wear saying all of are names slowly.And told us to walk up to him slowly.But then when we walked to him he grabed are throats and held us up in the air and tooked us deep into the graveyard.Then he took us to three empty graves each had are name on it.He through us in it and tried to cover us up with dirt,but we got away.Why we were leaving the graveyard we saw our parents and ran to them.But when we got to them it wasn't them it was three woman with white dresses. They grabed us and tied us to a tree. Then the man with a chain saw came back with the scent of freshblood all over him .Then he held up the bloody saw and let out a wicked laugh.And said you are hace just experience plantion blood. Then he let out a real loud laugh.

The End.
The End.

10-21-2011, 12:46 PM
The door creaked loudly.I turned my head. A shadow flew past. Whoo, whoo, whoo. A faint cry came from my kitchen. I saw my cat dead, o the floor. I hurried to the door to get out, but the door wouldn't budge! I panicked. Suddenly, a little girl grabbed me and slit my finger off and ate it. "Aah!" A hard whack hit my head. Pitch black. I couldn't move. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. Gasping for air, I realized I was underground in a coffin! My leg, it was gone! I screamed and cried, but nothing worked. I could hear my little sister's voice saying, "Help me! The gods have come back for more!" I looked around and saw my sister's favorite Barbie torn apart placed on my chest. I want to go home! "Wake up, this is a dream!" And that was the last thing I ever said.

10-21-2011, 12:58 PM
Thump!Thump!Thump!. What is that? As I walk upstairs I hear stuff falling from the attic. As I run to see what is happening, the chandiler falls right in front of me. What was that, I said to myself.There are some weird things happening in this house. I ignore it though, so I start walking up the stairs to the attic. When I see a ghost holding trunk ready to throw it at me. I'm frozen in hoorer until I see the trunk coming right to my face. I fell down the stairs as the trunk hit breaking almost every bone in my body. I got up ready to fight, but I couldn't do it, I was to weak. I was screaming, help, help, but no one could hear me. The next morning my boyfrined found me lying. He tried to bring me back to life. He called 911. I went to the hospital and I told him to everything, and that we had to move.He packe everyting he could and we never looked back.

10-21-2011, 12:58 PM
I wake up. My hands are bound with rope, my mouth is gagged and I am blindfolded. The last thing I remember is a strange man in a mask coming up to the door to ask if I needed any window cleaners. Now I am in this strange place. I think it is a van because I feel as if I am moving. All of a sudden I feel still. I hear movement and feel as if I am being lifted up. I hear a man breathing. He must be carrying me. I feel my legs are not bound and with a split decision I kick at him and hit him in the leg. He drops me but I land on my feet. I can hear him groaning in pain. Although I cannot see I start to run. It feels as though I have ran for miles. My adreneline keeps me going. I can hear shouting behind me. I run faster and faster untill I fall over what must be a root of a tree. I land face down on the groung. I fall so hard I break my nose. The man catches up with me and I am hit with a wave of hopelessness. He grabs me roughly be the arm and I can tell he is angry. He drags me through what I think is a forsest. He pulls me down some steps and pushes me to the ground. It is hard and cold and I fall heavily on my knees. A door closes behind me. I am engulfed with total silence. All I can hear is a dripping noise. I shuffle around untill i catch my arm on a shap nail in the wall. I move my hands and cut through the rop with the nail. As soon as my hands are free i take the gag and the blind -fold off. I cannot see as the room is in total darkness. I feel aroung and put my hand in a pool of liqued. I smell it and immeadietely recognize it as blood. Quickley I stand up and feel on the wall for a light switch. Panick is sweeping over me now and luckily I find the switch. The light flickers on and to my horror I see numerous bodies and blood everywhere. I tug at the door handle but it is locked. I realise that someone is watching me and I turn around to find a man watching me. I start to scream as he slowly walks towards me. He picks up a stone and hits me on the head. I black out. I wake up again in a galaa coffin with lights in it. I start to panick in the confined space. To my horror I realise that I am under the ground. I bang on the lid and scream untill my throat is sore. the lid starts to crack and the earth starts to slowly fill the coffin.

On the night of October the 29th 2011 Miss Amy Littenburgess was kidnapped from her home. Her body was never found.


10-21-2011, 01:33 PM
Woosh! The wind blew on a Halloween night I was with my friend Mary just walking around the street.Just then I heard a noise from the haunted house near by making noise like this Saaa Seee Aaa! It was very scary.So we started to go near it.I was too scared so Mary went in first. the door closed by its self with a loud BANG! I waited and waited but she never returned. Now it was time for me to go inside of it.It was very dark in side like the smoke.I could not see her anywhere I went up stairs crack! crack! right below me I saw blood and there laid Marys body she died to my suprise I knew I needed to escape.I was frightended I promised to my self i would never tell anyone about Mary at all.On October 30 another girls friend died and haunted her dreams


10-21-2011, 02:20 PM
The Tale of the Ghost[FLASH_VIDEO]
It was a dark and stormy night and I was snuggled up in my blankets when I heard a creaking noise comming from the attic. I slowly got up still tired from just waking up. I walked up the stairs to the attic. I stiffled a scream when I saw a white, dim, figure staring at me. It was a ghost! He studied me for a second looking at my p.j.'s and observing my messy hair. A heartbeat later he flew straight through me leaving me with a chill running down my spine. I turned around and notices the attic door was still open with the ghost. He looked like he was waiting for me to follow. When I did he flew down the stairs and out the door. I ran after him while still wearing my p.j.'s and zoomed through the rain after the ghost. Finnaly the ghost stoped at an old, abandoned house. He waited for me to open the door but I was terrified. Slowly My hand reached the doorknob and with a little twist. Inside was a creepy room with a organ and a bunch of spider webs. The ghost flew right in like he was free. He pointed to a bowl of candy that was out for Halloween and I took a piece. Then the ghost shooed me off into the rain when I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see my brother all excited. He was screaming so loud that I could'nt hear. Finnaly I figured out he was saying Halloween is today. When I felt my p.j.'s pocket, there was a piece of candy inside. On the wrapper it showed a picture of a ghost. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif

10-21-2011, 02:24 PM

Cracking, creaking, groaning, moaning... I looked around, the moon was full, and thick, soupy fog was swallowing up the city, house by house, street by street. I stood shaking outside of an old and abandoned house. I looked up and felt the blood drain from my face. There were three small statues of dragons perched on the rickety purple roof, where bats also fluttered in circles. I could have sworn one of the dragon's wings twitched. The place was swamped in delicate spider webs, and spiders crawled in and out of shattered windows. I dug around in my pocket for the note I mysteriously found on my desk and checked the address, unfortunately, I was in the right place. It was written in red ink, or at least, I hoped it was red ink... I gathered all of my confidence, grasped the brass handle, and pushed the heavy door open. The inside was both magnificent yet horrifying. There was a suit of armour with blood stains on it in a corner, and elegant purple stairs that led to who-knows-where. A half circle of couches were arranged in the middle of the room. A thick coat of dust covered everything. The note said that if I lasted an hour in this place, I would get everything I ever dreamed of. I nervously walked around and noticed a trail of blood leaking from one of the couches. I crept over and slowly picked up a corner of the sheet that was covering the couch, and I peeked underneath it to find a body lying on the couch! I screamed and jumped backwards. I heard groans, from every angle around me. Then, the sheets on all of the couches shifted. There were twelve couches. Ghousts, ghouls, zombies, witches, and a few unclassified monsters emerged from underneath the sheets. A low rumbling sound also seemed to be getting louder. I screamed louder than I thought was possible. At the top of the stairs, there were at least 20 more monsters trying to get their stiff bodies down the stairs, and they did. All of the monsters ran towards me in eerie ghost-like strides. I screamed, ran out the door, and down the street, but to my surprise, about a dozen ghosts were waiting there for me. I turned and ran the other way, forgetting that most of the monsters were coming from that way. I remember running into the crowd of monsters, but then I blacked out.
-Katelyn was never seen again, and to this day is probably wandering without a soul in the old, abandoned, haunted house.-

The End

I hope you like it! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif Everyone has done awesome, I don't think I have a chance! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

10-21-2011, 02:32 PM
One day a boy was walking home from school. his parents told him they would be alittle late from work so he had to stay by himself for a couple of hours.so when he got home he put his backpack on the kitchen table and took out his homework. 5 min laters the phone rang he picked it up when he answered there was a man talking on the phone he said "hello sir are your parents home" the boy said " umm no they are at work right now." the man said " and how old are you" the boy said " umm i am 8 years old home alone" then the man didnt answer so the boy hung up the phone, locked the doors and hid in the bathroom. the boy felt so stupid that he told the man that stuff. the boy was very scared. but then right at that second he heared a noise outside. he looked out the window. he didnt see anyone. but he did see a cat the boy thought that the cat must have made some kind of noise out there. the boy wasent as scared anymore and he went back to doing his homework. then he heared another noise he considered it was the cat so he continued doing his homework. then the door bell rang the boy was frightened. he tippitoed up staires and hid under his bed. he heard the door open, the boys heart was pounding like no other. then he heard foot steps comeing from the staires. the boy took a peek out from under his bed and he saw a man a big tall bulkey man stangingright there in his room. the man took out a knife grabbed the boy and..... To be continued

10-21-2011, 02:46 PM
<span class="ev_code_RED">BY: egfabby56721</span>
<span class="ev_code_RED">Bloody Mary</span>
"Come on Jess! Don't be so scared!!" taunted Macy from across the room. Me and Samantha hold Jess close and I whisper in her ear, "You don't have to do it Jessy,Macy gets this way at sleepovers, especially on Halloween". I'm at Macy's Halloween sleepover with Jess, Sam, Lilly, Dalia, Tammy, Laura, and Chloe. Macy decided 7th grade is too old for trick or treating (come on Macy, no ones too old for free candy) and invited all the girls in our class to her house for a slumber party. Macy's house scares me a little. Her mom is an modern artist; as Macy calls it. I just call it creepy. Like, she has this giant mirror in the backyard, don't ask me, she says her mom wanted to "reflect" on herself. "Come on Jessica! Just go to the mirror and say 'Bloody Mary' three times!! It's not that hard" Macy is the most popular girl in our class and what Macy says, you do. Jess stood up and said to me, "I'm gonna do it, nothing will happen to me." Jess held the handle to the sliding glass door and looked back at me and Sam. She opened the door and walked out to the mirror in the backyard. I see Jess's lips moving in the mirror but it's so far away I can't hear it. Jess turns around slowly and I see deep, bloody gashes on her arms, neck, and face. Everyone in the room gasps and Sam and I start crying. I see tears running down Jess's face. She falls to the ground and a slim, dark figure with long, girlish hair comes running out of the woods. Jess waves goodbye to us as the the figure runs past her, picks her up, and carries her away into the woods. Macy turns to us and says, " Well, I suppose that was a good thing, she was such a GEEK!" I whip around to Macy and scream," I HATE YOU! DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THIS IS GOOD?! ARE YOU SUCH A JERK THAT IF SOMEONE IS PROBABLY DYING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF A DARE,THAT YOU HAVE NO FEELINGS WHAT SO EVER TOWARDS IT BESIDES 'GOOD, NOW SHE'S DEAD'!?!?!? THAT SHOULD'VE BEEN YOU MACY! JESS WAS A GOOD PERSON, YOU'RE JUST A BULLY! Macy starts crying and all her popular friends glare at me. I turn to Sam and say, "I'm gonna go home and tell Jess's parents that Jess has either died or is suffering a horrible kidnapping". Sam says to me, "I'm gonna go call the cops".

10-21-2011, 03:04 PM
One dark and stormy night, a woman and a man lived in the middle of the woods. The woman got so mad at the man so she got the sharpest axe she could find and chopped his head right off. After that, she went and got a cup of tea in the kitchen and sat on her front porch. All of a sudden she heard a voice saying, "Who's going to sit out here on this dark and stormy night?". The woman said, "Sit with yourself you dirty rat!". Then the voice repeated, "Who's gonna sit with me this dark and stormy night?". Then it got silent for a short period of time and then all of a sudden hands touched her and screamed, "YOU ARE!". The End.

10-21-2011, 03:33 PM

Ghosts in the Graveyard

One night, a girl named Annabeth went out trick-or-treating. She was with her best friends, Andrew, Emily, and Kevin. They took a break to look at all the delicious candy they got. Annabeth was still looking at hers when her friends got up and Kevin said, "I know a house that gives a ton of candy to one person!" "WHERE?!?" the other three shouted. "You have to go through the graveyard," said Kevin. "That's the only way."
So Annabeth and her friends entered the 1000 year old graveyard to get to the house. Somehow the Annabeth got separated from her friends. Annabeth looked all around for the others but didnt find a single clue as to where they could be. She then got the feeling that she was being followed and watched. She kept moving hoping to find the exit. Its like a maze in here she thought to herself but she kept moving. She dropped some candy when she walked over a very, very bumpy path. She turned around to pick it up only to find the face of a menacing ghost right there in front of her. She screamed and tried to run but the ghost was too swift. It attacked her and took her away.
The next day, a search party went out looking for her in the graveyard. When they got to the very, very bumpy path, they found her candy bag and followed the path. They searched and searched and searched but never found her.

Now whenever someone walks by that graveyard at night you can sometimes hear the screams she gave that very night she was taken by the ghost. Some have even seen HER ghost wander about the graveyard searching for friends she never found.


10-21-2011, 03:39 PM
I'd like to say that this a happy cheerful story, with a princess and a prince that lived happily ever after.
Unfortunately, THIS. ISN'T.


I was babysitting for my next-door-neighbor when this all started. I had already managed to put the kid to asleep, so I spent the rest of night watching T.V. Strangely, the kid's parents never came home when the event occurred. At first, I thought that I heard the loud, sharp creaking noise when a person walks down the stairs.I thought that I heard the soft dripping noise that came from nowhere in particular. And I thought that the low, soft moan was just coming from my head. But when I checked, I found nothing. All of the taps on the sinks were working properly, and the low moan was probably just me going bonkers. Plus, no one was in the house besides me and little Joey.

Or was there?

Suddenly, everything went dark. I remember screaming, but I couldn't hear my voice. I was thrown like a rag doll from the armchair to the wall. Red blood trickled down from my forehead, and a shadow appeared in front of me.

No, not a shadow.

It was a ghost, from what I could make of it. It was almost transparent. But if I concentrated and ignored my bleeding forehead, I could make out the shape of a kid, just like little Joey.

Wait a second. That is little Joey!

He grabbed me, taking me by the shoulders and sucking up my energy, my life, and my soul.


Submitted by Nina Violete.
Copyright Violete Productions

"I promise that this is my own work, and I would never plagiarize."

10-21-2011, 03:41 PM
The House

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I scream. I never before thought goasts actually existed, but that was before I was living in this house.
I just moved in a week ago, started school, made new friends, but there was always something weird about my house, something I didn't like. Today I was walking home with my friend Sarah and she was telling me about this house on my street that was haunted. At first I didn't believe her, but when we got to my house, she stammered.
"The... this is your hooouse?"
"Yeah, why?" I replied.
"This one is haunted," she whispered. "Nobody has lived here for years."
"Your crazy" I said, but I didn't really believe myself. As we got closer to the house, it started to smell more like blood, but I thought maybe it was just because I was paranoid. I got to the door and pulled out my key, but the door swings open. By itself. Ok, then I was scared. Sarah and I shakily walk in when I notice the lights are off. I go over to the switch and turn on the light. It doesn't go on. I try again. Nothing. Sarah tried to hug me tight, but before she gets the chance, she is pulled back. I look, but there is nothing there. I turn around and call her name. "Sarah?" I say.
"Sarah are you there?"
Suddenly, a voice comes from nowhere. "I have your friend," It screeches. The voice sounds just like Sarah's, but its not. I run upstairs to my room and the door opens automatically,but I run in anyway. The door shuts and locks behind me and I turn around to see a face. An old mans face, drenched in blood and almost transparent. He is short but strong and looked like he could scare anyone. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
-Awesomness http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-tongue.gif

10-21-2011, 03:46 PM
Title: The Guest

One day a couple had invited a neighbor 4 dinner. They were very nice and moved into the house a week ago. Well they had a 10 year old girl name Mary and she was very nice looking. Mrs. and Mr. McCoy was all like "Our 10 year old girl Jackie (Me!) and urs can sleepover too!" so she did. They heard noises in the bathroom and she was saying "Kill her, Burn her house, Then in the grave where we live..." and she ran to her parents room. She didnt know there wasn a hole in the flor so she fell in there and the was this captain, and boys head with his body, Marys's parents, and Mary with her parents dead!

Part Two: The Runaway

The was a painting place and she was tied up when she fell and the captain was still painting and she was disappering slowly the more she did and she was gone. She ran to the graveyard where her grandmother died and her gravee was there so that meant... MARY WAS NOT DEAD AND HER FAMILY! All she had to do was get that photo or picture away from him and when she went back to the real world there her house was burnt down too! So now she had to get away from being a ghost

Part three: Getting The Picture

"Help Me! Help Me!" a girl said from behind the painting room. "I'm traped in a room filled of paintings", and I said "What's ur name?", "Hermione Starshine (Starshine is her last name). She was locked up and we took all the pictures and hers and ran away.

Part four: Chasing to the home

We ran up the stairs and the captain was right their and saw that he was holding a rope to tie both of us! We ran and ran and the captain could not catch us until we tricked him!

Part five: Meeting the undead

"Uggh" everyone said. We saw UbiLorelai, Salacia, Sally, UbiSusie, UbiDarla, UbiJoolyWooly, Wymberly, ava, Emma and the real life Hermione, with many more Imagine Town people!
I was back to life and the captain and the hole was gone and our house was not burned down and Mary was alive 4 real!
Its was awesome having Mary alive and now Hermione and her family is now alive they moved into the neighborhood! We had sleepovers like every single day!

U Liked it!
It was made up!
By me!
Jackie Diamond
(JD and Jack)
People that was mainly named in the story that I know : Hermione Starshine

Others: Salacia Bright Star, Sally Lacy Starbright, Emma Bubbly Galaxy, Wymberly Lacy Violete, UbiLorelai, UbiDarla, UbiSusie, UbiJoolyWooly, Ava Chic Twinkletoe!

And Other People In Imagine Town! (and Mary was fake)

Hope U Guys Luved It!

10-21-2011, 05:48 PM
Midnight on the trail : The Teller, By : Taylor Starbright. The author of Dearz... My Life Diary Books. "Okay, who wants to tell their story FIRST?" Said Courtney. "I will." Said Frost. Suddenly, all the lights went out. "AHH!!!!" Screamed Tia. "Okay. Here it is....." Said Frost pulling out her flashlight, turning it on. "Okay, so you guys know that haunted trail on Scary Street?" Said Frost. "Yeah, JEEKS!" Said Tia and Courtney together laughing. "Good. So here it is. It's called, Midnight on the trail. IT'S WAY.... TRUE. I saw it my self. With my OWN 2 eyes. So you get the midnight part, right? Well, that street, it's scary. You almost make it out ALIVE if your lucky. Never go alone. Trust me. So, there was a " New Girl " in the town. Her family lived across the street. Every year sense she was 5 her family hosted a haunted trail. Kinda like how my family did. So people would jump and scare people. The little girl didn't mind. Her name, still unknown. All we know. The letters of the name she was called, H. Nothing else. Her family stopped when she was 14. So, her friends and her had a sleepover. They played truth OR dare. They recorded each other. So it was her turn. She picked the dare. Her friend dared her to go across the street. Alone. So when she went in.... She never came out. Her parents or friends didn't know it was a danger zone. Now, Jake and I went last year. Lucky us, we were the first ones to make it out alive. There was 6 people who passed before us. 7 if you count H. So if you go with your true love. You may make it out safe. But when you go. Don't say or do anything to make her mad. Like break a window. When you go on Halloween night, you'll get a SCARY trip. You'll see her with her hair in a ponytail. With heart PJs on and she'll have scratches on her face. Then you'll hear. "Who are you. Human." Then she'll take a stick and turn to the house and put on the side, H. WAS HERE then if she likes you she'll say. " Lets be friends." and the scratches will heal. If not she says in a deep voice with a mean look. "This is my land." Then she'll turn into a monster. If you go on the 13 nights of Halloween. You'll she her at age 10 with a stick carving in the dirt HEART. While singing softly, "1,2, buckle my shoe, 3,4, shut the door. 5,6, I wish I was alive.7,8, your the lucky one." While looking at you. Then starts to cry and runs in to the house. Then look in the window and if you say. "I'll trade places with you, friend." Then smile at her and she'll say. "Okay." Then she'll go threw the window and say, "I'll trade back on Halloween." While stepping into your body. Then she'll walk out of the trail. Then on Halloween she will come back and say, "I like this form." While giving you the evil grin. She leaves you there to die. Then she does this every year. 1 girl made it out alive when trading. It was Halloween eve. She was able to craw to the end of the trail. Then she passed out. The cops found her dead. They found her a year later. Pretty spooky huh?" Said Frost feeling sad. Tia and Courtney stared at her like, "You expect us to believe this?"

10-21-2011, 06:01 PM
( The Dare)The night before halloween these four girls who are bffs dare someone in their group. Mary dare Rose to go into the haunted house. Rose go up to the house and knocks no answer it open by itself. She goes all the way in the door shuts and locks by itself. "What"? she says to herself. It so dark no where to go. Rose screams. "Who is it"? she yells. She hear a boooooooo!!!!!!! She smells DEATH!!!!!! NO OH NO she yells. You will die the voice shouts. This is not right she txts her friends who dare her. HELP HELP HELP she yells. THERE NO ONE HERE TO HELP YOU LITTLE ONE the voice says. THERE NO WAY OUT YOU HAVE TO DIE the voice yells. Rose go by the door to stand. Mary and her friends jump out they turn on the lights. They start to laugh. Rose yells that wasnt funny u meanies. HERE CAMES DEATH the voice saids. Rose says came on guys I know it you. When she said that the voice said die now!!!

10-21-2011, 06:47 PM
Screams in the Attic
A story by Charlotte Melody

My teeth chattering,
my body freazing, waiting for something to pop up behind thestaircase that lead to the attic.
I walked up the squeaking staircase filled with daddy long-legged spiders and crickets chirping.
I felt ice cold hands reach for my neck.
'Nothing can save me now' I thought feeling helpless...
"AAAHHH!" I screamed in horor after a nightmare I had previously the night before.
"What is wrong my darling?" I heard out of thin air.
"Who...who's there?!" I screamed in horror.
"Just... ME!"
"AAAAHHH!" I said before his icy cold hands squeazed my neck, forcing blood to ooze out of my vains.
I gasped for air. Sharp shooting pain wrentched throughout my neck and soul.
I kicked and fought with every last breath I had. It was all too soon, for I was gone.

Many years have passed, yet I am still on earth. Waiting for it all to happen once again.
~The End~
For now...

10-21-2011, 07:02 PM
I was at a park called Metsfa but it seemed a bit transperant i tried poking it but it would never appear when i get near it i asked my best friend Annabeth if she had any idea what happend there the next day she asked the librarian if there was any book about it she said there was one called "The Great Metsfa Park" shes pretty sure it was the book Annabeth read it and it said it comes up on Haloween and only spirits can see the haunted park suddenly the book came flying to me and it was creepy i was scared it opend with this picture of a girl with a knife stabbing a park she looked just like me i was scared because i had the exact same knife at home i read the book and it said the girl's name was........ MELANIE FABULOUS STAR!!! i was super terrified i had to be a spirit i went to school the next day and everyone ignored me even Annabeth and my teacher Megan Lacy Willow i was transperant soo i had to do what was right to save the world i got the knife and stabbed the park and it was normal but i disappeard i was DEAD..

10-21-2011, 07:06 PM
The Ghost Next Door
Katia Capri's Entry

Like always I am sitting by my bed in my room looking at the alarm clock just curious when the time will come.The time to pick up my NEW next door neighbour and bring them to the party.3:30 my alarm clock read.I jumped out of the bean bag,My dress led behind me.It was time for the halloween dance.I was supposed to pick up my next door neighbour.Their family LOVES dressing up as ghosts!Who knows why but maybe they have halloween spirit.I was walking to their door when I heard steps come out at me.I looked behind and "BOO!"Ghouly said."OMG Ghouly you made me loose my mind.There Ghouly was just in her Ghost costume as always.I looked at myself just an emmy award winner from Glee.I looked fine.We walked to the school which was down the street."So wanna trick or treat tomorrow night?"I asked Ghouly.She thought."Nah,Treats arent my type but tricking is.When we got to the dance ghouly started floating."GHOULY YOU'RE FLOATING!"I screamed.She ignored me and went on with her life.At the dance I met some girls and all of that and I the principal,teacher and Jessica and Jennifer,The 2 twin Populars were no where to be found."oooooooo-oooooooo"I heard.I looked behind,no one.All of the sudden I awoke.It was halloween night and I had slept through the dance.Was Ghouly Okay?I took a breath and decided to go to her house."Jessi!Hold it!You just woke up and Brynna and Katie are Here for trick or treating so HURRY!"I heard Mother say.I changed and did my hair.We got our bags and left."Love you Joey(my step dad)Love you mom!"I met up with Brynna and kate."Lets go to your neighbours house!"Brynna said."What about house 5?"Katie suggested.I saw Addison at house 5.She was a mean one.I voted Ghoul's house.We went to the door and without a knock the door opened.Brynna Opened her mouth and Katie did a silent scream.We walked in.We walked to Ghoul's basement.There lay coffins with people in them and REAL ghosts flying around."Hey Jessi!It is me Ghoul!"The flying ghost said."AHHHHHHHHHH!"I yelled with brynna and Katie struggled into a coffin."I want to eat you!I am so hungry!"Ghoul demanded us to get in the Blood Punch.I came out and my dress was ruined.(NOT!)Brynna and Katie were crying.Ghoul came and Then Addison came in her bat mode to take us all.We eventually moved but then again another ghost named Ghoul lived next door.All of my life repeated.That was my life in Halloween Town!


10-21-2011, 07:21 PM
The Ghost of Halloween Mansion

I am Chelsea. I was in my favorite party store, Party Freak Out, when it occurred to me. My friends, Katy, Kristine, and Caitlyn, and I were going to a Halloween party, hosted by the biggest prankster in the entire world, Shelby Hucklestine. Now, we didn’t think much of anything about it at the time. All we thought was “Party! Woo hoo!” but then, when I thought about it, I had to know where it was going to be. All we knew was Hales Mansion. Now, we never asked what it was either. But now, I was determined to find out. By then I found the perfect costume, a girlish vampire, and I ran to the check-out counter. As the check-out girl scanned my costume I had a few thoughts. Where is this mansion? Why did she choose that place? Is it haunted? I would soon find out answers to all of my thoughts.

As I ran home I stumbled over something on the sidewalk. I leaned down to pick it up and gasped. It was a gold necklace! It was beautiful. It has emeralds and tiny crystals. I delicately put it in my pocket and scurried along. When I got home, I rushed up the steps to my bedroom. When I was finally inside, I ran to my vanity and grabbed my tiny chair that was laying on it. I opened it up to its secret compartment and delicately laid the necklace inside. I put it back on my vanity. I walked down the steps to the living room. There I find my mom, watching TV. I sit down next to her and then blurt out, “What is Hales Mansion?”. My mom looks oddly at me and turns off the TV. “Why do you ask that?” she asked me. “Well,” I began. “There is a Halloween party, and it is being held there.” She looked at me. “It is?” “Yes.” She took a deep breath and said, “Hales Mansion is the oldest house in Girlsville.” Then her face turned into a disgusted look. “It is claimed to be haunted.” “You don’t believe that do you?” I asked. “Of course not.” I looked at the clock. “I better go. Where is Hales Mansion?” My mom told me and I called, “Thanks!” over my shoulder as I walked out the door.

When I finally arrived at Hales Mansion, I noticed something in the window, a glow. After about five minutes of looking at the house, I looked in the window where I saw the glow. Now I saw something different. A peacock blue mask! I stared in horror at it for about 2 seconds then I ran to Caitlyn’s house. When I got there, I looked over my shoulder, expecting to see the mask. To my relief I didn’t. I rang the doorbell and Caitlyn’s little sister, Sapphire, answered the door. I have to admit, she is cute, but can be a real pain sometimes, like today. “Caitlyn! You have company Cat!” She giggled. I noticed she was wearing make-up and I knew she had been messing with someone’s make-up. Caitlyn’s make-up for instance. Caitlyn looked at me from the bottoms of the stairs. “Hi Chelsea. Come upstairs. Sapphire isn’t aloud in my bedroom anymore.” She said over her shoulder as she went upstairs. I followed her. When we were finally, I closed her door and blurted “I think I saw a ghost!” She looked at me like I just slapped myself twenty times. “You what?” she finally said. “A ghost or something. I looked at Hales Mansions and saw a light then a mask!” “You probably imagined it.” But she didn’t look as sure as she sounded.

At the party my friends finally saw Hales Mansion. They were wide-eyed. As we walked in I kept a close eye out for that mask. I thought I saw it once, but turned out to be part of a bush. We danced and drank soda. All of a sudden I stopped dancing. I felt like I was being watched. I turned towards the window and there I saw it. The mask………

<span class="ev_code_RED">MWA HAHAHA!!!</span>

10-21-2011, 07:35 PM
Kiara and The Ghostlight

It was Halloween, and as usual, Kiara was pulling pranks on her friends. She pulled flowers out of UbiSusie's garden, jumped out of the Jade Mall windows to scare customers, dressed up as a vampire to scare Nina, put a spider in Erin's bed, and confused Chloe by switching her dresses. But her most successful prank was leading Michaela to a fabric bin, jumping out behind her, and screaming, sending the stratled Michaela flying into the bin. Everyone laughed. "If only you moved that fast on the dance floor," said UbiLorelai. "You look like you just saw the Ghostlight!" teased Kiara as Michaela climbed out of the bin, brushing the fabrics off her. "Kiara, don't mock the Ghostlight!" scolded UbiMargie. "What is the Ghostlight?" asked Michaela. Everyone stood silent. Finally, UbiMargie said, "The Ghostlight is a glowing orb of blue translucent light that haunts this very island." "Don't be too scared Mic," said Kiara, "It's not real." "IT IS REAL!" protested UbiMargie. She went on. "It all started on a Halloween night like tonight. The wolves were wailing at the moon off Sapphire Range while the autumn wind blow cold like the breathe of the Yeti. Two teenage girls were walking through the Gardens when they spotted an unnatural blue glow and all that was left were two black and white Glitter Rock jackets. So remember, the one thing that angers the Ghostlight more than anything else is the sound of clicking heels." Kiara looked down at her feet. Shoot! She was wearing high heels, tonight of all nights! "As you head home tonight, keep an eye out," warned UbiMargie, "The Ghostlight could be anywhere. Well, g'night!" She took off. The rest of the crowd went home to bed, leaving Kiara all alone.

Kiara headed for her apartment, with her heels clicking. She kept jumping whenever she saw shadows or heard strange noises, fearing the Ghostlight was sneaking up on her. Just then, she saw a light shining. "Oh no! It's the Ghostlight!" she cried. The light came closer. "Ghostlight, I respect thee!" she said, "Return from where you came!" It was only a firefly. Kiara sighed in relief. "It's just a lightning bug," she said, "The Ghostlight isn't yellow anyway. Margie said the Ghostlight is blue." As she finished, a blue light flashed behind her. Kiara turned to see..."THE GHOSTLIGHT!" she screamed. Kiara took down the stairs screaming. As she left the apartment building, Michaela and Layla came out of their hiding spots and high-fived each other. They had hooked the "Ghostlight" onto Kiara's belt to scare her.

Kiara ran all over Jade Island. "The Ghostlight's right behind me!" she screamed. The "Ghostlight" appeared in her face. "Now it's in front of me!" screamed Kiara, "It's right on my tail!" Kiara didn't see the ladies watching her as she ran everywhere, screaming and causing mayhem. "The Ghostlight's gonna eat me!" she screamed as she ran buy the girls. "Let me know how it turns out," said Verity, going back to bed.

Soon, Kiara was getting exhausted from all that running. "The...Ghostlight's gonna...strip my clothes and...sell them on a clothing auction...website..." she said, unable to breathe. Then she felt something in her belt. She took the stick out and saw a lantern with blue glowing light. "Hey, wait a minute." said Kiara. The girls laughed. "Gotcha!" said Michaela. "You all tricked me!" said Kiara, "I knew this was a joke the whole time!" "You see, girl," said UbiMargie, "The only thing to be scared of around here is your imagination." "Yep, that, and of course, the Screaming Banshee," said UbiLorelai, "Well, g'night!" The girls all headed back home, except Kiara. "The Screaming what?" she said, her knees shaking.


10-21-2011, 08:11 PM
What was in the Attic... http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif
Abigail was sneaking down the stairs after curfew to watch late night TV. She didn't want to turn the lights so no one could see her in the dark. Abigail started to regret staying up so late. She started to slowly close her eyes nodding off into a dream, but before she fell asleep she suddenly heard the noise of broken glass that came from the kitchen. Abigail was so scared, and she couldnt decide what to do. Should she sneak back up stairs and tell her parents, or should she hide. Abigail could certainly hear that somebody broke into her house. Shattered in fear, Abigail hide behind the couch, silently. She heard the footsteps getting louder and louder. Whoever it was Abigail was certainly frightened. Abigail could feel the intruder looking at her, so when she looked up, there he was, watching her the whole time. The intruder told Abigail to stand up, so she did. Then suddenly there was a bump from upstairs, more like in the attic. then Abigail and the intruder both heard footsteps comming down the stairs, but didn't see anything at all. Abigail closed her eyes and pinched herself hoping that this was a dream, but it didn't work. The intuder suddenly fell to the floor surrounded in a pool of blood. Abigail felt a quick chill and heard a whisper that told her to wake up. Abigail didnt understand. Then the sunlight spilled across the floor in the room, Abigail was in bed and her mom came in and said,"so Abigail how did you sleep?"
"Whoa. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif"said Abigail and climbed out of bed.

10-21-2011, 08:15 PM
Oneday there was 5 kids there names where Natalia,Lea,Jade,Jake, and Justin.It was halloween night and the kids went together to trick or treat. At school the kids say room 29 was HUNTED. Room 29 was NEVER used since the school was build.Halloween night the school was open to go in room 29. Natalia,Lea,Jade, Jake, and Justin went to the school. They kept seeing GHOST EVERYWHERE! They kept asking other people "did you see that"? When Jade looked at her THE GIRL WAS A GHOST! FINALLY it was there turn to go in ROOM 29!Natalia DIDN'T want to go. But Justin said if you dont go i'll text my friends "Natalia's a chicken Natalia's a chicken!" Natalia said "NO YOU WONT!" Justin said yes i will. Natalia said NOT without your cell phone!Natalia droped his phone on the ground and was going to step on it but a ghost did it for here. The kids said i dont know. so they went in the HUNTED room 29. A ghots LOCKED THEM IN! "The people infront of us DIDN'T get locked in" Lea said. All the kids thought about it. "HEY THEY DIDN'T Jake said. AHH the all screamed
while they where locked in the herd foot steps. "Who is that"? Natali said. They all said "i dont know". Natalia said "its a GHOST"! Natalia said the other kids said NO ITS NOT! Natalia said YES IT IS! the kids got silent. They all herd BOO! "AHH WHAT WAS THAT! THEY ALL SAID!" Natalia said " I told you its a GHOST! Lea,Jade,Jake and Justin said yeah she right. They herd "yes Natalia is right" Natlia siad "ghots is that you? They all herd Yes. yes it is i come in peace. All the kids said ok thats GOOD. Jade said can you get us out of here? The ghost said yes,yes i can. The kids YELLED THEN DO IT! The ghost said " ok, ok i will do it now". The ghost opened the door and the kids got out they all said THANK YOU MR.GHOST THANK YOU!Jade said "well Mr.Ghost i guess this means good bye. the ghost said "No, no its not.The kids said what? The ghost said i.....well.....i......wanted to......like.............stay with......you WONDERFULL kids!...The kids said "Um......ok! So the kids got out of HANTED room 29 and had the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER with Mr.Ghost

Thanks for reading~ Wymberly Lacy Violete http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

10-21-2011, 08:29 PM
We Never Saw it Coming...

October 31. Halloween. The day when I am the strongest in the world. My family is a Caster family, and Casters are something like witches but never say that to any of my relatives. They hate being compared to those weaklings. As a Caster, we each have a special day when our powers are the strongest in the world. No two Casters have the same day. If that happens, it''s a fight to the death. But so far, that hasn't happened. My special day just happens to be Halloween. Perfect, I hate Halloween. Mortals dress up as people like us and ask for candy. I don't get why they do this, but every year is the same thing, over and over and over...

My name is Alice Cross. I am the only daughter of Chris and Marian Cross. We live in Cross County, California, and my ancestors created this place. Neat huh? Today is also my birthday, yay~. But this is the day of Changing, my Changing. This is when our family finds out what color I am, Light or Dark. Silver or Gold. On a Caster's 16th birthday, this happens to the too. They might be good; Light and Silver eyes. Or they could be evil; Dark and get Gold eyes. So far, my family said I'm one of the Gifted, one who gets to chose which I become. Personally, I'd like to become Dark just to get back at everyone who has been mean to me. Well, you'll find out tonight. Let's just skip there shall we?

"Don't forget to be home by midnight, OK?" my mom says. I have to go out on my strongest day. Mom says it's good for me. Dad's not here anymore. "Alright" I reply. I head out and walk around town. Around 11 o'clock, I get a strange feeling to go to our family graveyard. Once I'm there though, I can't walk away or move. Then, all of the skeletons from each grave crawls back up and out of the ground. As they touch air again, they form their original look, but they aren't solid. I could probably walk right through them if I could move. "Alice. Alice." They say my name over and over. They walk towards me and try to grab me and pull me underground. I try to run but I just can't seem to. I try and try until, finally, I get free and then I start running as fast as I can. I take the short way home through the woods and I i get cut a scratched by the branches. The only serious cut was when it branch dug deep and tore it's way out of the skin on my cheek. I know it hurts but I just keep running, and running, and running...

Finally I see the kitchen lights of my house. 'Safety' I thought.'Back home.' I touched the handle of our back door when they caught me. What frightened me was that they all had glowing gold eyes. 'They all went dark' I thought. Then they all pulled me under the ground before I could scream. Then everything went black...

"Nothing Gold can stay,
Silver is the right way,
Follow in our footsteps, dear sister,
And you shall suffer the same fate."

"Choose Gold,
Find Silver,
And you'll lose your way.
Choose Silver,
Lose Gold,
And you live another day..."

That's all I hear in my mind. Over and over. Then I wake up.

'So it was all a dream. Thank goodness.' I'm sweating because of that nightmare. But that's when I look at my pillow, dyed with red. 'No, no, no! This can't be happening.' I scream in my head. 'It couldn't be real, it just couldn't.' I run up to my mirror and yep, there's the deep cut just on my cheek, just as the dream.October 31. That's what my clock says. So today has just begun. My 16th birthday...

The End.

I hope you enjoyed my story! Did I scare you? I'm not very great at writing but I did my best. I promise that this is my own work. Thanks for reading.

P.S. I LOVE everyone's stories! They're all wonderful and spooky! Good job everybody!

10-21-2011, 08:29 PM
<span class="ev_code_RED">Ember Rose</span>
<span class="ev_code_BLACK"> Streamers hung from every window, the streets of large town of Blackthorn were crammed with people, all of whom had their heads turned up and their eyes wide. Many were clapping. Some held small children upon their shoulders; others were jumping and dancing despite the confined space on the streets. All had hope glowing in their eyes as if the God himself were before them. The noise was deafening and an electric sense of excitement was thick in the air. People screamed and applauded. Fireworks exploded in the sky providing a spectacular and somewhat chaotic scene. The smell of bonfires and cotton candy and caramel filled the air with a sickly sweet concoction with the slight under taste of smoke and alcohol.
My name Is Raven Titania knight and today I turned sixteen. As you may have guessed by my original name my parents were frankly put, hippies. Vegan and big on animal rights they were always protesting or debating or handing out flyers and lived in an eco dome I kid you not ... and don’t even start me on their dress sense. It’s a traumatic memory, let’s leave it at that.. I have six siblings all whose names were equally ridiculous., I never got a moments peace being the eldest child. I was out of that tiny crowded house whenever possible, normally hiding in the public library dreading the moment when my mother, with her silver blonde hair and horrifically clashing clothes would wildly yell
“RAE RAE darling!-” Ignoring the shushing of the frantic librarian “Time to get a wiggle on babe.”
I’m not sure which was more embarrassing, that my mother had just called me ‘Babe’ or that she had told me it was ‘time to get a wiggle on” rather than “time to go” like every other normal mother in the world would say.
Today, however was a special day. My town was celebrating a rather strange occasion, one that everyone else in the country, rightly found rather morbid. Regardless, people flocked the town, filling up the hotels and storming the gift shops. I honestly didn’t get why it was such a big deal. This day was just like every other day. Only on Ember day (the 22 of November), everyone decided to set of colourful explosives and make prats of themselves in every way possible.
I’m sure, dear reader you are wondering as to exactly WHY we are celebrating. The answer is simple.
It was on this day over 300 years ago that a pyromaniac psychopathic family attempted to sacrifice this entire town by trapping people in their homes and burning them to the ground. I know. Cheerful . They did this because they believed that it would grant each member of there family eternal life. Unfortunately for them it didn’t happen that way . They had it done. They tricked the towns people into carving their streets into a “sacrificial circle”( A sacrificial circle is when one draws a certain diagram and puts something inside it and sets fire as a sacrifice to it, for those of you who aren’t aware of the traditions of creepy religions.)

They convinced the stupid masses that they were good, reliable, trustworthy god fearing people . They planed the burning with precision smuggled in oil by the barrel and they were foiled. Not by the army or the military a strong hero or a group of dashing knights, but by a little girl. The story doesn’t give much description after that part some say she was a young lady of 20 or so others say she was no more than four. The story has become so warped its rather difficult to be sure of what to believe, the one thing they agree on from the amount of family members and the story itself is as a result rather than 1000 people. The Demon family of Blackthorn town got one. The girl who sacrificed herself to save them all. There is talk of a movie to be based on the story of the Burning of black thorn village but there has been to much confusion over what happened and HOW it happened it seemed to have come to a standstill.

I continued to push my way through the crowds on the streets everyone was to drunk on the atmosphere to noticed the girl with waist length black hair shoving through the crowds as if she was being chased by a ravenous monster. The fireworks continued to light up the sky and exploding with a loud bang that aggravated my headache. Occasionally a streamer cannon would go off shooting wafer thin strips of sparkly plastic into the air whilst people blindly trampled on each other in an attempt to catch them.

I continued pushing through the streets. My mother father and my brothers and sisters were enjoying their time at the festival my mother never wasting an opportunity was shoving an animal cruelty awareness leaflet into the hands of every person she passed.

I sighed and continued to push past the sightseers who were oh-ing and ah-ing at anything that moved . Was making my way home. An old hard wearing school rucksack filled with books on my back and lilac silk purse tightly clenched in my hand.

As I grew closer and closer to the edge of town, the crowd dispersed until I could safely walk along the pavement on the long trek home to the hand built eco friendly house that my father had built away from the “hustle and bustle of town” If there was one thing I liked it was privacy.

The sky was darker now the fireworks no longer polluting the natural beauty of the night sky. I looked up at the full moon and I felt it’s comforting glow shining on my face, the stars glowed above me like priceless beads decorating a flawless piece of black silk that stretched over the horizon. And I suddenly felt very calm . The stress and irritation that had built up over the day washed away and I just stood and stared at the sky and the moon in complete wonder. I don’t know how long I stood transfixed but I was woken from my trance when I realized. I was cold, freezing in fact. The temperature was so cold and chilled that I was forced to realize winter was upon me. I wrapped my arms around myself pulling in my coat as tightly as I could as the wind brushed past my face and ran through my hair. Twirling and twisting the my long black curling locks like ribbons in the moonlight.

I walked and walked. Not passing a single car or person. My shoes making a harsh click that rang out through the silence that was only occupied by wind rushing through grass and trees. After some time I could of sworn I heard the beating of my own heart. I walked and walked hoping to notice a familiar sight or object that would confirm I was on the right path home. I saw nothing that would give me such comfort, I glanced around the landscape as I walked. I was now beginning to feel panicked. I fearfully scoured the horizon for some kind of light or phone box where I could find some assistance. I was running now, blood pounding in my ears when finally I saw a dim glow up ahead. Feeling a surge of relief I raced toward the light ‘ I’m saved’ I thought ‘I’m saved;

As I neared the glow I realized it was coming from a lantern outside some rusted iron gates. The iron itself was once painted a handsome black but now it was an ill orange colour and the paint peeled in my hands. The two marble pillars that held the gates up was damaged. The limestone had been wilted away by years of abuse from the weather, I suddenly remembered this place.

Whilst we were scouring for a good place in which to build our house a couple of years ago we had come across a large plot of land. It hadn't been used for decades and the key wouldn't budge in the lock on the fence so the state agent finally allowed us to climb over it and take a look around

What we saw was beautiful in its own way, it was so FREE
Every type of plant was sprawling over the landscape, fighting each other for light and water. A path had once been neatly made, wide enough for two cars to drive up side by side. now had nettles and ivy crawling all over it, and the track hand simply been made of cobblestones giving a strange texture underfoot even with my big steel toed leather boots (that my mother had detested with a passion) The path wound up through the once well trimmed but now wildly overgrown garden and over a half collapsed bridge that made a maginaly safe way to get over a once proud river (now nothing more than a moderately sized stream) from there on it was a wide open field with wildflowers, but the ‘road’ still continued to some boring old ruins that now was home to thriving garden for weeds. My interest had been caught by what looked like a hand reaching through the fence. My younger sister Phoenix had carefully tiptoed over too it, discovering on closer inspection that it was made from stone

The delicately carved hand was reaching through an old metal fence that was over four meters tall (taller than Phoenixes and I’s combined height.) We had ,after a few moments of searching managed to push the ivy away to find a locked thin gate. If the key had been in the lock I doubted I would have been able to turn it as it was so badly rusted. It even looked somewhat melted shut. We had left shortly after but not before Phoenix (for reasons only known to her slipped a well loved knitted pink mitten over the feminine cold marble outstretched hand.

It looked different now though incredibly so. Even through the limited view of the fence I could see that someone had taken special care to the garden. It was now neat and pretty, rosebushes neatly trimmed and even in the dim lighting I could see not one weed in sight, the Pine trees we carefully cut to a thin point like the ideal Christmas tree Ivy was no longer crawling everywhere and small shrubs outlined the property. I could hear the river bubbling away so loudly I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it before. The Old cobblestone track seemed to have been laid, The stones shining like precious gems in the light of the moon. Suddenly the gate gave way under my body weight ( I had been leaning against it in order to get a better look.) I yelped in surprise and nearly dove forwards. Righting myself and steadying my breathing I walked into the garden feeling slightly in awe at its overall beauty and splendor. I hadn't realised how big the are was whilst I had been fighting the weeds but now I could see that it stretched on for seemingly miles. The smell of the perfectly grown flowers was intoxicating and I found myself beginning to walk forwards. I dithered about what to do. It was obvious some one was now living here and was taking good care of it too but I felt a slight sense of foreboding. The grass was too green the flowers smelt to sweet and the bubbling of the river was to perfect to cheerful to be innocent. I stood still for a moment until I shook my head frowning slightly at my ridiculous behaviour.
Here was my chance to get home, something I had been desperate for not 10 minutes ago but now I was turning my nose up at it. I laughed mirthlessly and continued walking. I crossed the stone bridge keeping to one side of it grateful for the fact it had been seamlessly repaired. I wasn’t sure if I would have been able to se a hole or a broken piece of stone in this light.

After crossing the bridge and coming to the conclusion that the new owners must of rerouted another stream or river to gush through there property because there was no way that the little puddle I saw last time could compare to the beautiful crystalline waters that flowed musically now.

I moved up the path glancing over to where my sister and I had seen the reaching hand of the statue, it was gone now along with the cell like railings in its place was a tall willow tree. I stopped for a moment, watching its long branches sway in the wind,

Suddenly something pushed through me like I had just been shocked with a large jolt of electricity but it was cold and bone chilling like having a horrendous gust of wind move straight through you and pick you up like a defenselessness leaf pushing me back towards the bridge. “Leave” Whispered the wind as it wrapped through the branches of the willow tree. “Leave” It whispered again. This time more franticly as the wind picked up becoming more and more human with each syllable. I froze in terror. The wind picked up around me “Run” chanted the willow tree “Run girl RUN!”I was dizzy now terrified and on the verge of collapsing I nearly fell backwards when I felt the clicking of chains and the gates locking.

The wind stopped howling and the willow stopped yelling and reverted to whispering “To late it seemed to hum in the breeze
“too late, too late, too late” I ran towards the house feeling breathing on the nape of my neck as I did so and a deadly cackle as I ran towards the colossal building that looked like some kind of palace My brain not taking in how it looked like an exact replica of the grand manor houses I had seen on pride and prejudice. Nor the fact there was a horse drawn carriage sat to the right of the track. I didn’t spot the large hooped skirt dress through one of the windows or the wavy symbols of a sacrificial circle on cool marble as I bound up the steps. I didn't see a girl in the garden shaking her head frantically at me. I pounded on the grand double doors with my fist Shrieking the word help over and over and the door was suddenly wrenched open with a protesting groan of the oak after that, everything around me went black

I woke to found my mouth coarse and dry like sand had been poured down my throat, My eyes are un able to open, they felt heavy as lead in fact I couldn’t move any part of my body I panicked and tried to thrash around in order to alert some one anyone that I was alive and that I needed help but I didn’t even twitch. The room was unbearably warm and something cold and metal was wrapped around my hands and ankles, keeping my limbs stretched in a star jump kind of position. I was laying down flat my hair was tickling my nose taunting me with the fact it was an itch I was utterly unable to scratch. I inwardly screamed when someone swept a hand over my face tenderly brushing the hair away and dragging a cool pointed razor sharp object from my raised cheekbone to the bottom of my chin.

“She’s certainly pretty enough” A woman’s voice spoke to my right. I was slightly nasal and painfully upper-class it reminded me of an oily well sharpened knife. I could see her in my mind a pinched face snake like eyes and hair pulled back tightly she would be short but a way of looking down her nose at everything. Her aura scared me it was like lying next to a corpse.

I heard a shuffle above my head and a small grumble that sounded like a bear sighing. “Bring me Maria and Lucy, quickly” Her voice was harsher with the cold command. I heard another grunt. And a door opening and shutting again. A pointed fingernail ran over my bottom lip, the hand was deathly cold and the long fingernails felt deadly sharp. She grabbed my jaw and opened my mouth. Barley waiting a second before pouring something ghastly into my mouth. It tasted like acid and sewer water with something that tasted painfully like blood. But I swallowed unable to do anything else other than choke, The moment the foul liquid was down my throat I found I could open my eyes. I recoiled in horror at what I saw.
There was a long wide gash where the fleshy part of her cheek had been torn away giving me the ability to see her teeth through her face, the skin around the wound was moldy puss filled and infected taters of skin still hung room the wound and fluttered in the slight breeze of the room like morbid butterflies. Her nose was partially burnt and melted flattening her nostril into a badly deformed slit. These wounds were old but none the less repulsive she seemed to of applied some chalk like makeup which only highlighted her flaking dry decaying skin part of her fierce red hair had been burnt away a raised angry scar making hair unable to grow there I noticed one of her eyes had a white film over it meaning she was blind in one eye.

“Sleeping beauty awakes” She snarled at me she leaned closer to me so I could see her hideous face at a much closer angle “take a long look sweetheart were going to be spending lots of time together today, It makes you want to be sick doesn’t it makes you want to run and hide” I remained silent keeping my gaze looked on her one good eye. the only part of her face that wasn't utterly disturbing She ran her clawed hand over my collarbone drawing blood by only applying the tiniest amount of pressure.

“Don’t worry darling I will be back to my former glory soon, Infact you can just start calling me mummy if you like, though I would prefer mother, sounds so much more regal don’t you think?” She said with a hiss.
“Your not my mother” I whispered unable to do anything else with my throat in its current condition. Theyve ubducted me held me captive forced me to drink some fowl potion and she just cut me open and now she expects me to call her mother? She dug her nails deep into my arm. “Not Yet Dear I DO have a way of getting ahead of myself”

“A tap on the door diverted her attention her one good Eye straying to the door allowing me to see the snake like slash she had for a pupil. Her haunting filmy blue eye stayed trained on me un-seeing

I took this opportunity to rapidly survey my surroundings, the room was big, I would hazard a guess at it being around four meters in height. the ceiling was made of carved plaster in abstract shapes and a Chandelier, decorated with cobwebs and dust it hung from the ceiling the windows reached the very roof of the room in a golden arch but the windows themselves had been shrewdly bared. I doubted I would even be able to get my hand through the spaces between the railings if I was to smash any of the five that lined the southern wall. Red satin drapes were on either side of each window an I could see a dressing table to the far right of the room a fireplace crackled gleefully at my predicament on the northern wall. It had an intricately carved stone mantle piece that was lined with odd objects.

I looked as far upwards as I could, craning my neck as far as the restraints would allow me, The door opened to reveal two forms, they wore long black robes with hoods overhanging their faces so I couldn't make out any facial features. Their arms were folded so I couldn't even see their hands. They glided into the room weightlessly I distinctly heard chains clink as they passed in the room and I Immediately saw why. They were chained to not only each other but to a massive lump of rock that squealed on the polished wood floor in protest with each painful dragging motion they made as they inched closer and closer. The chains were inscribed with a kind of runic writing that glowed a dark red, My dizziness returned ‘this cant be real, please GOD don’t let this be real.’ They dragged their weights foreword slowly and wearily the smaller of the two hovering backwards slightly until their chain partner determinedly and fearlessly tugged her and the boulder nearing closer and closer to the wild woman with a disgusting face. The room suddenly changed from unbearably warm to icy cold in a matter of seconds as if beings radiated ice.

“See she is prepared you useless poltergeists” The nervous one wilted but the other seemed to glare back defiantly. She hissed at them before storming towards the door her skirts swishing angrily. she left unnecessarily slamming the door behind her. I shivered and looked up fearfully at the two floating figures and for a moment we just stared at each other. Their eyes glowing white through the shadows of the black material that over hung their faces.

“You didn’t run” They chorused together, there voices were gentle like being called from someone a long way off or the wind swirling past your ear. They spoke in unison and I realised whatever they were they were or at least they sounded female. Suddenly it clicked in my mind.

“outside-” I croaked. I cleared my throat and tried again “outside, that was you?” I remembered the willow tree and the push and the yelling voices of the wind.

They remained silent for a long moment before hovering closer there cloaks swirling as if being pulled by an non existent breeze

They unfolded their arms and allowed there cloaks to fall open. They were completely opaque, just a flowing outline of a human body their hair was long strands of glowing light as bright as their eyes and the chains were shackled around their ankles were brown with dried blood. Their faces and expressions were blank and they stretched out their cold ghostly fingers to wrap themselves around my restraints. Breaking them open. They looked almost as if they were suspended in water but occasionally they would flicker to a more human form before flickering back again, Like a faulty television Then the taller pressed a glowing finger to my temple and I fell into a blissful dreamless sleep.

When I awoke I was sat before A mirror My hair was carefully scraped back into a bun that allowed my hair to fold over on itself then releasing it to fall down my back in long dark curls. A few shorter strands framed my face and my lips had been coated in what I hoped was blood red lipstick. Dark eyeliner artfully flicked around my eyes and at that moment I realised I smelt of roses. I looked down to see myself wearing an eye burning glowing satin white dress. The dress was long (It pooled on the floor beneath my chair) and strapless in cut but elegant and beautiful for a moment I was so in awe that I just simply continued to stare forgetting what exactly was going on. Ghostly fingers brushed over my ear and I shrieked in surprise. The shorter one restrained me by pressing down on my shoulders whilst the other slipped a tiara like headdress with a long veil that cascaded down my back. I didn’t look like a 16 year old girl anymore I looked like an adult and it was scarier than anything I had encountered yet.

A Opaque hand rested itself on mine It was like ice and I openly shuddered.

"Things are only to get worse from here on out Raven, Listen to us well we are the only comfort you will receive today" Said the shorter softly.

"You must mentally prepare yourself what you will see will horrify and burn you your fate has been decided"

"What? My fate? Whats my fate?"

They glanced at one another before speaking again.

"You live In Blackthorn town, I have no doubt you know the story of the Cultists who attempted to murder the entire town, on tat day a girl sacrificed herself to save one thousand more, The cultist use sacrificial circles to gain things in life this time they wanted eternal life and were going to sacrifice as many people as possible in order to get it. they swap it if you like."

"The girl was knowledgeable on Sacrificial circles with the help of the Son of one of the cultists she re-wrote the circle made by the roads in the town using pounds and pounds of chalk to reroute it and redraw a different one. when the time came and they threw a single match on the streets to set it alight it set fire to the chalk and The girl standing inside it along with many of the cultists. three of them managed to harness Her sacrifice and they granted themselves partial eternal life whilst bringing the others back in the form of statues. Each night the house returns to the way it was in the day it reverts to its ruin form. Every 10 years or so they lure a young girl around the same age as the first sacrifice to the house, they use her as a sacrifice to revive one of the statues." I listened Not sure if i should believe what I was hearing.

"There going to burn me" I asked hysterically. "No no no being a creepy human sacrifice to a Voodoo god Is not on my to do list" I said tittering like a mad man before bursting into tears.

“Be brave, be brave to the end, don’t let them see you cry don’t let them win-” Suddenly it wasn’t just me and the two ghostly figures anymore. In the mirror I could se a girl about my age also in a white dress and wearing a veil directly over my shoulder i could feel warm breath on my neck and arm. I sharply glanced over to face the room directly but there was no one there I looked back at the mirror and the girl was now stood behind me tall and intimidating with her hands on her slim hips. staring at me through the mirrors reflection as if trying to red my soul Her pale skin and ghoulishly floating hair told me she wasn’t human and her chilling Ice like silver eyes shook me to my very center they portrayed a million emotions.

“Foolish” She snarled at me he items in the room quaking under her anger. “300 years and now 50 more in humiliating slavery because you were incapable of heeding warnings” Her eyes glowed red and she lifted her chin a long thin slash showing proudly from one side of her neck to the other. The two girls on either side of me had their heads bowed. The bride continued.

Her hair and dress literally beginning to flame her eyes now glowing amber as her anger became personified as rising from her body in violent heated waves I turned and saw her burning red outline the heat scorching my skin
"It is not to late for you Not just yet we still have one chance. " called out one of the wilting ghost girls but the bridezilla ghost ignored her.
I sat glued to my seat watching her in terror through the fragmented pieces of the mirror.

“You are going to die girl they will murder you and bound you Like they did the others so when you die you wont even be granted escape have you no idea what you have done?!” Her voice was roaring like a grand fire her tone lower and louder than it had been before she seemed to grow in size. Her hair now completely upright in a blazing inferno objects from all around the room flew to her and started orbiting her faster and faster.

“When the clock chimes for the third time we will give you an opportunity to escape ONE opportunity you must flee leave this place, make them fail defeat them and release us all. She commanded with a flick of her wrist pulling the chair from under me and twisting me to look at her directly in all her burning fury.
“Do you understand” She bellowed. No “Yes” She lifted me from my feet pulling me close into the circle of flying objects. “Do not fail us again young one to long have our souls been trapped bound to thus pitiful state" she grasped my chin roughly with a pink mittened hand- Wait, pink mitten? I inspected her hand as well as I could see. “You, you were the statue my sister gave you that.” I blindly blurted out without thinking suddenly she dropped me, recoiling and pushing al the items violently back in their place and repairing the windows and mirrors. She disappeared but she was still visible in the mirror much smaller and much more fragile she held the mitten to her chest. Looking like a lost child alone in a hospital bed that was far to big. She looked up at me with Ice blue eyes.
“If you fail, Phoenix will never see her sister again, 30 spirits in this house and no doubt more innocent young girls rely on you to make this right, don’t let there be another bride” I fought not to think of my family it was hard enough to keep breathing I thought about Running and escaping the house whilst mother was gone. But I was told it was Impossible the house was ‘infested’ with zombie creatures who would murder me in a moment. The house itself was also a maze, being so big it had space for hallways that twisted and turned like a labyrinth, I looked at the walls the flower wallpaper seemed to form eyes and faces the longer I looked at them, staring at me and scrutinizing me. I turned away praying for release from this nightmarish dream.

Time went past all to quickly but I had a strange sense of hope now I couldn't help but trust in these floating creatures. It was an odd feeling after being so sure of my own death. The two spirits who I learned were called Lucy and Maria, rarely spoke willingly but Lucy told me she had made the dress I was wearing. Neither would explain what was about to happen and I couldn't help looking more and more fearfully at the clock every minute growing more and more fearful with each tick. The ‘mitten Ghost’ Had disappeared once sure I was not going to make any foolish escape attempts before my time. I got the feeling My hand maidens were growing more fearful. Maria smoothed my eyebrow for the fifth time and Lucy carefully styled my already perfect curls with shaking hands.

The door swung open and ‘mother’ accompanied by at least 12 other zombie like beings entered the room. They wore extravagant clothing that looked like they had just walked out a Venice masquerade. You may have described these dresses as beautiful they were in every color and covered with lace but I couldn't help but notice the dark bloodstains that adorned the silken material. They all wore a mask over their faces with clownish swirling colors and odd long beak shaped ones half moon ones and ones that covered the neck as well as the face.. I noticed with horror that a lot of the beings had no eyes only black hollowed out sockets. I looked at the floor unable to look at their disgusting decaying bodies any longer.

I felt the ice like fingers and talons of the red haired freak forcefully pushing me along whilst another with gnarled stumps for fingers tied a mask over my face this only covering the bridge of my nose and around my eyes. I glanced up immediately wishing i hadn't. Their jaw was completely unhinged from their face it lolled lifelessly revealing its broken teeth and a disgusting Little stump where his tongue had once been their eyes were blackened burned holes and their hair was a dark grey sticking out from their skull in all directions. I stood and stared in horror until I was Once again being dragged forwards.

“Here comes the BRIDE” cackled 'mother' as she dragged my still weakened body through a maze of halls followed by the processions who moaned and groaned with each step but still seemed some what excited. Many of them had lost limbs and discoloured eyes others =bodies were melted and rotting the images were haunting even as I turned my head down to stair at my bare feet One was holding a detached arm that was holding a handkerchief and was waving it above his head chortling.

We moved into the back gardens of the grounds I was still being pulled and dragged as I fruitlessly tried to resist. ‘mother’ stopped for a moment and yanked some roses with her bare hand and fashioned a bouquet with them and some trailing ivy.

“Tradition is tradition” she said as she thrust the thorny items into my small soft hands forcing me to clench on them so the roses spikes dug into the soft flesh of my palm.

Seats were neatly arranged in the moonlight like long pews. Bloody runes were drawn all over the floor and with a heavy heart I saw a large sacrificial circles drawn at the end of the Isle.

I felt Mother press a knife like claw into the base of my exposed back. Whilst everyone else of the zombie party took a seat. An organ that had been dragged from the house played a mournful out of tune version of “here comes the bride” the notes being of beat and clumsily played and the organ itself was clearly broken the sound was heartbreaking and foreboding I wanted to run and hide but there was no way I could without a sharpened talon being shoved through my back and through my lings and heart. This is where I’m going to die. I forgot everything The other brides had told me and I froze up unable to move a muscle, was this it? Would I never roll my eyes but smile whilst my mother told her stories about mythical creatures with wild hand movements. I was never going to have my father share a knowing smile with me whilst the younger children and my mother passed out flyer for the fifth time that day, I would never see Phoenix again, My favorite sibling that I had raised just as much as my patents had, What about my other siblings and my friends what would they think when I was suddenly gone, my mother would be sobbing weakly on the floor whilst my father would be making disparate phone calls, My Friends would search the town putting up pictures of me on my last birthday that I once found horrendously embarrassing but I now longed to relive that moment when my mother had dunked my head in my cake. With an exaggerated sigh she shoved me violently down the isle. Cackling as she did so like a hyena. I thanked god I couldn’t see her repulsive features.

I screamed as she and a portly man with blue skin and rolls of blubber and a hole directly through his stomach practically picked me up. I grimaced I could see his lower intestine through the gapping tunnel that went straight through him his clothing was brown and stained with old blood and his nose was at a complete right angle. I humorously supposed that was why he was the only male wearing a half covering mask they probably didn’t make them for deformed freaks. None of my reactions had been especially dramatic but I suddenly realized with his bone crushing gip on my upper arms. That this was real it was REAL I inhaled and screamed as loudly as my lungs would allow and let go a sob when Maria's words came back to me. “Don’t let them win”

I harshly wiped the tears from my eyes. The fat man with a hole where his middle was slammed me down violently into the sacrificial circle. My ankles cracked in protest

I Looked over to see that my 'groom' who was lying rigid upright with a look of pure terror on his face. I dont fancy it either mate I thought to myself almost indignantly suddenly m attention was pulled to a newly born argument.

“Lorcan was never the strongest believer Morgana, In fact he dint believe in it at all he was a waste of space forever preaching on about not being right and not getting involved He even released a sacrifice on several occasions some one more deserving and loyal could be resurrected in his place, who says-”
“SILENCE” screamed ‘mother’ Or Morgana as she was truly called. She Lovingly petted the hair of the young man who was no more than 18. “He is my son” She hissed at him, I could imagine her expression despite the clown like mask she had adorned for the occasion. It would of been humorous to watch Mr.Holey flinch from such a small woman when he himself was a big hulking brute if I hadn’t been so terrified. Morgana Put her hand through the hole in the blue blubber mans chest scraping against one of his rotting intestines when her hand suddenly shot up through his chest and yanked out his heart. It was shrived and dry but recognisable to my horror it jerked in her hand rhythmically. It was still beating.she ran her talon over it.

“Never question me, my word is law” she clenched her hand around it then shoved it back up into his chest her hand now dripping with green slime

. He looked paralyzed with fear and I would of mocked him had I not been utterly disgusted by the whole display. I turned back to the frozen young man. His arms were reaching forewords his arms comically outstretched, I nervously reached out and touched his hand. Ice cold. He was a statue.

A sharp pinprick sensation on my arm shook me back to the situation at hand, I had just been injected with something and already I was feeling drowsy. The world began to spin and words passed over my head. I was vaguely aware of Morgana forcing my head to the statue smashing my lips to the marble like a four year old playing with Barbie and ken

Suddenly I head a clock begin to chime. I heard clapping and shouting but I couldn’t place it I know I had to do something but I just wanted to sleep, Just wanted to curl up and close my eyes. Suddenly I felt water being poured over my head.

“Come on Shrieked Maria she dropped the glass she had used to revive me with and it smashed on the floor as 30 opaque figures shot from the earth with glowing red tendrils of fire for hair and neon red eyes. A battle began to rage as the wedding guests tried to fight back the irate ghosts with chairs using their invulnerability to their highest advantage. The once docile glowing beings were on a rampage flaming eyes that screamed like banshees and burned everything in site. The smell of burning flesh filled my nostrils and Lucy grasped my hand, yanking me from the swirled lines on the floor
“You get one minute that’s all we can give you" she squealed as a chair was flung our way.

“Go” she said as her eyes became ablaze with A bright light that radiated from her. The gates are open RUN!” wit that she lifted decomposing corpse of a man and flung him into a heap where to my horror his charred melted flesh clung together and he stood up once more.

This time I did as she told me. Roses Clenched in one hand as the pain kept the drugs that Morgana had injected into me less of an effect the pain kept me awake. My dress tore as I desperately ran through hedgerow and plant life. It tore and clung to my skin I waded through the river unable to spend time searching for the bridge and I heard Morgana scream “SHES GONE BIND THESE FOOLS AND FIND HER!” Her shriek was panicked and earth breaking.

The river shoved at my legs trying to wash me away but I fought onwards the river was now Up to my chest I was now beginning to inhale it the water filling my lungs and suffocating me. I let go of the barbed bouquet and my ball mask slipped from my face. I instantly felt fatigued and tired. I lost my footing and I was washed downstream. The world around me was dark, the kelp gripped at my legs and pulled me under I tried to resurface for breath but I was to weak. I felt disgusted with myself I had failed the girls I had failed myself I had gotten away and now I was going to drown, Suddenly I saw a glowing figure beside me and a mittened hand wrap itself around my arm. I was pulled from the water spluttering and coughing. I looked at her. And she looked back at me. I couldn’t even say a word How could I possibly apologize to her I was her final hope and I ruined it.

I started to cry and I felt her surprisingly warm hand press into her cheek. “ Why do you cry young one?” I continued to sob breathlessly. “I failed and Phoenix I felt the soft material of a mitten against my face which made me sob louder. The cool wind soothed my cuts and bruises. I heard the running water and the dewy grass beneath me and I inhaled shakily I could smell the earth and the water and roses, so many roses.

“Look up Raven.” I did as she asked. The sun was rising over the horizon casting the most beautiful bright light over the landscape cleansing the world with its glow and way of I could see the arch in boundary wall of the Haunted manor which allowed the river to continue running its course. As the sun rose higher the trees and bushes grew taller around the dreaded manor of which I had found myself captive. I heard a crack and the roof of the disgusting place was no longer visible. The flow of water lessened an a shimmer in the corner of my eye caught my attention

“My name Is Luna, and I was the girl who sacrificed myself by setting ablaze to the cultists manor. You tell them that I am told there was a lot of confusion” She said her entire body shimmering and glowing so that she seemed nothing more than a radiant shadow. A small smile played on her lips

“Luna, where are you going?” I asked desperately trying to grasp her hand only to slip right through it I felt like a child I wanted to cry for her not to leave me. “I along with all of the inhabitants of that mansion are going to reap what we have sown” she said smiling gesturing to her unbound foot. “Nothing is holding me to this earth anymore. She leaned over and kissed the top of my soaking curls on my head.

“Goodbye. I will tell the other girls to watch over you Raven” She said as she floated upwards into the air like a beautiful helium balloon. Soon she was around the size of a toy doll in the pinks and oranges of the early morning sky

“Oh and Raven” She called down to me her voice nothing more than a whisper.

I jolted to find a giggling phoenix at my right and my mother at my left I was sat on an uncomfortable plastic chair surrounded by shelves of books I groggily realized that I was at the library. The bright florescent lights nearly blinding me as I squinted at my mother. “Hey Rae rae sweet heart. I worry about you you’ know? Sleeping like that isn’t good for your back.-” She continued talking about bad posture whilst I looked at Phoenix she gazed back and grinned at me. I engulfed her in a suffocating hug fighting back tears.

“Raven? What’s wrong?” She questioned as I tightened my grip around her skinny shoulders “Your hurting me sis!” she companied breathlessly.
I released her only to tackle hug my surprised mother who stood wit her arms frozen at her sides before carefully wrapping them around my back.
“you have a bad dream sweetie” She asked softly into my ear I started to cry silently and I nodded against her shoulder. She rocked mer gently like a child until I stopped shaking and carefully pulled something from my hand.

“No wonder you had a bad dream you were gripping on to this rose and dirty old mitten like a life line." She said with a laugh.

“Oh rae” she said soothingly as she unwound my fingers and so numerous puncture marks I revived from the rose. "your poor hand."

“That’s MY mitten” said Phoenix amazed she pulled it on her Hand. Pushing the soft material to the curve of her cheek, How did you find it? I thought we left it at…. She trailed off and I was thankful. “Raeeeee” she said tauntingly and I inwardly groaned “Whooos been sending you roses Rae HUH? SPILL I DEMAND IT, do you have a boyfriend? ADMIT IT RAE YOU HAVE ABOYFRIEND” She bounced around the library singing “Rae has a boyfriend rae has a boyfriend” I inwardly smiled a little feeling much safer. I looked up at the library clerk expecting them to be having a heart attack over such blatant disregarded of the rules but he was a teenage boy of about 18 and he simply looked on in amusement. It was only when I looked at his eyes I realised who he was.

He had been my husband to be.
Words sang out from my memory as we locked gazes for seemingly an eternity.

“Lorcan was never the strongest believer Morgana, In fact he dint believe in it at all he was a waste of space forever preaching on about not being right and not getting involved He even released a sacrifice on several occasions-” “I along with all of the inhabitants of that mansion are going to reap what we have sown”

How much does he remember about being a statue Was he still capable of seeing hearing? what about memory, shouldn't he be more freaked out? He was around 300 years ago what does he know of human life now, and HOW DARE he just stand there and stare at me gormlessly

My mother found a book that interested her and Phoenix had walked to the other side of their library calling out her earth breaking ‘news’ as loudly as her lungs would allow

I felt some one clear their throat behind me. Lorcan stood their his hair falling over his face his name tag clearly reading his name “Lorcan” In bright red letters he shifted from foot to foot then looked back up at me.

"do you remember-"

"Yes" He replied quickly

"But you were a rock" I said dispassionately

"I could still hear and see....Kinda Its sort-of like watching through a T.V"

"Your vocabulary, how did you learn those words? The television wasn't invented where your from How did you get a job here?" I asked challengingly.

"I don't know its like I have two sets of memories, I remember being at the house and seeing you and I remember stacking a bunch of books whilst listening to my Ipod at the very same time on the same day." His jaw was clenched nervously and he avoided my eyes instead choosing to glare out the window.

"You do realize there is no way that I can pretend that Nightmare never happened now right?" I asked under my breath. I know he heard me because he visibly flinched but he said nothing.

“I’m sorry” He breathed finally "I don’t know why I’m here but-”

Somehow I managed to give him a small smile "I suppose you earned a second chance."

He looked up at me and smiled in a exhausted yet relived sort of way and we remained in comfortable silence strangely calm considering all that had happened the silence was broken By phoenix sharply yanking on Lorcan’s sleeve, disappointed with the lack of responses she had revived from the rest of the people in the library. he absent mindedly glanced down at her.

“Your going to need my daddy's permission to marry my Raven”</span>

10-21-2011, 10:00 PM
Ghostly Science by Verity Starbright

Macy climbed to the playground alongside her school. Red River Middle School. She sighed and thought about the beautiful lady she saw when her father was driving her to school, and how her eyes twinkled and her blonde hair shone. After school her friend Amy went to her house.
“You can't possibly believe that was a ghost, right?” Macy asked.
“I-I don't know, really, I mean... Nobody sees that anymore, do they...?” Amy replied, her hands shivering while she held jacks.
“Nah, it's almost Halloween, people could be warming up to scare.” Macy pleaded.
“Yeah, or that.... Are you telling me you're SCARED?” Amy's face shown a grin curling up her face.
Macy turned around. “Nuh uh!”
“Sure,” Amy teased.
So, on the night of Halloween, they were in Alston Ave., trick-or-treating.
“Let's go to the Jorkins' house!” suggested Amy.
“Um, ew! They always hand out celery, they said candy was ‘overrated’ and ‘sugarful’!” Macy protested, clutching her Halloween basket.
Amy pursed her lips. “Yep, Hey! Suggestion, suggestion! Let's go to that rusty old gas station!”
“Oh... that,” pointed out Macy. “Know what it's kinda getting late lets head home see ya tomorrow!”
Amy pulled her back. “YOU are going nowhere missy. Come along,”
Amy led her to the old gas station. Macy held her nose.
“It smells like dead people over here!” Macy complained.
“Oh, stop being a big baby,” Amy was really brave, “we're gonna survive. I promise.”
Macy rolled her eyes and followed Amy inside. It looked like an old lab with- Ick, green goo.
“Disgustingness.” Macy stammered.
Amy actually looked quite interested. She was a science geek, so this was probably a chance for her to show off. Amy grinned.
“This seems educational,” Amy sneered.
“Really, Am, we just got out of school and NOW you're pulling it back. Great job,” Macy said rudely with sarcasm.
“You're SO welcome. I'll be proud seeing you graduating Middle School, if that's possible.” Amy was the total “boss” and nerd of the group.
“Nice, Mom,” Macy teased.
Macy suddenly saw a gust of white fabric swoosh across her.
“Wh-What was th-that?!” Macy shivered.
“What? Oh, me? Don't mind me, just looking for some copper.” Amy said.
“No, I saw a white, I-I saw a-a white thingy in front of me...” Macy shivered.
“Ah, the great mind of imagination, great job Mac.” joked Amy.
“No! Look, Am, I'm serious, I-I-” she saw it again, but with a blondish thread following it. “D-Dude, I-I'm scared!!”
“Oh, shut up, Mac...” Amy was picking up a test tube and looking for a liquid to test it on with water. Amy found a soda in her costume pocket. “Ah-Hah! This will do it.”
Macy saw it-again. It was full on visible, with the twinkling blue eyes shown.
“Ahh!!!! A-MY!!!!” shouted Macy, horrorstruck.
“Sheesh, Macy, I'm doing an experiment.”
Macy flipped Amy.
“Oh, that...” Amy muttered. “Stay ground.”
“Sure, o-ok,” Macy followed.
A terrifying smile curled on the lady's face.
“Wait-don't listen to my stupid advice, RUN!” Amy ran.
Macy ran, too, for dear life. They could hear the lady giggling behind them not so far behind.
“Oh, Gosh..!” Macy gasped.
They stopped at the junk yard.
“You, think, she, caught, up?” Amy asked, gasping for breath between every word.
“I'm not sure,” Macy replied, doing the same thing. “ghosts.”
“Man, they are real!”
Macy suddenly saw the ghostly figure again. She patted Amy's back and yelled, “Run.”
They ran until they found the busiest street in San Francisco.
“I don't think she will show up here.” Amy calculated.
“Yeah,” sighed Macy, “not in a crowded place.”
Until, the lady showed up.

10-22-2011, 05:20 AM

Once there was a rich family, they had LOADS of cash.The lady and man had 3 children,the eldest was a boy, the second eldest was a girl and they also had a little baby.The eldest was called Mark, the girl was called Lucy and the baby was called Rose. Mark wanted to have a party, a really big one! So he asked his father if he could have all the family money- and his to his disappointment, his father said no.
So, he grabbed the nearest knife and slit his father's neck...
Then the greedy son, took all the money from his father's safe, which he smashed open.
Suddenly, Mark's mother walked in-but Mark was ready, he smashed he head with the flower vase, but then he saw all the precious rings on his mother's hand.He tried to pull them of, but they wouldn't come off, so he took the diamond scissors and cut of 2 of his mother's right-hand fingers...

Lucy came in and fainted at the sight, Rose, the baby came in and Mark, cruelly, took a pole and thrust it into the baby's tummy.

He went away to party, as he had LOADS of money now, but the money didn't last for long,Mark spent it ALL on the party, very foolishly.So now, he had a tiny house with just one room and no light. One day, an old lady knocked on his door and asked for a glass of water,Mark went off to fetch the water, then gave it to the old lady, she took it with her RIGHT hand,Mark noticed she didn't have five fingers, she had 3...
She showed him her other and and asked,
"Don't you want these fingers and rings?"

Mark screamed, but he couldn't run, THE GHOST WAS STRANGLING HIM!Soon he was DEAD...

10-22-2011, 07:00 AM
Phantom in the Night~by Abby Glitzy Starshine

It was midnight on Halloween night. The streets were very quiet. Too quiet.All of a sudden I heard a creaking noise coming from the balcony outside by my window. I get up very slowly. Then I hesitate. I am thinking what's out there? Could it just be my imagination? I started to tiptoe to the window. I take a peek outside. Then I turned around to go back to bed. I looked out the window again before I went back to bed. I screamed! A phantom's face was pressed against my window! I bolted outside to see where the phantom was. It was walking towards the haunted house on the outher side of my street. I looked up at the house when I was right at the front steps. Then bats came flying out of the door! I ducked. Finally after a 10 minute wait, I went into the house. I cautiously wallked in. I was gazing at all the old furniture in the house. Then I remembered why I was really here. I glanced around the living room. The phantom was gliding up the spiral staircase. I followed the phantom into a dark room. The only light in there was one candle. The candle was lit up still and then it just blew out. All of a sudden the door slammed and locked all by itself! I started pounding on the door as hard as I could. Then I realized that there was no way out. I had to face the facts, I was trapped. I was trapped in that room until someone would find me.

10-22-2011, 07:30 AM

I sat under the tree staring at the dark,green leaves which fell of the tree.They were creepy and wanted wear.It was late evening.I heard a flurry of bird calls.It was quite natural for me.I stood up and walked through the dark,creepy woods.It was overgrown with grass.The sky deepened,it then turned black.It made me think of the story which John told me.Soon I heard a voice.Someone was calling my name.I did not hesitate to turn back.It was John,my neighbour.He ran to me and asked,''What are you doing here at this time?''He looked extremely frightened.''I told you that this is not a very good place for you to play around.This place gives me those heebiejeebies''
''Come on,I'm gonna check out that abandoned cottage'',I said casually.
''what???'',John froze for a second.
I walked through the silent clearing with John trembling and even more frightened.
I soon heard some voices from some part of the place which seemed so deep for me.
''John'',I called,''John!''
I looked back and I found him missing.I just thought that he ran away.Then did I think about the story he told me which said that anyone could vanish off before our sight.
I heard those voices again and again and they became even louder as I went closer to it.Atlast,I reached a blind old deserted cottage which looked like a warehouse.It was covered with ferns and foxgloves hanging down the window frames.I opened the door with a creaking sound which held all the spiderwebs aside.I looked everywhere,at the walls,at the half-broken window sill,at the collapsed staircase and finally at a small doll made of wool.The voices became louder and louder.Everything started shaking around me and something made me blind.I reluctantly closed my eyes.
I felt something lying over my face.It tickled my cheeks.I opened my eyes.It was visionary.A doll had been placed on my face.It's hair almost went through my nose which made me sneeze.I stood up and looked around.
Everything was good as new.The walls were bright,the staircase was in place and I was surrounded with strange dolls.They stared at me.
I explored the cottage.The rooms were handsomely decorated with oil paintings and sculptures.I walked back to the main hall.The dolls dissapeared and the room was filled with complete darkness.Soon I heard some footsteps which clearly indicated that someone was stalking me.I turned back nervously to find a complete black figure.I rubbed my eyes.I saw the most dreadful sight of my life.I screamed at the top of my voice.I fell down with a thud.My head hurted.The figure came closer.It said something but I was'nt clear exactly what it was.The dolls were laughing.They turned to look like a witch.Soon they dashed into my face and I soon closed my eyes.
''Wake up Loraine,Wake up'',said a voice.
I opened my eyes slowly.I saw John relieved to see me alive.
''Oh my noggin',John?What?Where am I?'',I said like I just woke up from my sleep.I looked around me,it looked like the unpleasant house when I first came in.
''You had a dream did'nt you?'',he asked,unexpecting a quite wierd and thrilling experience from me.''I ran away from that creepy place but I could'nt leave you here so I came back.You don't know how scared I was to step inside this haunted house.Well,it was quite suprising to see you here.Are you okay?What happened?.....and why are you catching that half-torn doll?''
I stared at him for a moment and then checked myself to see if I have any horror left.And to my suprise I found a doll ripped into half which was lying in my hand.
''THE DOLL!!!'',I screamed.
''What?'',John said.
''It's the doll!''
''What are you talking?Did anyone inject your brain with anything?I had a feeling''
''No,No.I just had the weirdest moment of my life.Well let's just get out of this place before something jumps over us,especially dolls.
We walked back talking about my STRANGE DOLL STORY!!!

By Liliana Glitzy

10-22-2011, 07:46 AM
Tate was only sixteen, but had the strength of three men.
Ghost Cave

Riley counted his workers. Then he yelled, "Line up, men!" Riley was the foreman of a road construction crew. He had to make sure everyone reported for work. This morning he counted an extra worker, a teenage boy.

The boy stepped forward. "My name's Tate. I'm here for the job."

Riley studied the boy. He did not look healthy. He was skinny and pale.

"I can't have kids running around getting hurt," Riley said.

"I won't get hurt, sir," said Tate. "I can do the work of three men."

Tate grasped the bumper of Riley's truck with one hand. He took a deep breath and lifted the front of the truck off the ground. He took another breath and lifted it over his head.

Riley laughed. "Okay, son. You've got the job."

Tate worked hard all day. He never took a break. He did not stop for lunch. At the end of the day, Riley handed out pay envelopes to all the men. Tate put the envelope in his pocket and walked towards town.

The next morning, Tate reported early for work. He worked very hard all day, collected his pay envelope, then set off for home.

On Saturday, Riley went into town for a haircut and a shave.

"So how's the work coming along?" the barber asked.

"Fine, fine," said Riley. "We've gotten more road dug the last few days than we have all summer."

The barber raised his eyebrows. "Is that so? What's causing your men to work so much faster all of a sudden?"

"It's not the men," said Riley. "It's a boy. I've got a new worker on the crew. He can't be more than fifteen or sixteen. Maybe you know him. His name's Tate."

"Oh, yes." The barber nodded. "Tate. He's an odd one, he is. And you're right -- he doesn't look older than sixteen. But he has to be at least twenty. Lived here all his life."

"You think that boy is twenty?" Riley asked.

"Why, yes," said the barber. "But the funny thing is, he doesn't seem to get any older. Once he got to be a teenager, he just stopped aging. He's even worn the same clothes for the last five or six years, and he never needs a haircut."

Riley frowned. "That's very strange. Think I should have a talk with him?"

"No, leave him be," said the barber. "He's a good boy. He works hard. He has to. His mama's sickly, and she needs him."

Riley left the barber shop. Outside he saw two women, Mrs. Malloy and Mrs. Winslow, chatting in front of the dress shop.

"Good day, ladies," he said.

But the women were too involved in their conversation to notice him.

"The poor boy will miss his mama," Mrs. Winslow was saying.

"Poor Tate," said Mrs. Malloy.

"Tate?" Riley wheeled around. "Pardon me. I don't mean to eavesdrop, but were you just talking about a thin, fair-haired boy named Tate?"

"Yes. His mother passed away this morning," said Mrs. Malloy.

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Riley.

"She's been sick for a very long time," said Mrs. Winslow. "Last week she took a turn for the worse. She kept getting weaker and weaker."

Mrs. Malloy nodded. "It's a blessing, really, that the poor old lady no longer has to suffer."

"But Tate will be heartbroken," said Mrs. Winslow.

"He adored his mother," said Mrs. Malloy. "He spent all his time caring for her. It's as if he had no other purpose in life. I don't know what will become of the poor boy now."

Jimmy and his friends spotted Tate by the creek.

Suddenly, Mrs. Malloy's son came running up. "Mama, Mama!" the boy shrieked. "You'll never guess what we saw."

"Slow down, Jimmy," said Mrs. Malloy. "Tell me what happened."

Jimmy took a deep breath. "We were playing near the creek. Tate walked by. He looked funny, he was even paler than usual. I could see right through him."

"Jimmy!" said Mrs. Malloy. "Don't make up stories."

"I'm not," said Jimmy. "I tried to talk to him. But Tate walked past like he didn't hear me."

"Probably thinking about his mother," said Mrs. Winslow.

"We followed him," Jimmy said. "He went out past the old mill and down to the creek. Then he walked right into the ground."

"Jimmy!" said Mrs. Malloy.

"It's true," said Jimmy. "It was a cave. I never even knew it was there. Tate got paler and paler as he walked inside. Then he just disappeared. I've got to catch up with the other kids. They went to tell the sheriff." Jimmy raced down the street.

Riley laughed. "He has an active imagination. Tate is certainly pale, but I don't think he could actually disappear."

On Monday morning, Tate did not come to work. It was not like Tate to not show up for work. Then Riley remembered Jimmy's story.

Riley put the crew to work, then set out down the road past the old mill. He saw that the sheriff had gotten to the cave before him.

"I came to see if Tate was okay," Riley told the sheriff.

"You're too late." The sheriff pointed inside the cave.

There, right in the middle of the cave, was a skeleton. Tate's clothes and work boots were rotting in a heap around the brittle bones.

"That can't be Tate," said Riley. "He was working for me last week."

The sheriff found the skeleton in the cave past the old mill.

The sheriff nodded. "I've seen him around town, too. I'd say this skeleton has been here about five years. Funny thing is, five years ago is just about the time Tate stopped getting older. He started looking paler and skinnier. I found this in his pocket." The sheriff unfolded a piece of paper. "It's his mother's grocery bill. Paid in full. Tate always took good care of her."

"And he kept taking care of her even after he was dead," said Riley.

He pointed to the date on the paper. Tate had paid the bill on Saturday, the very day his mother died. "I guess he can stop taking care of his mother now," said Riley.

There's been a ghost haunting the same house for 300 years. Find out why in the next story, "The Wrecker's Daughter." http://media.ubi.com/us/forum_images/gf-glomp.gif [COLOR:RED] 7. 7. A Ghost Story 8. Haunted Cemeteries 9. The Open Window 10. Flying Dutchman 11. How He Left the Hotel 12. The Lighthouse 13. Houdini's Great Escape 14. Ghost Cave 15. The Wreckers' Daughter 16. The Inn at the End of the Lane 17. The Little Room 18. Ghost Hunters 19. See all Halloween articles Tate was only sixteen, but had the strength of three men. Ghost Cave Riley counted his workers. Then he yelled, "Line up, men!" Riley was the foreman of a road construction crew. He had to make sure everyone reported for work. This morning he counted an extra worker, a teenage boy. The boy stepped forward. "My name's Tate. I'm here for the job." Riley studied the boy. He did not look healthy. He was skinny and pale. "I can't have kids running around getting hurt," Riley said. "I won't get hurt, sir," said Tate. "I can do the work of three men." Tate grasped the bumper of Riley's truck with one hand. He took a deep breath and lifted the front of the truck off the ground. He took another breath and lifted it over his head. Riley laughed. "Okay, son. You've got the job." Tate worked hard all day. He never took a break. He did not stop for lunch. At the end of the day, Riley handed out pay envelopes to all the men. Tate put the envelope in his pocket and walked towards town. The next morning, Tate reported early for work. He worked very hard all day, collected his pay envelope, then set off for home. On Saturday, Riley went into town for a haircut and a shave. "So how's the work coming along?" the barber asked. "Fine, fine," said Riley. "We've gotten more road dug the last few days than we have all summer." The barber raised his eyebrows. "Is that so? What's causing your men to work so much faster all of a sudden?" "It's not the men," said Riley. "It's a boy. I've got a new worker on the crew. He can't be more than fifteen or sixteen. Maybe you know him. His name's Tate." "Oh, yes." The barber nodded. "Tate. He's an odd one, he is. And you're right -- he doesn't look older than sixteen. But he has to be at least twenty. Lived here all his life." "You think that boy is twenty?" Riley asked. "Why, yes," said the barber. "But the funny thing is, he doesn't seem to get any older. Once he got to be a teenager, he just stopped aging. He's even worn the same clothes for the last five or six years, and he never needs a haircut." Riley frowned. "That's very strange. Think I should have a talk with him?" "No, leave him be," said the barber. "He's a good boy. He works hard. He has to. His mama's sickly, and she needs him." Riley left the barber shop. Outside he saw two women, Mrs. Malloy and Mrs. Winslow, chatting in front of the dress shop. "Good day, ladies," he said. But the women were too involved in their conversation to notice him. "The poor boy will miss his mama," Mrs. Winslow was saying. "Poor Tate," said Mrs. Malloy. "Tate?" Riley wheeled around. "Pardon me. I don't mean to eavesdrop, but were you just talking about a thin, fair-haired boy named Tate?" "Yes. His mother passed away this morning," said Mrs. Malloy. "I'm sorry to hear that," said Riley. "She's been sick for a very long time," said Mrs. Winslow. "Last week she took a turn for the worse. She kept getting weaker and weaker." Mrs. Malloy nodded. "It's a blessing, really, that the poor old lady no longer has to suffer." "But Tate will be heartbroken," said Mrs. Winslow. "He adored his mother," said Mrs. Malloy. "He spent all his time caring for her. It's as if he had no other purpose in life. I don't know what will become of the poor boy now." Jimmy and his friends spotted Tate by the creek. Suddenly, Mrs. Malloy's son came running up. "Mama, Mama!" the boy shrieked. "You'll never guess what we saw." "Slow down, Jimmy," said Mrs. Malloy. "Tell me what happened." Jimmy took a deep breath. "We were playing near the creek. Tate walked by. He looked funny, he was even paler than usual. I could see right through him." "Jimmy!" said Mrs. Malloy. "Don't make up stories." "I'm not," said Jimmy. "I tried to talk to him. But Tate walked past like he didn't hear me." "Probably thinking about his mother," said Mrs. Winslow. "We followed him," Jimmy said. "He went out past the old mill and down to the creek. Then he walked right into the ground." "Jimmy!" said Mrs. Malloy. "It's true," said Jimmy. "It was a cave. I never even knew it was there. Tate got paler and paler as he walked inside. Then he just disappeared. I've got to catch up with the other kids. They went to tell the sheriff." Jimmy raced down the street. Riley laughed. "He has an active imagination. Tate is certainly pale, but I don't think he could actually disappear." On Monday morning, Tate did not come to work. It was not like Tate to not show up for work. Then Riley remembered Jimmy's story. Riley put the crew to work, then set out down the road past the old mill. He saw that the sheriff had gotten to the cave before him. "I came to see if Tate was okay," Riley told the sheriff. "You're too late." The sheriff pointed inside the cave. There, right in the middle of the cave, was a skeleton. Tate's clothes and work boots were rotting in a heap around the brittle bones. "That can't be Tate," said Riley. "He was working for me last week." The sheriff found the skeleton in the cave past the old mill. The sheriff nodded. "I've seen him around town, too. I'd say this skeleton has been here about five years. Funny thing is, five years ago is just about the time Tate stopped getting older. He started looking paler and skinnier. I found this in his pocket." The sheriff unfolded a piece of paper. "It's his mother's grocery bill. Paid in full. Tate always took good care of her." "And he kept taking care of her even after he was dead," said Riley. He pointed to the date on the paper. Tate had paid the bill on Saturday, the very day his mother died. "I guess he can stop taking care of his mother now," said Riley. There's been a ghost haunting the same house for 300 years. Find out why in the next story, "The Wrecker's Daughter." ;

10-22-2011, 07:57 AM
Tittle: THE CRAZY SISTER The parent's of two twin sister's had gone out to shop they left there daughters in the kitchen playing happily or were they.They played with there dolls but there was one doll left and they fought for it.One of them got the doll her name was Alice and her sister's name was Annie.One night on Halloween the twins wouldn't get to go trick or treating or the next.Annie wanted payback so she went to the kitchen counter and got a big sharp knife and then she called her sister "Alice Alice i have a suprise for you". Annie heard as her sister climed the stair's down.Annie told Alice to sit down and she would give her the present.So Alice sat down though she wouldn't have lot's of minutes left to live. Annie went behind her sisters back got the knife out and plunged it through her sister's back.Like always there parent's were gone then they had come back laughing until they saw the body of there daughter on the ground and they started to cry.Annie had a sick smile as she watched the blood run out of her sisters back.The parents had no choice but send Annie to a hospital for crazy people everything was alright or was it.Annie had escape from the hospital to kill her parents.She walked to her house killing anyone in her way she had killed 30 people on her way to here way to the house.She opened the door and got the same knife she had used to kill her sister.Annie made her way up the stair's and opened the door of her parent's bedroom and looked at them and laughed.She went to there bed and plunged the kine 20 times into each of them in there heart's.Everyone thought that they had died in there sleep by a knife that fell but no one did know that it was Annie.<pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> </pre>

10-22-2011, 08:11 AM
The story of the scary vampire.

"Oh my gosh that is so a haunted house.Im so going in there."
Right away I ran to the porch and opened the creaked door.
I shut the door and it was pitch dark.I tried to look for a switch and when I finally did I turned on the light."Ahhhh!!!!!"There are dead bats on the floor and two dead bodys on the floor too.
"Where is that thump coming from?It sounds like its in the closet."
I went toward the closet step by step that the thump started to sound louder and louder until the thump started to hurt my ears.I was so close that then I decided to hold the handle and open the door.I opened the door and saw a vampire covered in blood.
I got so scared I ran as fast as I can to the nearest door.I was out of the haunted house and it was dark outside.There was no one on the streets,I remembered I walked around 5 blocks from my house and stopped at the haunted house.The vampire was a block away from me that I knocked on my friends door.
"GABRIELA ITS ME JACKI OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE!"No answer.I knocked on Lili's,Lexi's,Josi's,and Steli's door but nobody answered.The vampire was right behind me that before he got me I ran as fast as I cant block to block to reach my house.
"My house!"
I got the key from under the front door carpet.I opened the door just in time and locked it.I said hi to my mom like nothing happened and felt safe."What a day."I went to my bedroom and when I opened the door the scary vampire was there looking at me.


Kathy Friendly Love =]

10-22-2011, 08:41 AM
Dear UbiDarla,
This is my story:

The Little Ghost Girl

Once upon a time there was a little ghost girl, but she wasn't always like this. She used to be just like you and me. She was merely six years old and her name was Gaia. She was the most beautiful thing ever. She had no siblings, a mother, and a father. Then, It happened on a starry night. She and her father were wandering around the forest. Her father left her there for a second and when he came back she was gone, nowhere to be found. He looked for her long and far until he saw her. He ran to her but he never seemed to get closer to her. Then all of a sudden she disappeared again and everything turned black. Afterward a redish-black figure appeared out of nowhere It said "Hello Frank." He looked around startled. His daughter came down from hevan at that moment. She came to him and said " Father be not afraid. Beware and do not listen to him. He is evil run far from here as fast as you can you will find in the Grove in between all the rose bushes. A light will gleam down on me. My time has come. Tell mother I love her. Farwell." and she disapered. He ran as fast as he could torwads the grove, but he could sense an evil coming towrds him. The il thing chucled and said "You are week, you are foolish to run from me!" and he chuckled again at his usless attempt of escapig. Then he made it out before th evil could reach him. Finally he found the grove and there lay his pretty prince in her everlasting sleep,but what surprised him the most was that their was a man standing next to her and he chuckled. The man said "Hello Frank your daughter is safe with me she will be with you always." and He vanished in thin air.Gaia's father picked her up gentally. Her began to cry gently. He put her down and stroked her beautiful face. He got up and carried her to her favorite place in the forest. He found a ton of roses, leaves, and other things. He built a little bed and put in the middle of her favorite lake next to the waterfall and now she lies their in her eternal sleep. Now she wanders the forest alone in look of YOU. She calls your name tring to find you and lock you in the forest to keep her company. THis is all I have to say now. Beware of the forest. Goodnight and Happy Halloween! Muwahahahahaha!

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"Trick or Treat" we all shouted."YAY come in!Jaja said.We all went into the haunted house Jaja put on just for us.There were spider webs all around,fake blood splattered everywhere it was very gruesome but cool.
A few hours later after dancing our tiny hearts out there came a knock on the door."Package for Cyan Bella Grace" Valerie Talsali said."For me I didn't order anything" as soon as I said that Valerie left and dropped the box at the doorstep.At first I thought it was a prank for Halloween but my thoughts were avenged .I opened the tightly wrapped box slowly,everyone cropped in to see what it was."OH MY GOSH ITS SOOOO CUTE"I shouted.It was a little Mary McGuffin doll with a red dress and polka dot bows.I put it back in the box and we all proceeded to tell ghost stories as soon as Abby was done with her's we heard a loud cry from the next room "Ahhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh"it went again." What could that be " asked Nicole."I am sure its Jaja just playing a trick on us right Jaja" said Salacia."No!!!!!!!!! I am not doing anything and right now i am super scared" shouted Jaja.
Luna the bravest went into the next room to see what it was."OMG YOU GUYS GOTTA SEE THIS!she exclaimed.We all tiptoed to the room."MY DOLL MY DOLLLLLL!" I shouted.We all stepped back a few steps watching the tormented thing in front of us.The doll looked like she was ripped apart and stock back together by a blind person it had blood spilling from its mouth and in one hand had a chainsaw and the next a knife.Luna shouted "I think its the Ghost of THE McGuffin doll" " That's why they were discontinued !" Mikaela exclaimed."HELLO MY PRETTIES I AM GOING TO KILL YOU NOW!"the doll shouted."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !" we all screamed.After minutes of being chased by the devil doll.Hermione flung open the door and we all ran out."What next a flying car"Kiara exclaimed."What about my house its been taken over by a ghost."Jaja shouted."I will help you buy a next house in the mean time you can sleep over by me!" I said.We all went our separate ways trying to take in everything all at once."So the ghost of the McGuffin doll lies there in jaja's old house waiting for its next victim" I said to the little children in Jade Plaza."WOW GREAT STORY CYAN cannot wait for next year's Halloween story time!"They shouted
NAME: Cyan Bella Grace

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Carrie's Bad Luck Charm
One dark night, Carrie heard a knock on the door.After hearing the truck drive down the curvy lane,she peeked opened the ddoor and grabbed the small box that laid on the step.After running up to her room,Carrie opened the box while shaking with fear.Inside, wrapped in black tissue paper laid a black cat charm.Carrie then noticed a note written in messy writing,
Carrie, You walked by a black cat today.The ghost of all cats will haunt you until you can prove good....witch is never.
Carrie frighted,went to the dumpster at the end of the block to throw the charm away.But,she never got there...........
By Zoey Lacy Showstopper

10-22-2011, 09:29 AM
Torn by Hate

Once, not too long ago, a girl, Xyleena blindly made the worst decision of her life. Or should I say Death? Xyleena was the quiet book kind of girl, and also loved her walks in the woods. She had just moved to the outskirts of Jade Island and was excited to live in the woods. After her homework that evening she planned to explore! She finished a 9:00 p.m. She put on her favorite jacket and boots and headed out the back door CrEaK...SMACK! the back door swung open and smacked shut as Xyleena headed for the woods. "No trails... huh! It's a beautiful woods!" Xyleena thought to herself.
As she stepped into the weeds and trees, she felt a chill run down her spine. "Odd..." she whispered. She began looking for birds and other wild animals of the forest. To her disappointment, she found nothing... except for an old shed. Xyleena saw an old rusty lock on the door to the shed. "Maybe I can get in?..." she wondered aloud.
Just as she walked up to the door, the wind blew it open, as if inviting her in. As the shed door opened, it CrEaKeD and Xyleena shivered, it was chilly, but also… SPOOKY... A hard wind started to rattled the shed, and even after the wind died down, it continued to shudder, as if almost supernatural. Xyleena peered inside... "Ah!" Xyleena gasped.
Someone, or something dragged her inside the shed and... SLAM!!! Slammed the shed door shut. Xyleena screamed and tried to open the door. That's when she heard it.And evil laugh sent chills to the tips of her fingers. Frozen with fear, she unwillingly stumbled down a flight of steps that had just appeared out of NOWHERE. Spiders were everywhere, and Xyleena was exactly fond of them. The laughing got louder and louder, and suddenly stopped, when she reached the bottom of the steps. Then, just as Xyleena attempted to got back up, the steps disappeared again! Then she saw it. A white figure, floating, closer and CLOSER and CLOSER!!! It went right through her, and then she turned around to face it, and it said, "Dear me, you DO look frightened! Hahahahaha" that evil laugh again, "But of course you have every right to be scared! Do me a favor dear, haunt someone, once your job is done, you are free. Otherwise, you are here, forever, for good, or should I say bad? Hahahahaha! Deal?"
"Wh-what d-do I h-hav-e t-to d-d-do?" Xyleena stammered.
"Haunt someone! A certain someone of course. I'm a ghastly ghost now because of them! I was beautiful... until someone got jealous! Valarie Talasi!"
Xyleena gasped. "B-but sh-she is s-s-sooooo n-n-nice!?"
"She and I came out to play here at this shed. It was our playhouse... she was mad and we fought, going separate ways home, I took a log bridge over a river. I slipped, and fell in. I can't get out of here now, because? I don't know, but you can. Deal?"
"I guess so......." Xyleena looked down.
"No, no, NO! Yes or no! Be confident!" the woman ghost roared. The ground shook.
"Yes!" Xyleena shouted.
Xyleena looked up. She was back in the woods! But something wasn't right... she looked at herself. She was a pale as snow, with red spots, no, wounds! Blood! Xyleena Shrieked and ran into Imagine Town. She soon found Valarie Talasi. Valarie noticed Xyleena and handed her a note. Obviously, she knew Xyleena’s purpose, and who sent her. “Angela…” Valarie whispered to herself upon the sight of Xyleena. "Take this to Angela. Please, tell her I'm sorry. I know what's going on. You are supposed to haunt me right? Oh I'm haunted all right. All these years... every Halloween... I can't stop thinking about her. I bet she didn't tell you, or didn't know I heard her scream, so I ran to help. I saw she'd fallen in, and ran down the stream calling for her, and looking. I even swam some, got a nasty fever from that. Oh, Angela was so wonderful. I just was angry I couldn't be as pretty. Thank you, whoever you are. Please let her rest in peace." Valarie explained with pain in her eyes.
Almost 20 years...
Xyleena floated as fast as she could all the while hearing screams from innocent citizens. She got back to Angela and told her everything. Angela began to cry. "Really?..." she managed. "I......rest......in....p-peace." Angela's figure disappeared.
Xyleena found herself once again in front of the old shed. Upon peering inside more cautiously, she found only as Valarie said, an old playhouse. Xyleena walked home thinking of her ghastly adventure. "I hope nothing like that ever happens to me and my friends..." Xyleena thought. She decided to hold tight when jealous, and instead of being angry, instead complimenting them.
Let this One of a Kind story be a message, for a more strong friendship, to all of you, and a more positive look on life. No, ghosts aren't going to come and haunt you, but you may lose a friend, and friends and friendship, are some of the most priceless things in the Universe.
~Liizzie Darling Paris~

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One Day A Man Went Hunting For Food IN the woods and then he found a bear,HE SHOT IT!and its tail. Then He Went Home. At Night He Heard A Queit Voice It Said TAILE PO TAILE PO i want my taile po. The next night it got LOUDER TAILE PO TAILE PO I WANT MY TAILE PO! AND AT THE NEXT NIGHT IT GOT EVEN LOUDER "TAILE PO"TAILE PO" I WANT MY TAILE PO! then the man went out of his sheets and then he saw the GHOST bear then (i hope this is NOT to scary) He Stuck His Hand into the man's stomach then he got the tail back and The man died the bear got into the mans guts and the man died! THE END ps. the man turned into a GHOST. second storie cabin
one night a man was sleeping,in http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif his cabin then a tracktor went plowing at night and then it crashed into the cbin and it peeled off a half of the mans face and he turned into a GHOST!! some ppl say when you live in those cabins you might see his face and one side is totally human like and the other!! is... ALL WHITE AND BONES! ps. THE STORIES ARE FICTION

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I was walking home from work one night and I heard something.It sounded likean animal walking in leaves.It was following me.I startded to walk faster.Then I started to run. Finally Igot home.I looked out the window. vampire!I was so scard.I scramed!I thought I was seeing things.But I wasn't.I didn't know what to do.Was I going to get bitten?I lockedthe doors and windows.The next day it was gone.I got out of bed and it was in my house!I hid in my room.It didn't see me.Later I had to go out.It saw me.I had to face it,i had bad luck.

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Once there lived a boy, a dead boy, who had been dead for 30 years, his name was David, he had gore all over his face and he would haunt anyone who came in his way. One day, his old friend that he always had a crush on, walked down the street he lived on. He was happy to see her, but upset he never got to share his true feelings. So when she walked into her house, she found a note saying; Hello Old Friend,
This is David, your old friend who died 30 years ago, I need your help, but first I must say how you always made me feel, I loved you since the day we met and I still love you, but anyway, I need you to help me go to Heaven, how can I, you are the nicest person who ever lived, you remind me of Mary, from the bible, so please help. After the old friend read it, she felt insane she said, "David, if you're really there, just look out at the good in you, not saying they're is anything bad about you, you were the nicest person I ever met and I never forgot about you, but after you think about what you love the most you'll see a light, follow it." David followed her directions and went to Heaven. Later, David's old friend went crazy and doesn't remember anything, she later stabbed herself and the police found her.. The old friend woke up and it was a dream, or was it...

10-22-2011, 10:56 AM
The Possesed Doll
written by : Ladyarixd

It was the night before Christmas and like each other year, I made a wish. My wish had never become true. That's why each year I had to do the same wish. My wish was to get a doll to play with.

Ariane's parents knew she wanted a doll so this year they bought her one. The doll was very pretty. She had long black hair and very dark eyes. She looked real. Her parents wrapped the doll with a nice gift paper and put it under the Christmas tree. Then they went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up at 8 o'clock. It was weird that my parents weren't up yet, especially since we were Christmas morning. I walked into the living room where the Christmas tree was. There were pieces of gift paper all over the room. A trail of gift paper led to my parents room. I opened the door and...found a doll lying on the bed. I looked at it more closely. It had long black hair and very dark eyes. I looked at her tiny hands. She had 6 nails out of 10 left. I looked up at my parents who were still in their bed. They...were...dead. Someone had planted a nail in each of their eyes. Their bodies were covered in blood. What I didn't know was that since my childhood I was being haunted by an evil ghost.

I moved in with my grand-parents not long after this happened hoping I could leave this story behind me. But the same thing happened again. Now the doll only had 2 nails left. Do you know what happened with those nails? They were planted into my eyes. The evil ghost that haunted me had gotten what he wanted. He killed me.

That's my ghost story for the contest. I will appreciate any feedback for my story. Thanks!

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one scary night a girl was saying bloody marry she was so not afraid but when bloody marry popped out no one ever saw again bloody marry killed people if u say her name she will kill you once there was a boy who said bloody marry is ugly bloody marry popped out and ate him up bloody marry is a monster she will pop out in front of u dont say bloody marry our else u will die bloody marry will kill u bloody marry http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_mad.gif is dangerous watch out for her she will be everywhere hahahahahha blooody marry is really http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_mad.gif http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_mad.gif

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It was a cold gloomy day no was out i was bored so i took a walk i lived by a grave yard but i didn't belive in those old stories of ghost and
spirits. So i went through suddenly i felt this strange feeling i knew it was cold, so i left and kept walking. I went deep into the woods
but i knew my way out i saw this old looking
lady i asked her if something was wrong if needed help and at that same time i thought "hmmm...what is she doing here?"
I said "hello do you need help?". "Are you lost?" "No!" she screeched
"ok sorry ma'am have a nice day"
"Wait child im sorry so sorry come here".
i thought "huh"? i got this weird feeling again.
Is this safe? O, shooks it an old lady!
"Yes?" Here take this bracelet, but if you don't wear it a wicked old man with an axe will chop you off"!
O how frightening! of course i don't belive in that silly stuff i just said
"Thank you i will make sure i wear it"
It was the night of halloween me and my friends
we were having a blast! Omg! my friend said "let go to the grave-yard"
we all agreed we wore our costumes i was putting my make-up on dancing to the beat i went to wash my hands i always take my braclet off.I came back my friend said " come here Natasha"
I said "kk"
here let me help with your makeup once we were done we rush out the house the winds were blowing fiecly we freezing!
we walked deeply into the graveyard all of a sudden we heard strange noises like " OOOO...ooo"!
We all felt a tap on our shoulders..."AHHHHH"! Their was a man with a bloody axe i swear i saw a finger on their,then i rememberd the bracelet oh no i'm doomed the man grabbed us by our hair he took us to this seceret place. He tied us to the wall and I saw the old lady being tortured, did she save my life? We were all screaming the harder we screamed the harder we were tied with rope my last minutes of my life were coming to the end the last vision that i had i was being sliced by a bloody axe! And the last thing i heard was a wicked bloddy screechful laugh " AHHH-HAHAAHAHA BWAHHAA"
30 years later the parents went to the grave-yard their life was never complete with their love of their life Natasha. They saw here tomb there laying crookedly with all her other friends, at last they new that she was murdured...Natasha starting hauntung her parents the parents got tortured like she did by her for revenge of what that disgracful man did. She never lived happily that man messed up her life her spirit was fulled with fire with all this bloody feelings and all she did was
kill she never R.I.P. Since my childhood every thing was fulled with fierce cold feelings every year i made a wish that i could be sent to heaven not hell i praised to God!
Until one day god took my soul that was still lived in me and killed me! And it turns out she wasn't murdered she buried alive because that man didn't want to be found out
that he beat her then one day he beat her so bad that she died and that's when the haunting started. Everyhday she went back to her room where all the good things were there was pink and purple wall paper but that hurt her because she was bad all she could remember was her parents.
And since then that evil shadow of her own all ways will haunt her for ever and ever.
Thanks guys give me some feedback and the title is
THE evil things that happen!

The End

10-22-2011, 11:46 AM
The Goonie
By: Trinity Bella Rose(Avatars name)

Spiders crawling on your arm. Bats wings flapping above your head. How about the skin of snakes working their way up your leg? This was the life of someone that nobody wanted any part of. Her name was unknown. Her face, few have seen. They describe as not yet a white, but grey face. Bloodshot eyes and black circles underneath, and teeth oddly missing. No one knew the reason for this or why people mysteriously went missing around her home town. She never stays in one place. Moving town to town, she has taken people hostage, we hope, in every single one of them. We must hope for the best that they are hostage and that they aren’t in any worse situation. People say that she takes them and kills them. Others say they are alive but being turned to her evil ways. The night she strikes, Halloween. parents and kids trick or treating that knock on her door, end up in her hands. Why else would they go missing on Halloween. And what do people call her? The Goonie.

Ben was a ten year old boy whose favorite holiday was Halloween. He lived in Aokigahara Forest. Most people say it is a scary place with ghosts, and snake pits where the people throw their enemies. The people who live there get over the stories. With three days till Halloween, everyone was setting up. The small community within the forest had the best haunted houses in the world. They set up zombies, skeletons, and evil clown faces. Not only that, but no matter where you turned, something made noises and popped up in your face. This was one reason why no one went trick or treating there. Ben was outside helping his mom, Cathy, with the decorations. All of a sudden, they heard screaming from their neighbors!!! They ran inside as quick as they could to find her body on the floor, knife beside. It looked like suicide but Ben didn’t believe it. their neighbor, Mrs. Chesterfield, was reaching eighty years old and she always said that killing yourself was no way to be remembered. The rest of the day the cops were there and declared it as suicide. Ben just sat there and watched them carry out the body. He was shocked.

The house was for sale, and even though Ben missed the old lady, he wanted another boy his age to move into the house. He didn’t have many friends because no one was his age. Ben wouldn’t mind a new friend. Oddly enough, the day before Halloween, the house was sold. Ben wanted to meet the new neighbors. Without permission, he ran over as fast as he could. He was about ready to ring the door bell when he heard an old lady laughing. It wasn’t a normal laugh. It was Mrs. Chesterfield ‘s laugh!!! But something wasn’t right. The laugh wasn’t normal. It sounded suspicious and evil. Another fact, was she was dead. Ben backed away slowly then ran inside the house. Jake was another boy around twelve two houses down. He was smart and knew every Halloween story ever told. Out of curiosity, he walked over. When Ben rang the door bell Jake opened it quickly and pulled him in. Ben was a bit shocked and stood there staring at Jakes face. It looked frightened like he had just come out of a haunted house, except this was worse. Jake looked back at Ben and told him to stay away from the new neighbor. Ben asked who it was and Jake just stood there. He stared at the fireplace beside them and in a frightening tone he finally said "The Goonie." He gave Ben a book and told him to read them over and be cautious.

Ben was back home reading the book until he fell asleep. The book described the Goonie in horrifying ways. He was a bit scared to go trick or treating for the fact that he didn’t want to be taken by her. When he woke up in the morning, he got on his costume in excitement. It was Halloween and he was ready to get some candy and some scares. The Goonie still frightened him but Jake had played pranks on him before. Never again would he let Jake scare him. His parents were dressed up and they left as it just started to get dark. They worked their way thought he whole neighborhood until they came back to supposedly, The Goonies house. Ben stood there for a sec. It was the only house without decorations but the light on the porch was dim, but definitely on. They walked up and rang the door bell. No one answered. Ben was going to run away when he heard the floor cracking behind the door. He knew someone was there. The mystery of it made him scared. Just when they were about to turn away, they noticed something purple on the door. It was like a black hole growing. Their bodies went numb and their minds were running free. The Goonie had done it. Ben knew. However, he could not move nor speak. With a blink of their eyes, they were in a dark room with no clue of where they were.

Ben knew. In the books it said the Goonie held people in her basement. He thought it wouldn’t be scary right? What’s so bad about the basement? He found a mini flashlight in his pocket and looked around. Right in front of his face was Mrs. Chesterfield!!! She had the hideous face of a clown and her body was hanging from the ceiling. As he looked around he noticed others. His friends and their parents. Everyone who was trick or treating that night was there. How could this have happened? The more important question was, where were his parents? Bens face was cold along with the rest of his body. The room felt like he was lying in snow. He felt like he had died inside. What would be left for him if he went back? Everyone was down here dead. Why wasn’t he dead. For the rest of the night he sat there in a corner screaming and crying. Bats wings where flapping above his head, spiders were crawling on his arm and snakes were wrapped around him. As he waited to die he realized the truth about the Goonie. She moved every year to a new place. She killed a person, making it look like suicide, so she could move in. Then on Halloween she struck, taking everyone who walked up. But what was her plan? He heard someone coming down the stairs but couldn’t seem to care. All he could think about was the dead bodies. When he saw the face's he ran over and hugged them. It was his parents!!! Instead of getting a warm hug as usual he realized they felt like ice. They seemed thin and that’s when he realized, they were tuned into Halloween creatures as well!!!His parents were inside out. He started screaming and crying some more. He fell to the ground and could feel his heart beating faster. The Goonie was changing him as well. HE saw the flesh of his hands turn inward and felt his eyes burn. Suddenly he felt evil and terrible. None of the night he remembered. All he knew was that he and the other dead bodies were to one day take over the world and everyone in it. There was no purpose to live now but for their leader... The Goonie.

The Goonie is on the move. She will plan to get every human on earth to her side. Be aware. You might not know that The Goonie killed your neighbor and decided to move in. So whenever you get a new neighbor, stay away and never go trick or treating there. She will get you even if you don’t walk on her lawn. So maybe there is no hope...

(Sorry for the length but i would appreiciate it if the judges still read it all)

10-22-2011, 11:47 AM
The Mystery on Pinecone Lane
One summer night, there were five girls and five boys who were joking around that there was a killer that would come and kill all of them. Of course, everyone thought that was funny. Until he came.
He was an ugly man who had yellow skin tightly streched across his ragged framed face, eyes as black and cold as death. "What are you supposed to be? The Opera Ghost?" one boy joked.
Then the man pulled out a machete, clean and sharp, ready to kill."I offer you kids a deal"he said."Sure, anything" one girl said as she stared very frightend at the sight of the machete.
"If you manage to win a race against me, all of you, I will leave you kids alone. If not, I shall kill you all!" he said solemly.
So they raced him. Eight of them died.But they rised from the dead when they won
The End.

10-22-2011, 01:10 PM
Twisted in the churchill

Jackie Ohman is a young girl who has a horrible stepsister and a dorky brother. Ever since she's moved to the church and out of baltimore, Emily, who is the stepsister, says she can talk to the dead people. In the back of the church, there is a cemetary of family's. One family in particular, the Harper family has a little girl, Emily's age who died by drowning. A quarter of a mile down the road is the remains of the Harper house, every day, Emily walks down there to talk to the little girl. "Shhh! What Emily does'nt know won't hurt her!" Jackie said. "Well, this is part of the curch's propery, I just don't want to see Emily drown in that pond." Micheal said "I've looked in the records and all the kids whove died in this area said they talked to the little girl, Helen." Jackie said scarcely. "Emily, come to the pond, I have a special treat for you..." Helen yelled as the innocent litle girl was being lured into the pond. "Oh! A treat! Ouch, what was that! My nose is bleeding!" Boom!!! Boom!!! was the explosion as Jackie and Micheal forgot that people had set up bombs from the war the year before. When helen was appeared from the pond her face was twisted.

10-22-2011, 01:50 PM
Bugs dont only eat crumbs

As the ants were getting crumbs off the picnic blanket i started crushing them. "Rachel, please, what have they done to you." "there gross." I hate bugs. there gross. for the week when we study bugs in science at school i pretend to be sick so i dont have to face them. When we arrived home i grabbed the bug spray and a flashlight and headed downstairs. my mom orders a bug company come to clean up the basement but i always find more. "Rachel let them be" my mom said. "no" I yelled as i went downstairs. right in the middle of the floor were some roaches. "got ya." i yelled. i looked around. i found more roaches and spiders. i sprayed them as they tried to get away. When it was time to go to bed i looked under my bed. nothin. usually i find a spideror something. in the morning i usually dump out my shoes to see if anything had nested in it in the night. I thought about gross bugs until i couldnt keep from going to sleep. i jolted awake something wasnt right. i turned on the light. there were bugs all over the floor. roaches, spiders and some i didnt even know. i felt something at my toes. i screamed. "what was that" said the dad. "probaly Rachel saw a bug or something. go check." the mom said "ok" said the dad. he walked down the hall. and opened the door. he stood there petrified at seeing the own skeleton of his daughter. After the taste of human flesh the bugs will never be satisfied with crumbs again.

10-22-2011, 02:49 PM
<span class="ev_code_RED">Clowning Around</span>

It was a rainy night. The kind of night where all you want to do is curl up in bed with a good book. Maybe have a cup of hot chocolate. But no. I wasn't enjoying that delicious delight. I, was wandering around in the woods, hopelessly lost. My friends had the idea of exploring but I (of course), said no. Just think of all the bugs! EWWW! My friends had insisted so I went anyways though. But "luck" had found me again and we were separated. With no idea what to do I just began wandering around. Shadows were dancing around me like they were all at some big party and I was just hiding in the back eating all the refreshments. SCREECH! I jumped at the sound. "Who's there?!" I called. I saw a shape flutter through the trees and just went to the I'm-not-going-to-be-scared decision of making out the shape as an owl. SCREECH! Went the sound again. Just Keep WALKING! I told myself. Suddenly a large thing swooped out of the darkness. Covering my head with my arms I ran. Straight into... A KILLER CLOWN! It was holding a knife and was grinning maliciously. "AHHHH!" I screamed. I bolted. I kept running even though my side burned and my heart pounded as fast as a leopard could run. A light shone in front of me. I raced toward it. But before I could reach the it the clown grabbed me by the arm. He was going to hurt me! Wrenching my arm out of his grip I managed to reach the light. The clown acting on instinct ran after me. But as soon as he reached the light he began, melting? A few seconds later he was nothing but a pile of red goop.

10 days later

It was another rainy night and my friends wanted me to go hiking. But after my last time I was smart enough to say, "NO WAY." So here I am reading Matched (by Allie Condie),wrapped in a blanket, and sipping out of a mug of hot chocolate. More Marshmallows please!

- By Sky Glitzy Willow http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

10-22-2011, 04:02 PM
hi! mines kind of scary, just imagine if you were the character!
daysland,located south east edmonton and just south of camrose, is surrounded by pictureistic farm land. for louis lansing, his wife and two daughters,this setting only served to make the ominous situation in their tiny farm house all the more mencacing. the familys terrible adventure started on a cold dark december night when their three year old woke up screaming, claiming that some one poked her with a pin.fortunately, her parents were able to assure her that it was a nightmare. but they were wrong, VERY WRONG. when the same thing happened the following night,the parents accused their olest daughter eruika.but the next night it happened to her, and when her parents searched the bed, they found pins sticking out of the matteress. they were terrified.they had a detective come to their house and search. when he reached the sewing room he was suprised and terrified to see the sewing machine handle be pushed but no one was there. the family was out side waiting for the imformation on their house when a ear piercing screen came out of the house, they ran inside the house only to find the detective laying in a puddle of blood. and then out of no were, BOOO! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

10-22-2011, 04:20 PM

“Billyyy!!! Come out come out where ever you arrreee…!”

The long ride from Manhattan to Salem, Massachusetts was brutal for Amy Baker. The sixteen year old loner sat in her father’s car, her head pressed against the cold window, glancing at the old houses that stood on each street. Her father Nick decided to move the two of them here because Amy’s mother passed away two months ago. He thought it would be a good way to start a new life. Yeah right. Move to a different state to make the pain go away, real smart.

“So what do you think of Salem?” her father asked.
She remained silent.
“Well, I know you’re going to like it. I bet we’re going to find some closure here.”
“What kind of closure? Dad, this place is a ghost town.”
“Oh don’t say that. I bet you’ll find something to do here.”

"I freaking doubt it,"she mumbled under her breath.

Her father let out a heavy sigh and turned a sharp corner. He drove a couple of houses down and stopped at a plain white house near the woods.
“We’re here.”
Amy groaned and stepped out of the car. She turned around and looked at the tedious place. Good grief. I already hate this place. Why isn’t there a time machine, so I can redo the past?
“What do you think kiddo?”

“Why did we have to move two months after Mom’s death? Why couldn’t we wait a year later?”
Nick remained silent.
“Come help with the remaining boxes sweetheart,” he said as he went to the trunk. As soon as he opened the trunk, two or three boxes fell out.
“Do you need help with that?” a sweet voiced called. Nick looked up and saw a tall brunette approach the car. Amy looked at her father, then at the woman.
“Um, sure. Thanks, I’m Nick by the way,” he said as he extended his hand.
“Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz. You just moved here right?”
“Is it that obvious?”
“Kind of. Who’s this lovely lady right here?” she gestured towards Amy.
“This is my daughter Amy.”

“Hi Amy. How do you like Salem so far?”
“We just moved here? Are you blind or just stupid?”
“Maybe I should go. If you’re not busy, maybe we can go for some coffee sometime. It was nice meeting you Nick, you too Amy.”
Liz jogged back to her house. Nick looked at his daughter and shook his head.
“Why did you have to be so rude to Liz? She was trying to be nice! I want you to go over there and apologize to her.”

“I’m not going to. We just met her and now she wants you to go out for some coffee? Really Dad, get over yourself. She's not interested."

“No wonder you don’t have any friends.”
Amy looked at her dad. Tears started to form in her eyes. She ran into the house and slammed the door. Nice going Nick. You just had to open your big fat mouth, did you? He let out a heavy sigh and carried the boxes inside. After he finished unpacking the boxes, he went up to Amy’s room to tell her it was time for dinner. He opened the door to find her body covered in a pool of blood. Her throat slashed and her eyes wide open. Nick went downstairs, grabbed the phone and called the police. As soon as the police got there, they wrapped up her body and took it away. The sheriff took Nick aside to calm him down.
“Mr. Baker, you need to calm down.”

“Yo Sheriff Fuller, you might want to check this out,” said his fellow detective. Nick and Sheriff Fuller walked into Amy’s room and saw the numbers 3:05 on the wall in her blood.
“3:05? What does 3:05 mean?” asked Sheriff Fuller.
“Do you have any ideas?” the detective asked Nick.
“No, not a clue.”
The sheriff’s dispatcher went off, probably another crime is occurring.
“All right, that’s our cue to go. We want you to come over to the station tomorrow.”
“Why is that sheriff?”
“Right now you’re a prime suspect. Since you were the only one with your daughter at the time she was murdered.”
“Are you trying to say that I killed her?”

“We’re not saying that, we’re just saying…you know what? It doesn’t even matter, just come to the station tomorrow. Goodnight Mr. Baker.”
When the sheriff and detective left, Nick sat on the couch looking at an old picture of Amy. I couldn’t have killed my daughter. He set the picture down and looked at a portrait picture of his wife. As he looked at photo, he started to have flashbacks to the Christmas party…
Nick and Danielle were attending the annual Christmas party that Danielle’s job always held. Nick didn’t know anyone except his high school friend John. As Nick took his drink, he noticed that Danielle disappeared.
“Hey John, have you seen Danielle?”
“Yeah, I think she went upstairs to her office to get something.”
Nick took the elevator upstairs and made his way to her office. As soon as he was about to open the door, he heard noises. He heard Danielle’s voice and a man’s voice. The door was slightly ajar, so he peeked inside. That’s where he saw everything. He saw the man holding Danielle's hand, trying to flirt with her. . Nick stepped away from the door and ran out the building.
After the party, Nick didn’t say a word to Danielle on car ride home. She could sense the fact that he wasn’t happy about something, but she didn’t want to ask. He’d probably get over it in the morning. He didn’t say anything to her when they went to bed. At 3:05, Nick woke up and found his wife not in bed. He saw the bathroom light was on. He got up and made his way to the bathroom. He opened the door and he found his wife’s body, drenched in blood, her throat slashed. He notices that his hands were bloody. He washed his hands and called the police…
The photo that Nick was holding was still in his hand. He runs upstairs to his room and grabs a duffel bag. He packs all his clothes and toiletries. He grabs his keys and locks up his house. He runs to his car and speeds away, leaving Salem forever.

10-22-2011, 04:22 PM
Oh and my name is Naomi Pearl.

10-22-2011, 06:27 PM
The Black Button Eyed Doll

by Cinnamon Sugar

Once a very long time ago in a cabin deep in the woods...
There lived a little girl and her 2 brothers and her mother. It was October 31 (before Halloween was ever thought of) and it happened to be the little girls birthday.
She wanted a present but she knew that her mother could not afford it. She was in her room sleeping on the night of her birthday. then she herd a bang on the window. she opened it. no one was there. she looked around. then she noticed a small package on the sill. she took it in and opened it and there was a little doll with two button eyes and and a black dress.
she was so happy! she set it on her shelf to play with it in the morning. she went in bed but could not sleep. she rolled over and there was the doll staring at her with button eyes. the girl tried to go to sleep but couldn't. the next night she heard rustling in the corner of her room. then the doll sprang out with a pocket knife! the girl jumped out of bed! ran over to take the knife out of the doll's hands but the doll was gone! she heard a scream from the next room and ran over to her moms room. she found her lying dead on the floor with three stab marks in her chest. "MOM!!" she cried. then she heard some clamber in her brothers room and knew they were dead too.
she ran to find her brothers dead with three stabs in the chest like her mother.
she saw the doll standing there in the doorway holding the bloody knife. the doll started to say something in some kind of snakelike gibberish. the doll lunged at her and the last thing she heard was the terrible screech of the black button eyed doll. the doll is still known to be alive today and is taking it's victims one at a time... so BEWARE of the black button eyed doll!

The End

-Cinnamon Sugar

10-22-2011, 08:10 PM
Werewolf curse

One Halloween night, Susan and Peter check out their parent's basement to enjoy candies so their little brother wont get any. Unfortunately, they saw something that caught their eye, something scary, something dark and creepy. A dark underground passageway surrounded by bats. It was easy to spot but how come they never saw it b4? They went inside and saw creepy crawly coffins and tombs. They wish for a scary Halloween but not this. They saw a green bottle witch says ''werewolf roar'' they carefully open the bottle and was cursed forever till this day still finding someone to lift the curse as just they turned to werewolf and the other cursed one turn to humans..... waiting waiting..... Till the day someone lifted the curse....and scream... Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end.... waiting waiting....

10-22-2011, 08:42 PM
the bloody celebrity agent
there was a girl who`s had a crazy dream of being famous like selena gomez,her room would be decorated like a miley cyrus concert.when she turned about 14,her big chance came,she went to get a haircut and she was singing to herself.A men with greenish yellow teeth heard her and went up to her and whispered in her ear,i will make a deal with you.i am an celeb agent and worked with the biggest stars!meet me tomorrow evening by the waffle house.but dont tell no one or it will be ruined.so the little girl came the next day.the men was standing outside with a business card in his hand.they talked and sang and 2 years later,the little girl was all over magazines and tv interviews.she had made a promise to the agent that if she made it as a celeb,she will give him the worlds rarest things.but she forgot about him.so he would appear in her dreams and threathen her.the little girl had body guards all around her home but when she wet outside they were gone.then she feels something sharp through her back and falls to the ground,next thing you know,her death is all over the news.people took down her home and build another one 20 years later,the new family would hear screaming and the agent calling the girls name.they even kept finding old business cards and a contract that the girl signed but she didnt read it.the contract said that the agent would have permission to make the guards leave her home.thats a lesson in this to always read contracts before signing them!!the end http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/metal.gif

10-22-2011, 09:20 PM
The Ghost of 3351 Lane
OCTOBER 31,1983
"Come on! Are you chicken or something? BOCH! BOCH!" Kyle urged Macy.
"I'm not sure..." Macy questioned.
"Its JUST ONE little house." Kyle replied
"FINE I'm going to walk in and walk right back out."
Kyle grinned. "Finally."
As Macy walked into the old creaky house the floorboards CREAKED loudly.
Macy stopped.
"Go on." Kyle said.
Macy walked into the old house and walked out.
"There, happy?" Macy said.
"YES!" smiled turning around to pick up his candy bag and turned back around. Macy was gone.
"Macy?" Kyle called. Kyle heard a muffled cry.
"MACY!" Kyle yelled and ran into the house. Blood covered the floor. Macy's lifeless, scared body fell to the ground,
"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Kyle screamed and ran out the house as swiftly as he could. "HELP!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE!" Kyle exclaimed.
Soon, Police sirens and the ambulance sounded. Macy's and Kyle's parents were at the scene crying their eyes out.
"What happened was a tragedy and a freak accident." Police told reporters.
October 31st,2011
"Bye Dad!" Melisa said as she left to Trick-or-Treat with Miranda.
"Goodbye Mr.Kyle!" Miranda said.
"Bye, Kids!"
Miranda and Melisa walked away.
"I cannot wait to the wild PARTY!" Miranda whispered.
"Are you sure? I heard some girl got killed in the creepy house." Melisa said.
"It'll be fine!" Miranda replied reassuringly.
As they approached the old house laughter, music and lights came from it.
'DONT GO HE THERE!!!!!' A raspy voice hissed. Melisa dropped her candy bag.
"Mel, you O.K.?"
"Huh, oh yeah. I'm fine." Melisa replied as she picked up her candy.
When they walked in there was a boombox with people everywhere dancing and drinking punch.
Melisa and Miranda started dancing.
30 minutes later the lights flickered
Miranda disappeared!
Melisa and the other party goers helped look for Miranda.
A female shadow appeared.
"I know where your friend is! My name is Macy I was murdered here when I was a teenager. I have come to save you from the terrible fate. BUT YOU MUST DO WHAT I SAY UNDERSTAND!"
Everyone nodded.
"Someone call the police and stay near the boombox. You will need to protect yourselves. The rest of you come with me before it is too late."
Macy led the teens into a room with Miranda tie up with a bunch of other kids tied up by the window.
"mmmmmhhhhhh!!!" Miranda cried.
"Ssshhh." Melissa said.
A man with a ski mask popped out out of no where.
Macy tripped him and he fell through the floorboards with a loud groan. The teens hurried to untie the people run out the scary house. The police caught the murderer and took him to jail for life. Macy's spirit has passed down and they tore down they old house. Everything is well on 3351 Lane.
Well until next Halloween........

Hoped you enjoyed http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

10-22-2011, 09:52 PM
the lost childhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifnce upon a time these three little girls asked their mom if they could go trick or treating by them selves,and she has said yes.so the girls wandered off until the other little girl named katy got lost in a big crowd cause of a halloween show,so she got completly lost and ended up in the woods.and as she was walking to find her way out she saw this little log house that looked very old she decided to go in and look for help.she went in and said is anybody here?!and then this old man came out and shouted what are u doing in my house!!??i just came to look for help..and the man said why??katy said cause me and my 3 other little sisters went to see this halloween show and there was a big crowd and i got lost and ended up in the woods!so plz dont hurt me!!old man:wait a minute i think i know who your talking about!katy:what???old man:these three little bratz??!!!!(opens closet door)jessy:katy help get us out of here get the knife and cut the rope hurry!!katyhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifpushes man)manhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifgets up)she cant untie you cause im gonna kill her!three sisters:katy noooooo!manhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifgrabs katy and starts to choke her)lola:kick him in the stomach!!katyhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifkay!(kicks him)man:falls on floor)shavany:get the knife and cut the rope!!katyhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifkay.jessy:katy watch out hes behind you!!katyhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifturnds around)man: (stabbs her in heart):TO BE COUNTINUED..........

10-23-2011, 02:33 AM
The Horror Magazine
Tap...Tap...Tap..."Whatever is that?"stephen got up due to the noise.Looking at the window he got scared.WAS it branches of the nearby tree or fingernails against the window?? "No such things as ghost" he kept saying it to himself. The noise got louder and creepier...
He got white with fear and closed his eyes. The next thing he saw after he opened his eyes was a tall bony person with white robe and a spear in hand was standing right in front of his blue eyes. "Wh..Who..is you?" he asked trembling with fear."I am the ghost of suzy" the voice said. "Suzy Whittaker you mean??..What have you come here for? This is Stephen Matrin's house. I think you have got the wrong address" stephen said patiently.
"SILENCE"the ghost's voice screeched."So aren't you Stephen Matrin?"
"y..ye...yes!"stephen said finally letting the word be audible. Then the ghost held up the bloody spear and let out a loud wicked laugh. And said "Then i have come to take you to the graveyard.You are to die my boy!!" This made Stephen run away from his room.
"Oouch"stephen had fallen from his bed "It was a dream..yepiee!!!"he screamed.Hearing his screams his mom came up "what happened? what dream are you talking about?his mom asked.
"Nothing mum i had top write a ghost story for my school magazine and i got one.."
The end...

10-23-2011, 08:27 AM
once me and my cousin, Leah were walking down the street on Halloween night to visit an old mansion we look in there and we see a <span class="ev_code_RED"> a bright red </span>where wolf. we ran home as fast as we could ,and we never went to that mansion on Halloween night again.

I hope you read it until chills run down your spine.

10-23-2011, 10:02 AM
It was a cold stormy night,well this was common enough to midnight,this was transylvania wierd things always happened here.Just the night before midnight's family had been visited by count dracula's sister,we are forbidden to say her name,but as i'm sure the humans in the other dimension knew her as countess dracula,a prolific murdere that killed over 250 people.Countess Dracula was mingnights aunt which makes midnight a vampire.No vampire's are not myths they are real but humans exagerate them a little to much.During the summer holidays midnight visits her uncle that lives among us.Now it is midnight turn to tell her story.
Hi,i'm Midnight,i was named after witches hour.Well you might of guessed by now i'm a vampire,but i am also half witch.
SO..It was a cold stormy night,as usual,i was walking home from school and i saw someone i imediatelly recognized who it was, it was my dead human sister,she was dead because one day i was so thirsty for blood i drank hers.Her soul had come back to haunt me.'MIDNIGHT,why,oh why did u do this to me you DEMONIC CREATURE!',said my sister,i was gobsmcked i couldn't say anything,she spoke before i could come up with anything to say to her,'I CALL THE ANGELS FROM HEAVEN ABOVE TO STRIKE HER DEAD WITH FIRE'
her eyes rolled back into her head,mine did the same the next second i was dead i knew were i was going,hell.She always knew i was a vampire,never tell a human your secrets.http://amaliehoward.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/AnimeVampire.jpg
srry its so big

10-23-2011, 10:52 AM
one day i was alone at my house.i was seeing a horror movie with the lights off, when i was lying on my sofa i saw a shadow of something that was coming from the window. i was very scared, when i went to see the shadow i was vibrating because i was very scared when i went out i saw a cloth that was hanging on the branch of a tree.i said uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i laughed a lot.

10-23-2011, 01:12 PM

Leaning against the open window, the cool October breeze calming my nerves. Halloween threw up at our house. Rubber body parts by the doorbell, fake blood splattered all over the driveway, and a fake skeleton hanging on the door. There also was one of those mechanical witches with red eyes that followed whoever passed. I noticed she looked kind of like my friend Kori, except the nose and stuff! I opened up the other two windows and went to go change into my lady-bug costume. I came back down and went outside to turn on the fog macine that was hidden in the bushes. I took out my favorite candy bowl. It was my favorite because it had a gross green hand that grabbed the trick-or-treaters' hands when they reached in for candy. On the bottom of my bowl, my name, Maddisyn, was engraved in block letters. I filled the bowl to the top with colorful candy. I peeked out the open window in the kitchen and saw a girl. Kori! But she looked way older than she had last time. Kori had been late today. We always went out for Halloween together every year. She was always here two hours early, but now she comes? This is when all of the trick-or-treaters come. Strange. I open the door and run outside. I'm barefoot and it's dark so now I am freezing cold, but of course, that doesn't stop me from investigating. Rushing toward the older-looking Kori, I shout, "Kori! What took so long? I've been waiting since, like, forever!!" I make a sudden stop. Older looking Kori turns her head towards me with a jerk. "Who are you talking about?" She asked. "I am no Kori. I don't even know a Kori!" She let out a witchy cackle. I took a quick glance towards the garage. Older-looking Kori took off her hoodie. She had red eyes. I noticed the mechanical witch wasn't anywhere in sight. I looked closely at this creature. Suddenly, I have a vision (they are pretty common for me). I see the mechanical witch. She looked just like the thing standing in front of me. I made a run for it! I dashed over to Kori's house and hid in the bushes. When I thought the coast was clear, I knocked on the door. A pale hand that felt like the skin was made of rubber-y plastic covered my mouth. White, bony hands made weird clicking sounds while grabbing my arms and pulling me away. I screamed as loud as my voice would let me and as long as my lungs would allow. Another vision. White, bony hands... OF COURSE! The skeleton! I tried freeing my mouth by scratching at the plastic hands. The rubber-y plastic skin peeled off. It was the witches hands on my mouth. I tried cracking the skeleton's fingers which were holding my arms tight while dragging me backwards. I tried cracking them like I would when I would to break sticks. It wouldn't work. I felt something swipe past my leg, definately the witch's broom. Pain. Then I felt something warm dripping down my legs. My fingers barely touched the warm substance. I looked down. Blood. I felt more and more escaping my body through a gash on my knee. I saw Kori come out of her house holding a baseball bat covered in orange slime. "Oh. Ma. Gosh. Maddi I am so sorry! My mom told me to put out the jack-o-lanterns but then they suddenly came alive and tried attacking me! My mom doesn't even believe me!", she cried while rushing towards me. She tried freeing me. I was becoming more and more weak. I felt the hands grow tighter and looser and tighter and looser. In my last breath, I tried to say, "It's okay." loud enough for Kori to hear me. I fell over on the cement with the skeleton and Kori still playing tug-of-war. I heard Kori sob for exactly three seconds, but then I couldn't hear anything.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital gown, with people I didn't even remember, cheering. "Whoa. Who am I?" I asked. I saw a doctor walk past my hospital room. She had beady red eyes, a long ugly nose, and pale, plastic-like skin. She winked at me with a evil grin, sending shivers down my spine. Halloween was never the same again...

10-23-2011, 02:33 PM
<span class="ev_code_RED">The Haunted motel</span>

Their was once a girl sad depressed lonely after her parents died she did nothing but one day this particular day that all changed. When she went outside that night something strange happened.It was strangely quiet in New York city you would expect it to be louder than ever but not this evening.She walked around the city nothing. She walked up to this building which looked strangely familiar it was an old motel it looked like it had been beaten down 3 windows were broken it was totally abandoned.She walked inside "hello is any body here?" she said. She walked up to the stairs suddenly she heard something that sounded like a high pitch scream it and it kept screaming over and over she stood there frozen.It seemed to be getting closer and closer she gathered up the strength to run up the stairs she saw a room and slammed the door.She heard something that sounded like a man calling her.It said "come to me come to me".Suddenly she saw something right in front of her it looked like a man, a man she had seen before somewhere sometime ago.She reached out to touch it and it disappeared before it left it dropped something it looked like a locket.She opened it right then she realized that that ghost that she just saw was her father but where was her mother..........

The End or so you think

10-23-2011, 03:07 PM
I was sitting quietly at the stairs, waiting for my dad to show up. I was waiting for a really long time and it started to become pitch black outside. I heard a screeching noise coming from my left side and held my backpack as hard as I could. I then heard my dad's voice in pain saying "Help me, help me!" I didnt move a muscle. I heard him again and stood up. I tried to go towards the noise and I felt a hand on my shoulder and froze. I turned around and saw my father covered in blood and guts. I ran as fast as I could and when I stopped I saw a huge hole right in front of me. I tried to look inside it when.... I fell into the large black hole. I was gone.

10-23-2011, 04:01 PM
One nigh at the haunted school three girls where there and it was Halloween and full moon was at the two girls went up old art room and seen the two Ghost make book and three girl went to gym and seen one Ghost boy and lock her in the looker and two come run to gym find dead and two run but they seen five Ghost comeing after they they nevr make home!

10-23-2011, 05:47 PM
Gone Fishing (I'll be waiting)
"Bye Honey! See you next week! Loves and kisses," Harley's mom air-kissed her one last time before leaving, driving away on the old forest-green Mercedes Benz. She smiled slightly, then turned around, starting her long walk towards her Grandpa's house, through the lonely woods.
It was at least five o'clock PM when she got to her Grandpa's house. She walked up to the front porch. There was a note on the ragged door that looked like it had been marred off my a gigantic creature. letters written in red said, "Gone Fishing. Don't expect me to come back." Harley, felt chills, but then she laughed. THis was probably one of her Grandpa's jokes. She walked right in and settled down on the the old dusty couch. It felt like it hadn't been sat on all week. A horrible thought came to her mind, but she shook her head. Her Grandpa was alive. They called him just last week. There was a sudden thump outside. Harley froze. She walked slowly, pulling on her jacket as if it could some how protect her. She walked outside, and was relieved to see it was only, Darcy, the shadowy girl next door. She gave Harley a smirk. "Your grandpa's down by the old lake," She gave a sneaky smile, "the lake everyone is afraid of." Harley just thanked her and walked off, her paranoia increasing.
She finally got down to the lake. There was a dark figure near the edge. SHe smiled. Her grandpa was alive. As she got nearer, she sensed something was wrong. "Grandpa?" he slumped over. she turned him towards her. He wasn't breathing. THere were bite marks. The fishing pole was gone. SHe heard a splash. She looked towards the water, afraid.
TWO WEEKS LATER. THe police came to the house of Grandpa Morrison to find the two missing. Recovering the jacket and fishing supplies at Babba yagga lake. The bodies have not been recovered, and were suspected to be taken by the legendary Baba Yagga.

10-23-2011, 06:05 PM

she cammandeered the room in the basement of her dorm as soon as she realized she would have to pull an all-nighter in oerder to prepare for tomorrows exam. her roomate, Jenna liked to go to bed early, so she packed up everything she thought she would need and went downstairs to study... and study.. and study some more. it was two o'clock when she realized she'd left one of the textbooks upstairs on her bed. With a dramatic sigh, she rose, and climbed the stairs slowly to her third-floor dorm room. the lights were dim in the long hallway, and the old boards creaked under her weary tread. she reached for her room and turned the handle as softly as she could, pushing the door open just enough to slip inside, so that the hall lights wouldnt wake up her roomate. the room was filled with a strange, metallic smell. she frowned a bit, her arms breaking into chills. there was a strange feeling of evilness in the room, as if malvolent gaze were fixed upon her. it was a mind trick; the all-nighter was catching up with her. she could hear jenna breathing on the far side of the room-a heavy sound, almost as if she was running. jenna must have picked up a cold during the last tesne week before finals. she crept aliong the wall untill she reached her bed, groping amung the covers for the stray history book. in the silence, she could hear a steady drip-drip-drip sound. she sighed silently. facilities would have to come fix the sink in the bathroom...again. her fingers colsed the textbook. she picked it up softly and withdrew from the room as silently as she could. relieved to be out of the room, she hurried back downstairs, collapsed into an overstuffed chair and studies untill six o'clock. she finally decided that enough was enough. if she slipped upstairs now, she could get a couple hours' sleep before her nine o'clock exam. the first of the sun's rays were beaming through the windows as she slowly slid the door open, hoping not to awaken jenna. her nose was met by an earthly, metallic smell, a second before her eyes registered the scene in the dorm room. jenna was spread-eagled on top of her bed against the far wall, her throat cut from ear to ear and her nightdress was stained with blood. two drops of blood fell from the saturated blanket with a drip-drip noise that sounded like a leaky faucet. scream after scream pured from her mouth, but she couldnt stop herself anymore than she could cease wringling her hands. along the hallway, doors slammed and footsteps came running down the passage. within moments other students had gathered in her doorway, and one of her friends gripped her arm with a shaking hand and a pointed trembling finger toward the wall. her eyes widened in shock at what she saw. then she had fainted into her friends arms. on the wall above her head, written in her roommates blood were the words:
"Arent you glad you didnt turn on the lights?"
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! By abby bright starshine ok the banner someone made me got messed up by accident http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif hoped u liked it!!!

10-23-2011, 06:26 PM
This is my entry for the story contest.

I'm the most popular girl in my high school.After school,my friends dared me to go to 19993 Blood Street.The address had the most scariest hose ever known.If I didn't do it,my friends will tell the whole school that I'm a scaredy cat.I drove over there.When I came near the gate,the gate opened by itself.I went to the porch.On the porch,I saw a rocking chair rocking with nobody in it!I knocked on the door.The door slowly creaked open.I saw a dark figure.Then I knew what the dark figure was.It was a VAMPIRE!!!I ran to the car as fast as a cheetah.I didn't want to be bitten by the vampire.I tried to start the car,But it won't work!I tried again and again.Finally, the car started,and I drove away as fast as I could.Then I needed gas,but I didn't see a gas station.There wasn't any phone signal,too.I sighed.Then,I saw a car with a pretty cute boy in it."Get in," he said.I got in and we sped away from the vampire.We lost him and I know it,I thought because the vampire was nowhere in sight.I asked," Hey, what's your name?" "Mike." the boy answered. "Well,Mike, is there anyway I can repay you?After all,you did save me."Well, since you ask, will you go out with me? " Of course." I said. "Well be careful, because I'm different than other guys around here." Mike said. "Of course you are." I replied. "No really, I am." The clouds moved away and the full moon showed. Mike choked. He choked again. Then, mike fell on his knees. When he lifted his face, his face was hairy and he howled at the moon. Mike started to grow hair allover his body.Then, he turned into a WEREWOLF!!!! "Go away!!!" Mike growled. "I can't." I answered."I can't go because I love you." " Go away!!!!" he yelled again. He waked over to me. It looked like he was going to eat me,but then the clouds covered the full moon. Mike turned into a human again."I know you love me," he said. "But I don't want to eat you when I turn into a werewolf." "I understand." I said."Maybe we can go out when there ISN'T a full moon." Ok." Mike answered."Well, where's your address?" I told him my address and he drove me home.


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Awesome entries so far guys!!! Hope mine doesn't ruin it!XD OK well here is my entery!:

Chapter 1:

I woke up at 6:00 am very aware of what today was. My birthday. My friends and I had planned to meet at Jade Plaza then go to Jade Mall to drop until shop oops to shop until we drop! I am always mixing things up like that. Well anyway i didn't have any jade card. That was deffinitly what they where going to give me was. Well anyway i rushed to my closet and put on my faveorite shirt and jeans. It was one of those days where it was cold and warm at the same time
But there was something different today, it was foggy...

Chapter 2:

I arrived early really no surprise, it was my birthday! Well this old lady behind me asked wat i was doing up sp early i said that i was here for my birthday celebration with my freinds and i was just sooo excited for it i came early. She replied with a little too sweet "happy birthday"
and handed me a cookie. Chocolate chip, my faveorite. I took i bite as i sat down on a bench. It was the very best cookie i had ever eaten. I turned around to ask the strange woman if it was OK if i could have her recipe for the cookie. She was gone. I wondered where she could've dissaperred to so quickly. I decided to just enjoy my cookie and take another bite and save the rest of it for later. I was puzzeled at the result of the chocolste chops tasting a little bit like fresh blood. Maybe it was good i didnt ask for the recipe. Not long after that Salacia arrived at Jade plaza. I told her about wat had just happened and as usual she didnt belive me. Well,who would? I gave her i bite of the cookie and she droped it and spit the rest out. Suddenly a little boy game running in front of us and shot our eyes with a water gun. We had closed our eyes and shoked as we heard the little boy laghing and running around. As soon as we uncovered our eyes it seemed as we where in another place. No sounds of young boys laughing or sight of them running around, no strange women offering bllod chip cookies. In fact.... we where in another place.

Chapter 3:

It was dark, foggy, and felt so empty then the two of us fell to the ground in thought of everything that had ruined this morning... so far. the fogg suddenly faded away and then it collected in to a shape sort of a blob it began to speak. "Hello, girls" "AHHHHH" Both me and Salacia screamed. "Don't be afraid of me, I am here to help you two" "help?!" Salacia blurted out."How can a ghost help us?" "Look, all of those ghosts in those books and movies, are a lie. Most of us are very peaceful and friendly. All of us have different talents. I am a fashion and guide ghost. Therefore, I am very helpful to you two" the ghost replied oddly calm. We (sal and I) sat confused for a minute. I finnaly stated " But ghosts are non fiction, you arn't real or are you? You could be projected buy some hidden light source" " No, No, nothing like that, and if i am going to help u y wont u just be quite and let me help you?" the ghost retorted more feirce then before. "But how would we know if your going to lure us in to some kind of trap?Of course it might be obvious, but it might not be, you might be a tricky ghost for all we know, right, Jessi?" "Right, so if your so nice and its so obvious we want to leave, y wont u like get us out of here?" i responded very annoyed of how my birthday turned out.
"you see, you have already met the worst ghost on the run, the one who gave you that cookie this morning? Oh and happy birthday, so u have no idea wat that blood will do to you two, the blood, i belive was froom the famous pirate black beard, oh and you will never hear of me again and if you ever speak of me or anything that happened today, trust me, your dead.

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<span class="ev_code_RED">The Storyteller </span>
<span class="ev_code_RED">It is said that on Halloween the Storyteller appears. He waits by a campfire of white flame. All who can not escape his stories are never to be seen again. </span>

10-23-2011, 07:29 PM
I slowly opened my eyes. On my right was a huge old house. On my left was a forest that stretched as far as the eye can see. The forest may have once been pretty, but I couldn't tell because the trees were all twisted and black. I heard an evil laugh coming from the trees. I ran for the old house.
Creak! The old door creaked open. When I looked around the house I saw suits of armor, a living room, and a fireplace. It might have been cozy if the fire wasn't an eerie shade of blue. All of sudden, the old door slammed shut with a hollow thud. Then I heard the faint click of a lock clicking into place.
A freezing cold wind blew my hair back. Suddenly, a foot appeared. As the man slowly came into the room, I took in his appearance. He wore tattered khakis, a stained under shirt and a top hat. He let out a laugh that had to be one of a mad-man. Then, he lunged at me.
I grabbed a lamp to try to hold him back. He threw it out of my hands. I started to back up, but I tripped on a rug. He snatched me up and tossed me into a broom closet. Before he closed the door, he slowly turned around and said, "Next time, I'm coming for you!"

By: Olivia Chic Grace

10-23-2011, 07:42 PM
It was a dark stormy night on a full moon. Little girl Amy was walking home. CREAK CRACK. I looked behind me my heart beating rapidly no one was there I assured myself as I walked faster. SNAP a stick broke. I look past my shoulder again there I saw it the bloody horror. I ran faster I smelled its rotten egg breath I tripped. I’m going to join mother I thought as I screamed as the horror leaped on me and shred me apart a blood curling came out of me and that one last jerk and I was gone as a cold breeze passed.

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The Doll
chapter 1
there was a girl who wanted badly to have a doll to play with.she had no idea her parents were getting her ne for her birthday.she opened her gift the next day a doll who had realistic eyes. the girl got scared her parents were happy,but she wasnt,the doll looked like a murderer she saw on TV,she got very scared,and couldnt sleep that night.....
chapter 2
the next morning she awoke,with the doll right next to her. she shrieked! her parents came in the room,but when they did the doll was back on her shelf.she tried explaining that the doll was next to her when she woke up but her parents did not believe her.she decided she would just get ready for school with out saying a word,and then it happened again! this time it was in her back pack! but when her parents came to check her back pack it was gone.she decided to throw it way after school.
chapter 3
the days had passed and she no longer cared sbout the doll.so it was halloween today,she with her mom was driving to a halloween haunted house party!but the doll had other plans every night on halloween that doll killed at least 100 humans and made it look like she was stolen so they would put her back in stores for ppl to buy,the first person she was going to kill was the little girl then her mom and then everyone at the party!
chapter 4
so that night the doll struck she snuck out of the house she went to the party she surprised the girl while she was in the bathroom.(That scene)
doll:hello my dear
doll:surprised aren't u?
girlhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifgulping) no not really but hhow are you talking and how did u get here?
dollhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifh u will never know those answers and even if i did tell u,u would never b abe to warn anyone cuz i would kill u!
girlhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifruns)-gasps for air- AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
It was the doll again!
doll: now i will kill u!!!
girl: no plz no!!
the doll takes her down to a place where there are a bunch of other people,the people she killed!
doll:now my dear what would you like axe,knife,or pocket knife?
girl: i dont want any of those!
doll: guess i will just have to choose myself.
when ever they didnt choose one she chose the worst one,the axe!
dollhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifcuts deep into the skin in her back)
girlhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifscreams bcuz of the pain!)
meanwhile at the party...
girl's mom: i wonder where my little girl went
bobby have u seen her?
bobby:no mrs.fertile
girl's mom: well im going to go look for her wanna come?
bobby:let me ask my mom.
girl's mom: well ok bobby but hurry back
after he left she was alone at the refreshments table,or was she?
doll: hello mrs.fertile
girl's mom:who's there??
doll:dont u remember me?
girl's mom: no where are you??
doll: down here human!!
girl's mom:shrieks! ahhhhhh!!! u can talk thats not possible u must b a robot!
doll: i am no robot i am just here to kill u and all ur little"friends"!
girl's mom: so u killed my daughter where is she???!!!
doll: oh shes just laying down in the basement covered in blood.
girl's mom: says scaredly..oh no
well i hav to go i mean look at the time.
doll: not so fast,first let me kill you ok?
girl's mom:NOO!!!
later down back in the basement again...
doll: ok so what would u choose axe,knife,or pocket knife?
girl's mom: pocket knife!pocket knife!
dollhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifh u really think im going to go easy on u well u thought wrong!darthar bring me my axe plz!
Darthar:with pleasure madam
doll:Go get it!!!
darthar: yes ma'm
and he flew off and got the axe
doll:thank u darthar i was almost wimping after all blood gives me my health
darthar:may i eat her after u kill her?
doll: no i want to keep her as my trophy
darthar:yes your majesty (bows)
doll: and now the moment i ahv been waiting for,Killing time!!
girl's mom:AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!(scream dies out and scream is more of pain)
doll: and now for the rest of the town!!
everyone was talking to much to notice a little doll with an axe before they got cut up.
chapter 5
after that the only ppl left were the police all wondering how everyone died.the doll had no finger prints so they couldnt identify who had the axe.as for now the doll is still kept in toy stores before halloween.nobody kne wthe dolls name or anything of why she was scary,all they knew was that in her past before she became a doll she was a young lady,but her mother was jealous of her bueaty so she killed her and now her spirit lives in the doll always wanting to get out of that box and kill again.watch out for her all we know is that she wears a black dress and looks evil and scary.so watch out.
the plow(this is another story!)
(this is a short story)
there were 5 girls who were playing truth or dare.there was on particular girl who had gotten a dare that nobody had done for the last few years her name was lilly her dare was to go in the spooky house across the street.and so she did,when she stepped in she heard something under her feet.so she decided to go to the basement,there were ghosts,zombies,monsters,anything scary!
they were all getting ready to scare the whole town.for the town had caused them great injuries u see these monsters used to live in the town but one night a witch had put a curse on them that until they actually scared a whole town they would still b monsters but she also said there was an easier way to brake the curse she said the easy way was to get a human girl or boy turn them into a ghost and make them haunt their friend's family.if they didnt do one of them for the next hundred years they'd stay monsters for ever so when they saw the little girl they stopped there work and tried to get her ,they succeeded the grabbed her one of the ghosts decided she would tell the girl why she was a ghost.
ghost:u r a ghost for a reason u know?
lilly:i promise ill b more respectful to my parents!!
ghost:what do u mean?
lilly:isnt that why u made me a ghost for being disrespectful?
ghost:no not at all.ur a ghost bcuz there is a curse bestowed on us and we need a little girl like yourself to haunt your friend and her family if u dont we'll hav to come back next year.
lilly:fine i will do it but i will b human as soon as im done right?
ghost:we dont know she just said for u to haunt ur friend
lilly:who said?
ghost:the witch
lilly:u mean u were all humans she just turned u into monsters why would she do that?
ghost: we have no idea either.
so that night she tried spooking her friends nothing
ghost:u didnt spook them!
lilly: i just couldnt
ghost:well now ur in the curse with us!
lilly:what u never said that if i knew i would've scared her!
ghost:well my bad i thought u knew.
lilly:how could i know?
lilly:well thnz,for nothing!
so she lived with them always moving soon she died again,they never did break the curse.and that little girls mother and friends missed her through out their life.but she came back to haunt them.
the end
by lilly bella capri
i hope my story is good enough!

10-23-2011, 09:27 PM
Ghost Spirits

Mable's foot met the entrance of her Great-Grandmothers' house. She pressed on the little doorbell and shouted,"Trick or Treat!" There was no response. Mable tried it several times more, but no-one answered. She eventually decided to go inside. Her Great-Grandmother, Sophie kept her keys to th house under a ragged carpet at the entrance of her house.Mable flipped the carpet over, and sure enough, Sophies' old, rusted silver keys were there. She put them in the lock and opened the door with a creak. After spending much time looking around the house to find Sophie, there was only one more place for Mable to look-the basement. Mable walked down the stairs to the icy atmosphere of the basement. Suddenly, Mable glimpsed a floating piece of some sort of material. The colour of it was like a shade of transparent-white. Thinking it was some sort of thin-tissue floating about, she saw the ceramic bowl Sophie got for her recent birthday. It was over-flowing with candy and sweets. There was a note by the bowl with black ink smudged all over it. Mable guessed the letter said,'Help yourself to these Halloween treats.' So she grabbed a handful and made a start out of the basement. But before the heel of her velvet pumps even met the first step of the basement staircase, she stopped dead-still in her tracks. The thin tissue she glimpsed just minutes ago had appeared infront of her. Except the tissue was much bigger. In fact, it could be a ghost. Mables' heart stopped beating at the thought. Surely it couldn't be a ghost, and anyway, it was getting dark out and was getting chilly in the basement and Mables' eyes were quite dizzy so her mind must be playing tricks on her. She looked straight into the ghost's hollow, tar-black eyes. 'Who is this?' was the question that kept pestering Mable. "Who..Who are y..you?" Mable stammered to the ghost. "Your Great-Grandmother, Sophie," was the ghost's response, "when I had my stroke afew weeks ago, I didn't come back to life," Sophie continued. Mable questioned curiously that how come you have come back to life? and then Sophie told her that when the weeks after her stroke, the nurses realised nothing could be done to her body. Then Sophie suddenly floated in the air with a transparent-white colour as her skin. That's when she became a ghost. Mable then wondered if she could walk through Sophie. Sure enough, she could and she made her way out of the house. As she reached the door she had a hunch something, or someone was following her.She turned around slowly with a sweaty forehead. Sophie was there. She floated above Mable all the way home - she was haunting her. Once Mable reached her own house, she dashed upstairs to her room hoping to lose her haunting ghost-grandmother. It was quite creepy thinking she was a ghost. Mable sat panting on her bed. She shook the thought out of her head. No-one could just turn into a ghost like that, could they? Thinking she finally lost the haunting ghost, Sophie appeared right infront of her. Mable's heart skipped a beat. "Don't scare people like that!" Mables' voice turned sharp. She wrenched the covers over her head and fell into a deep sleep in rhythm to the bolting rain outside.
The next afternoon Mable was determined to get rid of Sophie and her hauntings. Mable chased her back into her coffin in the cemetery. The actual body of Sophie in the coffin was all shrivelled up into a small old lady with a face covered in wrinkles. Mable spotted an open wound on the right of her forehead she had never seen before. Mable made Sophie's ghost lie ontop of the real body of Sophie. As Mable turned round to walk home, she felt Sophie haunting her with her spirits, along with all the other dead people's spirits. Mable wrappped her arms around her trembling body. The gravel crunched under her feet as she tip-toed out of the cemetery.

By: Hayley Glitzy Diamond.

10-24-2011, 07:56 AM
The Day of the haunted ghost
One year in Imagine town little Riarty stood on the doorstep of Kystal Jones's house."tick or teat"Riarty said.the door opens."Well Hi Riarty what are dressed as"Kystal asks."A little ghost who was haunted your house!"Riarty says as she goes."Oh silly riarty"Kystal says."BOOOO"says a little ghost."AHHHH"Kystal sceams."I heard that you are being mean to riarty"the ghost says."Yes i have"kystal said."Well say sorry"The ghost told kystal.The next day kystal walks up to riarty and says..."i am sorry" "its ok"riarty says.Beware citizens you might be haunted like kystal is

10-24-2011, 08:49 AM
Close your curtains

One night in 1999 at killer broke out of an insane asylum and every month on the 19th he'll come and knock on your window if you lay down and pretend your a sleep he'll go away but if you turn and face him,well i cant say here but you can comment and say what you think it is EVERY 19TH OF EVERY MONTH ,,, CLOSE YOUR CURTAINS.

10-24-2011, 08:51 AM
The Planets align...

"Don't you think it's weird the way the planets move?" Chrissie asked
"No it's just natural for them to do that" Katie replied. The two girls sat looking through a telescope on a cold Halloween night, all they could hear was: Trick or Treat! and kids dressed up in all sorts of weird costumes, and then something weird happened the street lights went off, the cars stopped driving and everything went silent. It was like the electricity had just been drained.
"Jupiter's just... disappeared" Chrissie whispered to Katie.
"I know where they are..." Katie replied. Chrissie and Katie looked up into the sky. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto where in a line across the sky.
"Do you think the should be like that?" Katie asked.
"No... I don't" Chrissie replied. The lights started to flicker on and off, Chrissie and Katie where starting to get worried.
"What's happening?" Katie murmured.
"Have you heard the tale of when the planets align?" Chrissie asked. Katie shook her head. "Well the tale is true it's happened one before, It's very rare to live after the planets have aligned, terrible things happen when it happens, Terrible things no body can stop." Chrissie told her. Katie looked terrified.
"What kind of things?" Katie whispered.
"Nobody can say till it happens-" Chrissie got cut off by howling. It was coming from behind them. The two terrified girls slowly spun round, to find a freaky looking wolf looking at them, something wasn't right about the way it looked. Then they noticed the wolf lifted it's head for the girls to see. It was like a clown face but no like your every day circus clown a clown that would make your blood run cold. It ran at them snarling. The two girls screamed they wouldn't survive. The Girls shut their eyes they didn't want to see what killed them. But it didn't. The girls opened their eyes to find the wolf shape shifting into another form. It happened. It was now a phantom a big green phantom. Chrissie took one look and her legs gave way. She was out cold. Katie was on her own. Katie looked around, even all the Trick or Treaters had disappeared. Chrissie started to cough, Katie was relived. The phantom disappeared to be replaced by a eerie green mist.Chrissie sat up.
"Chrissie in the tale did it mention any thing about a green mist?" Katie asked her.
"A green mist, it's a portal it could take you any where but you don't get to pick" Chrissie replied.
"Where does it usually take you?" Katie asked yet another question. But before Chrissie could reply the mist was taken up
by a man holding a knife caked with old blood he started to speak...
"You can either leave this planet or you can die" The man slowly croaked. The Man disappeared dropping the knife into the squelching mud. A clown just like the one on the wolf appeared but this time the full version of the clown. The clown bent over and picked up the knife. It started to do a haunting laugh. Katie looked at Chrissie worriedly.
"Just say to leave the planet, I don't know what it'll do." Chrissie told her.
"We want to leave this planet" Katie told the clown. The clown went and the eerie green mist was back.
"Jump on three. One... Two... THREE!" The two girls jumped into the mist. Every think just slowly sunk away to be replaced by stars. They where on the Moon never to be seen again to any one on earth...

The End...

10-24-2011, 10:31 AM
The Vicious Vampire

It was a cold, dark, exciting night and it was Halloween. There a was girl called Amilia and she went trick and treating in a Devil costume. Her clothes were bright, shiny and fierce red with a red hairband with the devil horns on top. She went to a Mansion which was big, grey and rusty. She shouted "Trick or Treat". Yeeess squeaked the vampire. "U... U.... a.. actually.. i..it... do..es...not..." but before she could finish, the vampire picked her up and took her to the Dungeon."AAAAAAAH!"screamed Amelia.

The Vampire put her on the table and got a dagger and stabbed her in her heart and on her body. The vampire ate the skin and flesh until there was nothing left apart from her bones. The whole room was covered in blood and he put the skeleton in the dustbin and went to bed.

Amelia's body was discovered within 20 years and the vampire was gone.

"You will never catch me, HA HA, HA, HA, HA!"


10-24-2011, 12:45 PM
Ghosts,Gools,Witches and all come out to go trick or treating, they'll knock on your door and give you a fright and gobble up all your sweets,when they've moved on you'll be glad that they're gone but you'll get a fright if they decide to stay for the night, they'll climb in your beds and rest down they're heads on your pillow,but I suppose they don't mean to be mean,all you can say is goodnight until next Holloween! by Claudia http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/clap.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/icon_twisted.gif <email address removed to comply with forum rules - no personal information>

10-24-2011, 01:29 PM
Hope you enjoy this! There was a boy scout troop that went out into the woods for a campout. They set up camp and decided to turn on the radio they brought. When they did they heard a newscaster say "Breaking news a madman by the name of Cropsy has escaped the asylem and was seen going into Turnpoint Woods." "Be cautioned he is extremely dangerous!" Turnpoint Woods just happened to be the woods they were camping at. So when the counsler heard this he told the others to pack up everything and to start heading back. But when they where leaving a thick fog rolled over the lake making it incredibly hard to see. The fog was so thick that a boy named Joey had such a hard seeing and got seperated from the group. He tried calling the others but it was no use. Suddenly he heard a noise of brush rustling and a twig break. Then a voice called out to him saying "Joey Joey." Thinking this voice was his counsler he followed this voice. It kept calling him intill he came upon a cabin. This cabin was old and rotting. A cold laughter filled the air and Joey felt something hard hit him in the back of his head. Everything went black. When Joey awakened he found himself in a basement chained to the wall by his wrist. He looked around the basement then a noise made him freeze. It was the laughter that he heard in the woods. His head spun around to face the source of the noise coming face to face with a person that wielded a chainsaw. The person was tall with skin as pale as the moon and when he smiled his teeth were yellow eyes grey and cold. In an instint he knew it was Cropsy. Cropsy let out that laugh of his and started talking in an erie voice. "Fool thought I was your counsler well now that i'm out of jail I can start my rein of terror on society for putting me in there. Starting with you and your friends." Cropsy started swinging the chainsaw at Joey atempting to cut his head of but missed and cut his arm and the chain that kept Joey to the wall. He yelled in pain while Joey ran up the stairs of the basement to the main floor. When he reached the landing horror met him. There lying on the floor was his whole troop with there head cut off lying on the floor. Their head that had been chopped off were lying on there chest. He heard a yell turned around and saw Cropsy climbing the stairs with the stump where his arm should be badly bleeding. Joey ran for the door hitting one of the boys bodies on the way and the head fell off the boys chest and rolled away. Not noticing Joey threw the door open and ran as fast as he could into the woods Cropsy yelling behind him. No one ever found the boys bodies or Joey. Some say though you can still hear Cropsy's laughter at night when the lake fogs over once every year. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif by Re Dancer

10-24-2011, 01:35 PM
a new family had moved to an abandoned mansion where a family had gotten murdered 30 years ago,this new family was of 2 teenage daughters a baby girl,a mom and dad,the oldest daughter was named Amber,the second one was named Emma,and the baby was named Molly.2 days later Emma heard the doors creaking at night time,she was really scared so she just went back to sleep,4 hours later she heard a scream in Amber's bedroom,so she went running to her room right away!When Emma got to her room she said:What's wrong?! are you ok???Amber:i don't know!,i felt like if someone was pulling my feet!I'm so scared please help me Emma!!!!Emma:really or are you just joking?!Amber:i wish i were,but it felt horrible!!,please help me!,i have never been so scared in my life!!Emmahttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifk but just please calm down!Amberhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifk sorry!
The next day.......
Mom:girls what happened yesterday?!,i heard someone screaming!Amber:well....i don't think that you'll believe me if i told you.Mom:honey please just tell me!Amberhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifk...i felt like if something was pulling my feet!Mom:i bet it was just a nightmare honey!don't worry everything will be ok!Amber:mom it wasen't a nightmare so please believe me!!!Mom:calm down and go to school girls right now!Emmahttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifwhispers) i told you that she wouldn't believe you! but i do!Amber:lets just go to school!
At midnight........
Amber's door started creeking so I (emma) got even more scared then last night so i opened my door a bit..and i peeked untill i saw something in the hallway it turned around and i saw that it looked like a person but it had red eyes,white hair and it was wearing a red cape,it went into Amber's room fastly i could still see how its red cape slid into her room,then i went running to her bedroom to save her but it was to late because that demonic creature had already locked the door you could hear even more yelling and the worst of all is that our parents were on a buisness trip for a week.....

chapter 2....
I didn't know where Amber could posibly be so i just entered her room when the door opened..i saw her bed sheets and they had blood stains all around them! i was frightend i didn't know what to do i was very lonely and confused....so i went to every room of the house and yet i couldn't find her!I was very worried so i checked the basement and as i went down the stares there was a path of blood i followed it to see where it would lead me to, i thought maybe it will take me to my sister, and i was right,because i found her there bloody and sobbing,she told me:Emma,run!!!,save yourself!,i told her,:but i'm here for you! lets go, we have to escape!Amber:there's no turning back for me!Emma:why do you say that?! I'll take you to a hospital right away,but please don't stay here!!!you're my sister,i need you!!!Amber:I'm sorry,but you just wouldn't understand!,no one believes me!Emma:thats not true!and anyways tell me why you want to stay here?!there's a demonic creature in this house you can't stay anymore!or that thing could kill you!Amber:well now i will become one too (crys) i'm so sorry,please go and save yourself!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OR I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!,i was confused and terified as i saw Amber's eyes turn all red and she started getting up slowely,she had blood all over her clothes,i was scared so i ran for my life!!!!!!!!!!!!it was to late....she caught me,as i felt how she was biting me and drinking all my blood,i knew i should have left when she warned me i was dying i couldn't save myself just like no one could save me!for one thing i was sure was that, that demonic creature, that bit my sister was the same thing that my sister is now a VAMPIRE..........

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i spent A LOT of time writing this one so i really hope you enjoy it!! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

The Ghost Inside Me

Every scary story always involves a scared young girl. Her name is Crystal..and this is her frightning story..


''Wha..where..where am i?'' Crystal looked around her surroundings, completely confused as to where she was and how she got here. She had been laying down in the middle of the forest, the forbbiden part of the forest. A small breeze blew past her face sending a chill up and down her spine. Her fear was starting to set in as goosebumps began to appear up and down her arm. The fear sunk in even more when she heard the soft sound of a girls voice calling out her name, ''Crystal...crystal...'' She thought she was going crazy and that her mind was playing tricks on her but the voice only got louder, and more demanding. Crystal fought her fear and stood up yelling out to the voice she heard, ''Who are you? Why have you brought me here?!'' In response she heard soft laughter from this mysterious girls voice while the sound of footsteps could be heard, closer and closer, ''Answer me!! Who are you?!'' Crystal was about to see the unthinkable. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Finally someone appeared right before her eyes causing Crystal to let out of a gasp of horror, ''Y..your..your me..?''

(chapter 1)
The beginning to madness

Crystal groaned at the loud sound of her alarm clock going off, not wanting to get up just yet. She quickly hit the snooze button but before she could put her covers over her head, her mom walked in, ''Come on sweetie, wake up. Breakfast is waiting for you downstairs.'' Crystal then reluctantly nodded her head as she sat up her very tired body with a yawn. After stretching out for a few moments she got out of bed putting on her clothes for the day then headed downstairs to the wonderful smell of bacon in the air. She had been happy this morning than her usual grumpyness in the morning. Maybe today would be a good day..or not.

(chapter 2)
the accident

What a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining brightly, the warmth very comforting for Crystal. She had been out on her everyday walk. She frequently took these walks to get away from whateverer troubles she might of been having. They would also give her a clear head so she could think about things but her thoughts were suddenly broken as she jumped at the sound of thunder, ''Wonderful.'' She said quietly to herself. With a sigh she turned the other way to start walking home. She found it odd how the weather changed so quickly but shrugged it off. She was almost to her street when she came to a hault as the sky went completely black, pitch black. It wasn't your average everyday darkness. Crystal had a bad feeling about this, her stomach in knots. The thunder and lightning were non stop. The wind had picked up tremendously. It was something straight out of a nightmare. Walking was no longer an option for her as she ran as fast as she could while hearing a voice calling out her name over and over again but before she could make it to her house she felt a sudden pain inside of her and with that she fell right to the ground and completely unconcious. Another being had taken complete control over her body, something Crystal wasn't able to fight. She picked herself up off the ground and walked herself deep into the forest before it released itself and left her lying on the ground. Who was this being?

(chapter 3)
frightning truth

Crystal was about to see the unthinkable. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Finally someone appeared right before her eyes causing Crystal to let out of a gasp of horror, ''Y..your..your me..?''
A ghost in the form of herself stood right before her. Crystal then reminded herself outloud that ghost's were not real. She was trying really hard to convince herself until this ghost cut her off with a laugh like before except this time it was more manical, ''Believe it crystal but right now, be quiet for you are about to hear the truth.'' Her voice was so threatning that Crystal dare not make a move, ''Haven't you ever wondered why this is the forbidden part of the forest? You all believe this area is forbidden due to vicious wolves but oh how untrue that is. You see, i am your ghost half. Every human has their ghost half and not just a regular ghost. We are the evil side of all you humans. Yes crystal, i am you. I am your evil half. This is where we bring our bodies so we can take full control of them without anyone around to see. Since no human dare walks through these woods because of the so called vicious wolves, it is a perfect spot for us. All your human ghost halves wander these woods waiting for the right moment. Your parents, your best friends...everyone. I can see such fear in your eyes right now Crystal and that satisfys me. I will always be apart of you crystal. I am the ghost inside of you. There have been ghosts halves since this world was created. We were given this cruel fate, this ghostly body and no emotions. The only way we can truly feel is when we are reunited with our halves and soon every human on earth will be taken over by their evil halves. Your day has come crystal, i am taking over you!!'' And like that other half vanished into Crystal's body, her scream echoeing in the forest.

(chapter 4)
wake up

Crystal woke up covered in sweat with her heart practically pounding out of her chest. She quickly checked her surroundings and noticed she was in her own bed. This caused her to let out a huge sigh of relief, ''It was only just a dream.'' She softly muttered to herself then shook her head chuckling in her mind, ghosts halves taking over humans? Could you imagine? After being awake for almost an hour she was ready to lay down to get more sleep. Just as she turned off her life she heard a voice, that voice. ''Crystal...crystal..'' The voice whispered close to her ear. A ghost image of herself appeared before her with a smirk that was absolutely terrifying. ''No..'' Was the only and last thing she could say before it went straight into her body.


Crystal was never seen again after that night. Nobody knew why, nobody had a clue. When her parents came to check on her that night, they found nothing but an empty bed that should of had Crystal sleeping in it. The sheets of her bed were covered in blood spots and stains. They assumed the worst. No body was recovered nor does anyone know if she was alive or dead. Sadly, Crystal had vanished without a trace, never to be seen again, gone with the ghost inside her. Her story will remain a complete terrifying mystery.

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I hear owls, coyotes, and bats as I walk to the rich people's houses to trick or treat! It is 11:00 PM and I am oout trick-or-treating all alone! I can see the mystical fog towards the ground as I walk. The longer I walk the foggier it gets, the less I see. I see the bats eyes starring at me. Right as I pass under a branch I hear a noise. Someone walking on the leaves as they make a crunch sound and all of the sudden a high-pitch loud scream. I stood behind the tree and watched. It was a mysterious person in a black hood. The mysterious stranger was choking a lady by her neck. This lady was beautiful with long reddish-orange hair, bright blue eyes, and the perfect skin tone. She was screaming and I could not stop the mysterious stranger, because hre might kill me. I just stood and watched from behind the tree. The guy took out a knife, as I was opening a piece of candy. I happen to drop it and he looked over by me, and I held my breath and stood skinny and tall. I wasn't sure he turned away so I held it for 10 seconds longer. Then I looked back. He jabbed the knife into her chest and drank the blood that flowed quickly. I just stood watching and thought I was hallusinating! There is no such thing as vampires!! I told myself a billion times! After he pulled away, I saw bloody fangs. Could it be true?!? He looked back over where I was standing and saw me, I tried to quickly move back and he said, "Don't try to hide, I saw you!" In a deep voice, "If you do not come out in 3 I will kill you! 1...2...and right before the 3 I quickly popped out! Well then, look who we have here. A trick-or-treater! Hand over the candy kid. I handed the bag. He said you saw what I just did there huh? Yea, that's right I am a vampire. But if anyone else hears of this, you'll be one too. My heart was shivering, he told me to hand over my jacket, I slowly took it off and gave it to him. He said," You never saw me out here, ok?" I just stood there starring. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and said, "Hear me?? Say you won't tell no one!" I shivered in the cold, and said,"I-uh-I won't tell anyone!" He threw me on the ground and said good. I scraped my elbow and the back of my thigh. I saw him carry the woman and run away quickly the opposite direction with the lady's arm swinging on his back. He slowly disappeared into the mist. I got up and limped fast as I could back home. I didn't want my parents to see my like this. I got in through the back porch. I went the bath room 1st thing and I looked at my scrapes. I thought of what happened, and decided not to tell anyone. I went up to my room after getting cleaned up and went to bed.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I awoke the next morning. I thought it was all just a dream until I saw my elbow. I guess no one is knowing about what happened last night! I turned on my T.V. and while I was flipping channels something caught my eye! The news channel saying a women got murdered in the woods last night and they are trying to find the mystery behind it. If anyone knows any info on it, call in NOW! I turned off the TV. I am so scared! I felt guilty! I went to take a shower to wash the guilt away, it was not working! The whole day I just regret staying and watching the vampire kill her.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-The day after that-
Her parents came into her room that morning to wake her up. They saw her under the sheets and when they moved them and tried to wake her, she did not move. They checked if she was breathing, they felt no air. They called the cops. They tried to find clues and got the same ones as they did with the lady that got murdered by the vampire.
"What happens after that will leave you wondering, what do you think happened after she died?"

10-24-2011, 04:00 PM
there was a vampire and he sucks blood well one day he killed or i say killed me http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/10.gif monters

10-24-2011, 06:09 PM
As i walk into the scary haunted house my breath got cold and my nose got icy.Today was Halloween as you can tell and i was wearing a costume that i thought was really funny, instead of spooky. I was a nerdy girl, i had khaki pants rolled up and above my waist. I had on old women slackes with space ship socks on. My suspenders were rubber duckies and my glasses were spaceships, with neon orange tape in the middle. All of my friends thought it was a great costume. Anyways back to the story.All of my friends had came with me, but we had gotton split up at the front entrance. You see this haunted house isnt any ordinary haunted house, itz got four parts to the house one is the GRAVEYARD site, another one is the SPOOKY forest, and another one is the HAUNTED bedroom amd last, but certainly not least the old DINING ROOM. Two of my friends (brooklynn and carly) went into the dining room crowd and my other two friends (mallory and caroline) went into the haunted forest crowd. So Cameron and i went into the haunted bedroom crowd. All of a sudden this creepy music came on and they quickly put us into the different scenes that were there and they rapidly fled the house. The music went off and then it came back on. We started walking down the hall when all of a sudden we saw an old scary ghost. It was floating-literally floating- about three inches above the ground. It introduced hiself. He said his name was Flamicilo. He said he was french and his name meant flames. Flamicilo said he died in a plane crash and he burned to death. He then led us on into the bedroom and before he led us into the bedroom he told us we would be on our own from this piont forward, but before he left he said " Good Luck". We were walking more into the bedroom and we soon relized that this was no ordinary room, it was a long hallway with different furniture pieces all over the floor. All of a sudden we were plopped into a train. The train started moving(now keep in mind the scary music is still playing) very slowly, but it soon sped up fast and then faster and then so fast that cameron and i hair was flinging in the back of us. As my vision started getting blurry ithen saw all types of scary ghost figures and scary characters from movies fling out at us. Like for example a mummy that had cherry red eyes mummied its way in front of us then it let out a big " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH". The letters floted out in front of us in big, bloopy shapes and sizes. Then a vampire ran up to him super fast and bit his tissuey neck. The mummy led out a mummy shriek and dissapeared. Then train stopped and the vampire came up to all of us. The vampire looked really scary. His fangs were stained bloody red from sucking blood, his clothes were tattered as if he was homeless.He then ran up to cameron and i and said
you lokk sooooooooooooo tasty. My how i would like to take a little sample of your blood. We both screamed so hard that it broke my glasses. We then ran out of the train and to the exit door as fast as our little legs could. We ran all the way to my house. When we got to the house we ech stopped to catch out braeth, then at the same time we just burst out into histerics. Then we both said
we are never going to antoher haunted house again! Soooooo instead cameron and i went to go trick or treating and as a result we had a lot of fun! After we went trick or treating we went to my house and popped some popcorn and watched a scary movie instead. The next day at school we told people how scared we were and it tured out to be a good story to tell our friends. Our friends also said they ran out of there also, but just at different times. The next Halloweens that came we never went to that haunted house again......... THAT IS UNTIL we turned 18 and was in high school.We eventually started liking haunted houses and started making our own haunted houses when we became adults, but instead of letting anybody in there we only allowed people 15 and up go in because we didnt want little kids go in and get too scared. ~THE END~ ~ UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!~ MUWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *^) http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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Destiny wilds trotted through her room gazing at the pictures of her by the beach in florida but she turned her head the deep ohio skys flooded her brain then a wind blew her it was as fast as a tornado whipping around her room. it blew her books and papers her hair smacked her face then everything grew quiet TOO quiet.
Then a goosebumping chilling face appered in her window singing mary had a little lamb over and over again . she fell aganst her door knocked out her. she saw a vampire walk up and say your next and bit her. Chapter two coming

chapter 2

lights floated around the gym and about 3 tables were draped with white cloths prom signs and flyers were hung on the walls. "wow, the gym looks beautiful Mark". She said as he spun her then a gothic girl walked past them they looked at her she gave them the evil eye and walked on then she turned around and stabbed mark

Destiny hid behind curtains and held her breath then a knive went through the back of her skirt she screamed and ran a hole in her skirt made the cold fall air freeze her to ice she ran inside a local police station and hid. "mam what the world are you doing". murderer k k killed my boyfriend mark. "oh my god give me my stick i am gonna... " no she'll kill you then the door bust open and in came the goth she wanted Destiny "hand her over" she said through her teeth "i am a vampire let me go" she yelled and then she bit all peoples necks

black insane

10-25-2011, 09:35 AM

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lottie,
Lottie was a fair haired girl of 13 and she lived with her mum dad and 2 sisters. She came downstairs and picked up the morning newspaper and gasped when she saw the title: 'Murder Duo Back In Town' She dropped her glass of milk on the floor and sat down on the sofa." Whats wrong Darling?" asked her mum."Whats in the newspaper?"
" i..i..it..its the.. mur..der... duo ... the..y a..rree again!" stammered.
"OH MY GOSH" exclaimed her mu lock all the doors close and lock all the windows and DONT GO OUTSIDE UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN"gabbled her mum.
They did as she said and locked everything they could. Suddenly mum remembered she had to take the twins to playgroup and her dad was already at work.
"You can come with us or stay here" said her mum.
"umm.. I think ill stay here"replied Lottie.

So now she was alone in her big house with the murder duo wandering around her small town.
something creaked and she dived onto the sofa again! She had her phone in one hand and a cricket bat in the other she was prepared.
to her disappointment the sofa was facing the garden and she could see something ruffling the bushes.
Two hands poked out of the bushes, one was white like a cloth and the other was a bloodstained white glove. Her tummy lurched at the sight. She pinched herself but she was clearly right.


It was the murder duo, they were in her garden... she reached out for her phone and dialled her best friends (Maddie's) number she checked it 3 times and when she was sure she had the right number she pressed the green phone icon.

L"Hi is that Maddie?"
M'Yes hi Lottie"
L"Look i need to tell you something and I am not joking around"
L"the murder duo are in my garden"
M"you cant be serious... but you said you wouldnt lie to me"
L" No i am not lying please can you get your sister to drive roundd and pick me up now please?"
M" yes of course I will We are in the car now but can I stay on the phone to you all the journey?"
L'ok I am just going to put my shoes on, remember the key is in the flower on the right hand side of the door"
M'Ok then have you got your shoes on"
L"Just about you can open the door when you get here"

That was the last thing she said to her friend that day...


As she turned round a pain echoed in her chest and she screamed...

"Lottie are you here?" shouted Maddie.

Then she saw her friend...

"Katie, come her now please..." she shouted to her older sister.

A blood curdling sight met her eyes...
Lottie was lying on the floor blood on her chest and neck, her phone still in the middle of the call in one hand and a bloody bat in the other, written on one of her legs was a note it said:

We've got you now...


10-25-2011, 03:10 PM
The Case Of The Missing Body
One cold and dreary night, my mom and dad went to the store at 3:00pm. I was 5 yrs old and was not old enough to stay home by myself. It was 9:00 and my parents had not come back yet. I walked to the store and saw Mr.Morshon the store owner with red stuff on his apron. I asked him what is was and he told me it was Strawberry Jam.As I ran through the aisles looking for my parents, I came to "THE" aisle. My parents were there in the drug aisle drunken. Mr.Morshon had murdered them and they were coming towards me with a knife in hand. They pinned me to the ground and as my mom pinned me down, my dad cut off my right arm. I looked at my mom for help but my mom slit my throat and i died there screaming for help. Now i go around into people"s rooms and kill them in their sleep. If you don't watch out be in your room to!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!

10-25-2011, 05:19 PM
The Vampire Mother
As you see, my mother is a vampire, at night, she goes out to hunt for food. but I don't know why I'm not one.
One day, my mom said that she will be leaving to Transyvlania to discuss some vampire meeting with the Vampiress in the Vampiredom. I hate stayng at my house alone since my dad died last year, because there is always wierd sounds that give me the creeps.
The next day when my mom just left, I heard a voice that hissed " go away or I'll kill you, Devina" well my name is Devri not Devina. my mom is, so I thought it was just my imagination.
so I went to my bedroom to check my email, (devri.heart@Vampmail.com) and I got the same message I just heard earlier, now I'm starting to get worried, should I really run away? Where will live if I did? Should I go to Ivy's house?, but this time in the very bottom of the letter, it said , "or you'll be killed today at 12:00 pm." but wait a minute, this letter said it was from Devri, my mom. Then my laptop went black, so did my room but I saw a white figure opening my door,"I'll give you one more munite to make your decision Devina," the ghost said, "or you'll die right in this bedroom." I was so scared that I stuffed my clothes with all my might and tried to rush down my stairs, but no, there are white figures everywhere in the house. then someone tapped my shoulder and I screamed, "one minute passed Devina, it's time to kill you..."
Today, as a ghost, I made sure that anyone even put a step on their property, I will make sure I will scare them out, and never trust my mom again.

10-25-2011, 06:25 PM
Trick no Treat...

Hi, my name is third person. Well, tonight I am being the third person. If I told you who I really was, there is no chance you would ever believe me. And we are here now to listen to a story about a girl named Felicity Rayne...
It was a Halloween night. A night when all the monsters came out. A night when a specific girl would be more miserable than ever.
"Ugh, I hate this. It's just a dumb day where everyone dresses up in dumb costumes and says trick or treat," Felicity cried, "What could be more annoying?"
"I actually think it's cute." Megan defended. Megan was a friend of Felicity's. Unfortunately, the only friend of Felicity. No one would want to be friends with a girl ever so rotten.
"You think everything is so cute." Felicity sneered.
"Um, we should head back. The party will start soon." Megan reminded.
"Ugh, right the party. Why did we have to be the Halloween party house this year?"

Felicity and Megan started their way home. It was a nice and cool autumn day. You could hear the gentle blowing of trees. The ground was colourful from all the fallen leaves. Even though it was Halloween, nothing scary would be happening as it seems.
"Ow!" Felicity cried in pain. She had fallen.
Megan turned around. "How did you fall, there is nothing to even fall on."
"I don't know. And I know nothing is around. But people can just fall."
When Felicity got up, she noticed that her left knee was filled with blood. Suddenly she felt a cold wind spine down her back.
"That's weird. The only way...someone pushed me." But when she turned around, no one was there.

"You girls could have come earlier. I was starting to get worried." Mrs. Rayne.
"We could have, but some random guy decided to sell these delicious ice cream in the end of October. As weird as it was, it was very tasty. Except I think that jerk did not realize they were expired. I threw up." Felicity explained while making a face. "I still don't feel well."
"I didn't throw up. My ice cream was perfectly fine." Megan said.
Felicity sighed. "There is still half an hour till the party. What do you need me to do?"
"Blow up a few more balloons. And Megan, come with me." Mrs. Rayne ordered.
Felicity turned around to close the door. That was when she saw it. A sharp knife was flying through the air, coming towards HER. Felicity screamed then ducked. The blade of the knife was just missed a few centimetres. If she had ducked one second late, she would have been finished. Felicity shivered. For the first time, she sensed something was wrong. Felicity closed the door. Then she headed for her "balloon blowing."

After the door was closed five more knifes came toward the house and sank right into their expensive door!
Felicity was feeling light headed. She always did when blowing balloons. The party was just ten minutes away from now. Suddenly her door bell rang. Had the guests come already?

When she opened the door, she saw a girl standing there. She had white hair (probably a wig) and really pale skin. It was almost as if you could see through her.
"Trick or treat." she said.
"Oh great, another trick-or-treater. Yippee!" Felicity said sarcastically.
"Trick or treat." she said again.
"Hmm, you know what? I am not really in the mood for giving other pathetic people treats. I'm going to go with....TRICK!"
Suddenly the girl's sweet voice turned cold. "Trick huh? I see. People would just hand the treats, but you know. Alright trick it is. Watch your back. You will get what you wish for."
"Is that a threat?"
"No, it's a promise." Then she walked away.
Felicity glared. Who is she? she thought. How dare she have nerve!

The party had officially started. Guests came in one by one. Felicity was not dresses in her costume yet. She went upstairs to her bedroom to put it on. But when she opened the door, a surprise was waiting for her. There were giant footprints on the floor. And they were pretty deep. That did not make any sense. Footprints could not be made on her bedroom floor. Much less something this deep. She walked up to her closet. But then her right foot fell into one of the unusual, massive footprints. She tried to get it out but it was stuck. Then the weirdest thing of all happened. Her foot was sinking! Yes, sinking into a footprint. Felicity had a confused look. But as it got lower and lower she became more scared. Then she let out a loud scream. Her parents came rushing to her room. But when they arrived, the footprints disappeared.

"What's wrong honey? We heard your scream." Mrs. Rayne asked concerned.
"I...there...there were footprints here. Deep ones and...I...was about to sink into it." Felicity stuttered still in shock.
"Don't be silly, that makes absolutely no sense. This place cannot make any deep footprints. And sinking into one is just simply unrealistic." Mr. Rayne said. "You better not be pulling a prank here missy."
"I swear I wasn't. It happened."
Mr. Rayne glared at Felicity. Obviously he did not believe her. But who would? Mrs. Rayne just looked worried. "Well, change into your costume and come down. Everyone is having so much and so should you."
Felicity nodded. Then when her parents left Felicity got out her costume and started changing. Then she felt a cold hand on her shoulders. She turned around but no one was there. It was the same feeling she had when she tripped. Then she heard a whisper, but it was loud and clear.
"Beware! You can't escape!"
Felicity quickly got into her costume and rushed to the party. She saw everyone dancing and listening to music. Then she saw Megan.

"Megan, you will never believe it but..." Felicity suddenly froze.
"Believe what?" Megan asked.
Suddenly Felicity felt a force that took over her. She could not control herself now.
"Out of all the people on the world, I have never met someone as dumb as and uglier than you!" Felicity sneered.
"What." Megan was in shock.
"And you can't even dress properly. Ugh, you should live underground so no one can see you."
"Felicity? What! I, I thought we were friends, but now that you're saying this..."
Felicity tried to let Megan know that she had not meant that but she could not do anything at the moment.
"Then I guess our friendship is over." Megan was shaking now.
"Wow, who would want to be your friend? You are a total loser."
Megan ran off crying. Hot tears streaming down her face. She could not believe her supposedly best friend had just said that. And neither could Felicity. Finally Felicity felt the ability to control herself again.
"Megan, I was not saying that." Felicity cried. But it was too late. The damage had already been done.
"What is happening, why?" Felicity wondered aloud.

"Felicity." Mrs. Rayne called.
Felicity looked up to face her mother.
"Could you fetch more drinks? It seems that we have run out of coke already." Mrs. Rayne asked.
"Yes mom." Felicity responded.

Felicity started her way to the local convenience store. It was actually quite far away. But earlier sometime Felicity had discovered a quick short cut. She decided to take it since the night creeped her out. Most of the time, she liked the night. But after all the events today, not so much. Apparently taking that short cut was not such a good idea. But Felicity did not realize that until later on. It was when she heard an owl hoot. And then whispering. And then moaning. And on and on with the strange, unusual sounds. Then there was that loud breaking of the branch. Felicity turned around. That's when she saw a wall. Strange, there had never been a wall there before. Then the wall started moving. Slowly at first but getting faster each second. And it was moving to the direction of Felicity. At first she wanted to scream. But nothing came out. Then she started running. Running faster than ever. Now she wished she had tried harder in gym class. She was breathing hard now. She could not go on for much long. Then she stopped. She absolutely had to. She turned around prepared to get crushed. But the wall had stopped moving. Felicity kept on going. Then she stopped at an intersection and saw that in front of her was yet another wall. It was not moving but it was definitely blocking the path. Felicity turned onto the right intersection. She did not know that place much but what else could she do? And what if that wall started moving again? She kept walking. The uneasy silence only made it seem longer. Then she reached a house. Now, what was a house doing in the middle of nowhere? The house was creepy too. Like those haunted houses you would see in scary movies. What if a witch popped out wanting to eat her? Nah, Felicity thought, those only happen in movies. Felicity ran up to the house and knocked on the door. The door opened with a loud creak. When she stepped in she saw it was completely dark. She thought about heading back. Felicity turned around relieved the door had not snapped shut. Then she walked out but she couldn't. Every time she kept bumping into something hard. But there was nothing. Could it have been invisible? Felicity sighed, and kept walking into the house. Suddenly she saw light, it was pale but it was still light. She ran over to it. Then she saw that same pale girl that was their first trick or treater. Felicity gasped. She could see through her. Suddenly the ghost girl started flying toward her.
"You wanted trick, you got trick," she screeched.

The ghost picked her up. Felicity tried to break free but it was no use. Suddenly she through Felicity in a small room and locked it.
Felicity banged on the door but it would not budge!
"Help, help!" Felicity called.

Hiss! Felicity turned around to see three large snakes slithering toward her.
"HELP! HELP!" she called louder.

But it was no use. Only the ghosts haunting the house heard her. And that was the last of Felicity Rayne. She no longer existed.....

Author: Fiona Paris/fabion12

I really hope the mods read this!! I worked SOOOO hard on it! i really hope the mods can notice it cuz its on like the 11th page. That is pretty far back and not something you would see right away when clicking on the thread. I never knew this many entries would be in so soon. it took days to get it on screenhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

10-25-2011, 06:27 PM
[this story is true]
there were 7 guys who lived in an apartment and one of them kept having the same dream over and over again an while he was dreaming he felt like someone was on top of him not,letting him move. The dream was about him sleeping and when he woke up in his dream he looked at the mirror next to him and he saw a girl floating on top of him. and when he looked up the girl was looking at him with dark black eyes. he kept having this dream until he finally saw a paranormal expert and she went to their home and told them that the ghost that was there was really evil and that if they didn't get the spirit to let go of the grudge it had that their lives might be in danger. then a couple of weeks past and a lot of unusual thing happened to them. then one day when they were cleaning their house they found this diary that they had never seen before and they opened it and started reading a little part ''a lot of strange things have been happening around the house, my mom and my dad have even seen these things my dad thinks that i'm a devil he came......he's looking for something....he is really drunk...i'm really scared''. after reading that the diary ended and that sheet was kind of torn after a few minutes they started searching the apartment's history and they found out that there had been 2 deaths in that apartment 1 murder......and 1 suicide.
they kept reading the diary and everything the diary said every thing that happened to them. DAY1:they were hearing music and then they heard a high pitched voice or sound.
DAY2:they put cameras in their room to see what happened during the night.
DAY3http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifne of them was swimming and almost drowned he said he felt someone grabbing his feet.
DAY4: they checked the cameras and found something shocking........there was a figure right next to the member that kept having nightmares then a few seconds later it disappeared.
then the 7 boys had a terrible accident now who ever tells this story will vhwieru73485ufabcua^$%htvyV*&5778|die|87TBEHUWF#$%^

10-25-2011, 07:02 PM
creeping down the stairs as i wake up the house is silent...
i call out for my mother" hello mom im going to be late for school"
i was wondering wat happened to every1 so i went to school on my own....som1 was watching me and i knew it was not human!
i entered my school but yet there was no1 there i questioned....
i was only a 13 year old girl and my bright red hair was raised in a pony tale almost at the top of my head. why on earth would every1 be gone there had to be a reason!! i started my way to lizies my bff had to be there or so i thought. it was the night before halloween and i was scared as always.it began to get dark and all of tainious was gone..... suddenly all i hear is a faint growl and whisper out "grrrr tanna oh tanna y oh y have we all gone" i jumped and was searching with my eyes until i saw something in the bushes!!! "hello?hello???" i noticed a little blonde pony tale. a BRIGHT beam of light grew higher into the sky as all of tainious ghosts had been released i ran and ran till i finally was at a dead end. i weaped and cryed but i had to stay strong."this city has all been posessed but me.. why why would this be happening until i heard the sound of zombies whining, ghouls weaping, ghosts screaming....... i decided there is only 1 way to solve this.....

i ran as fast as i pocibly could until i came to my house..."i knew that being an expert in halloween makeup could come in handy". i ran upstairs and i made my self a zombie and to keep my human stench away i covered myself in onions,garlic,juice and hot sauce.."that oughta keep em away till i think of a plan to fix the city of tainious".i thought i thought and i thought. i was in the group of demons until i had it...! "i yelled out wat i had read in a book before i went to sleep yesterday" whiches and warlocks ghouls and ghost my zombies oh zombies ill change u the most bak to the humans u once were bak to the my house and we all drink the cure!!" a flash of light rised in the sky every1 demons was suked up and spit out human...no1 knew wat had happened so i said "halloween anybody?" every1 cheered and started trik or treating but first they went and put bak on there costumes!!!

10-25-2011, 07:53 PM
once there was a girl named sophia who loved to sing until, one day she sang so much at her concert until she lost her voice so the next day she was humming and singing in class and no one could stand the horrible high pitch humming but she couldnt stop singing i guess sing is just in her blood so one day at a concert she made a huge screechy soungd while sing then all of a sudden there is a still and awquardly quiet scilence then all of a sudden all you can hear is oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooit was a wear wolf not 1 not 2 but a huge group of wear wolves chasing around poor little sophia then she said maybe if i try to howl i can get them away from me so i howled at the moon on top of a hill
here goes ........... ahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it was twice as loud then the ones the actual wear wolves made it turns out she had made them so angry they chased her home then they went inside and destroyed her 8 bedroom 4 bathroom 2 kitchen home then she lived out on the streets un til she grew so hungruy she got a swiss army knife and kiled the wear wolves and she ate them all then once the mother of the wear wolves have foungd out about the death of her 4 children she went crazy killing sophia her family and friends and destrouying the rest of the town the town was the wearwolves and there mothers new home and then all the dead people that the wearwolves have killlde became ghosts and zombies the ghosts wearwolves zombies and vampires were all friends hade a truce and then they ruled the world killing all human beings and then they all got mad and started war until wearwolves united and ruled the world detcated to my bstie name lilly bella capri plzread her story on the ninth page its so scary and cool i hope you enjoyed plz add me on imaginetown thnx for reading this bye http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif

10-25-2011, 11:31 PM
Once upon atime there was a man who wanted to be ritch and he called the devil.The man promised to the devil that he can take the baby away.The devil made him self invisable so no one can see him at all.The Mum was the problum!The devil pulled the Mums legs in frount of the babys eyes,and went to the basement.The Mum waked up and saw scratchs when she waked up.She wa terafied,super terafied.The man knew what was going on but he didn't tell a single soul.Then there was water everywere in the house,but the father didn't want that deal becasue the deal was the baby.The baby wasn't in the water though becasue,of the devil.Then the baby turned evil had blood cracks and it eyes were super red.P.S.Good luck sleeping.

10-26-2011, 12:57 AM
There was this girl named Elena And she had two friends named Damon and Stefan.So now Damon and Stefan were Vampires and their enemy was a girl named Khatherine.Now Katherine was also a vampire and she looked exzactly like Elena and was Elena's ancestor. Of course she was already dead but she needed someone's blood to not become weak so she can defeat Damon,Stefan and Elena.One day Elena was walking home from highschool with damon and Stefan.Suddenly, Katherine appeared before them and said "I will get the moonstne from you if it's the last thing I do!And something very very bad will happen to you!HAHAHA!". So Stefan suddenly sprang at her but she dissapeared and he fell to the ground.Elena and Damon helped him get up and Stefan said"Oh!Thank God we don't have the moonstone but Dr.Atkinson told me were it is".So Dr.Atkinson was a Witch but prefered to be called a Warlock.Elena said "Let's go we have no time!".So Stefan lead the way and they reached there in like 5 minutes."Down there?". said Elena as they reached a well."Yeah.I'll go down but I'll tell you when to haul me up!".said Stefan.As he slowly reached down,he touched the water and he saw some long leaves and recongnized them.He suddenly shouted very loudely and said"VERVAIN!VERVAIN!GET ME OUT OF HERE!VERVAIN!".Now vervain is a plant that is very bad for vampires.It's like garlic.Then Elena jumped into the well and when she reached down, in the water she found a little golden box and shouted"GET ME UP!I FOUND IT!".Suddenly she heard a hissing sound behind her. When she turned around she screamed and said"DAMON! GET ME OUT OF HERE!THERE IS A WATER SNAKE DOWN HERE!"But he didn't do fast so she died and at the same time Stefan died too! Suddenly Katherine appeared again and killed Damon too and she took the moonstone!Then suddenly dark clouds appeared and she ruled the world!!!!!!! <span class="ev_code_RED">This isn't the end</span> By Lilah Bella Starbright. It is real! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/59.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/crackwhip.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/halo.gif http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

10-26-2011, 11:21 AM
My ghost story!
There was a man and a women in a car and they were driving at knight. They realized they had a flat tire, the man said " I know that we have a spare tire in the boot. Stay here." So he got out the car. The women waited for 10 minutes.
She got bored so she put the radio on. The radio said "Breaking new this man has escaped from looneyland. If you see this man DO NOT go near him" She waited for another ten minutes and opened the window and looked out, she called the man's name but he didn't reply. She tried again but still no reply. Suddenly she heard a BANG, BANG, BANG on the roof. She got worried. She heard it again BANG, BANG, BANG she got really scared so she called the police, they told her to stay in the car until they got here. A few minutes later she saw a light coming out of the alleway, she knew it was the police. They shouted " Get out the car, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT look behind you!" So she did what they said. When she reached them she looked behind her and there was the mad killer who had escaped on her roof. A knife in one hand and the man's head in the other!

10-26-2011, 02:11 PM
The lights flickered in the dark misty night. I thought it was just a power outage since our house is so old..... Until i heard a voice. "I'm coming to get you there's no escaping, Ivy" "www who's there, i sputtered?" Ha ha ha a voice cackled. It's me your twin sister Anna. I don't have a twin sister. "That was before i killed myself. I was jealous that mom was having another baby when i was 10 so i killed myself because i hated you so i wouldn't have to see you" siad the voice. But why? Why today? There's no escaping now. Mooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she can't hear you. I was prancing frantically around teh house. Please no anna i begged. Too late . So taht afternoon, i packed all my things and ran away from home to a secret cave i found. That night, she saw a ghost figure, and tried to run but a knife slashed into her and she was killed. Ivy know hunts her sister and looks for revenge. The rest is history.........

By: Megan Glitzy

10-26-2011, 05:55 PM
These stories are amazing. I love Halloween!

For those of you that asked how you submit a story, just write a story and post it as a reply to this thread! Simple as that!

Good luck!

10-26-2011, 08:21 PM
Originally posted by meggengirl:
in a far far away in the middle of nowwhere there lived 3 people.they were witchs they eat people on halloweens every 3000 years.so the year 3000 came but 2 bad children didnt konw so when the peaple warn them they never listen they thought it was a prank.so they desided to go some where it scary.the witchs were waiting for someone to come then BOOM they heard the kids.the kids heard someone laughing but they ignore it.the witches deside to get ready for their dinner so they took their knife."get ready to eaaaaat my friends" said the witch in a spooky voice.the kids desided to split up one went to the right the other to the left.the witches got the one that went to the right CHAQUM BOOM BLOOD WAS EVERY WHERE the wiches were laughing the last kid was melted by their heat spell.the witches were celebrating they loved halloween then couldnt wait to get the others in another 3000 years.


10-26-2011, 09:34 PM
The Forest of Ghosts

I run as fast as I can into the woods. I stop by the old balete tree. I remember the old stories and rumors I heard from my neighbors and relatives. I thought they only said that to make me scared. But I was wrong. As I stopped to take a breath I heard rustling by the bushes.I walked slowly holding my breath. I peek,but see nothing. I slowly back away.Then I heard it again.Now I run.Then I see my friend,Annie,near a cave shouting for me to come inside. As I enter, I see Annie vanish into thin air. I was so freaked out. I kept on hearing voices all around me. Inside, I tell myself," This is all just a dream.I'm sure Annie has a very good explanation for this".Just then I see a flicker of white all around me. I hear whispers "She has come. Hurry, we must prepare!!" Then, I feel something hold my hands and feet. I struggle to let go. But they were to strong. Then I heard those voices again.
" Welcome! We have been expecting you"." Let me go!!" I scream. " Do you ever think we will let you go? But you have just arrived.
You haven't received proper hospitality yet". Just as I was about to scream,They bind me with ropes and tie me to the rocks." Where is the jar!!" I received a present from my aunt from Translyvania. It was a jar with white smoke inside. There was a note attached to it. It said "Keep this at close at hand.For this shall ever be band!!!".I had kept it in the secret compartment in my closet."I have no idea what you're talking about"." My dear, the jar your vampire aunt gave you!!"."Vampire???" I thought " My aunt is a vampire??".
"Yes!" As if reading my mind " Your vampire aunt gave you the leader of the ghosts!"." Let me go" I say." Never! Not until you give us the jar". " I don't have it!" I scream. I felt the bonds tighten around me. " Ahh!!!!!!!!" I scream in pain. "Yes" Screamed the ghost."Not until you give us the jar those bonds shall tighten against your body until you cease to exist!."Don't have it!" I feel the bonds tighten against my body." Tell me now or else!"." Or else what" I say. " Or else we shall watch you crumble into dust".
" Tell me , why do you need that jar"." Why , to let our leader be free and rule the world of ghosts"." We shall see the end of those vampires! Especially those werewolves. A new era has begun! The era of the ghosts!". I heard cheering all around me." Now the only thing standing in my way is you and your vampire aunt"." No! I shall never tell you"." We shall see about that!".I feel the bonds getting tighter around me.Until I saw myself disolving into dust.Evil laughter filled the cavern.
I woke up in a jolt in my bed. I rush to my closet and open the secret compartment.I see the jar still billowing with smoke. I sigh with relief."It was all just a dream.I'm still alive.Annie might be too". Then I hear distant laughter.Near the forest...Suddenly the door opens and a flicker of white grabs my legs.I scream.Then it opens my eyes. I woke up in my bed.I sat up and look around. I go to the closet and still see the jar. I hear my mom say " Honey! Breakfast is ready!" With relief I go down stairs and shut the door. Ready to start another day.


"Sir, we have located the house"." Excellent. We shall search for our king if its the last thing we do!". Cold laughter ripples across the room.

<span class="ev_code_RED"> The End???</span>


By Annabeth Feisty Trendsetter

10-27-2011, 06:17 AM
It was a cold October night and my friends and I wanted to go to the "haunted" house.So we went in the hunted house the town built.It was super funny it wasn't even scary.So I said,"how about we go to dead man Jone's house?"Every single person said yeah if it is haunted, we will finally get a scare.As we walked up to the door it swung open.That made us jump.So as we walked in it slam shut.We were going to jump, but we heard a voice.So we followed the voice into the voice into the kitchen.there was some one in there, it was dead man Jones!He turned around,and yelled "why are you in my house!"?So we all saw his face.It was all cut up and his throat was slit,and we all yelled "ah."We turned and ran.We were so scared we ran all the way to our houses.As we all slam our door's and I ran to my room.I was so scared.So I got my phone and called one of my friend's that came with us.She picked up.She said she was so scared.I said I have never been so scared.My mom came in so I have to go.My mom asked what happened I said nothing.That night I saw dead man Jones ghost.I was so scared that I woke up.I was so happy it was a dream.

10-27-2011, 07:30 AM
one upon a time there lived a young women named layla.she lived on the far end of warwick. one day she went to the post office and when she opened the door she fell into a pit of asps, boaconstricters and anocondas. there was a steap rock that she climbed up but an asp grabed her legs and it pulled her down and all the snakes feasted on her and left her bones to fossilise. The same happend to her son herhusbend and the only one of the fammily sivived was the daghter who now lives in a very nice carehome.or is it? THE END?????????????? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/icon_twisted.gif

10-27-2011, 11:32 AM
The history of the white lady
it was her wedding day she slept everyone woke me she was still asleep everyone thought she was dead so he is alive but enteral Advent Atach it is a rope that connected a bell one night we heard the bell of his mother in a mirror in her white dress that's why we apellons the Damme Blanche!
I hope you like it! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

10-27-2011, 05:40 PM

One time therte was a little girl ina grocery store with a cart piled high with the bloodiest meat you could find.She took it home to her mother.Her mother was very pleased with her.Tthat night they had a feast.They didnt touch the meat.What they wanted was the blood.The little girl was so full she went straight to bed.As the next couple of days past people started dissapearing.First was granny smith.Next was the mayor then the janitor from my hotel.I finally figured out they were VAMPIRES!!!!I wanted to scream everybody run for your lives but then every one would think I was crazy and my mom would send me to a hospital for the mentally unstable.Then I figured it out.my mom was going on a date tonight and wouldnt be home until late.Iwent online and found some ways to kill vampires including:garlic,holywater,crosses hawthorn branches wooden stakes and mustard seeds.Ifound everything I needed then my mom left.I went to the vampires house.There was noone home so i put mustard,garlic,andholywater in the dinner on the stove.I hong the hawthorn and the cross by the dinnertable.Then I hid.I started to dig through my bag looking for the wooden stake but I forgot it at home.The next minute they were home.Thelittle girl sat down at the dinnertable.No effect what so ever.Themother sat down with dinner.They ate it and nothing happened.I was wrong.As far as the missing people go they were o vacation.It is the middle of July.


10-27-2011, 10:38 PM

On October 31 that year, Elizabeth Ween was casually walking down the street. Suddenly, she felt a chill. She thought nothing of it since nighttime was falling and pulled her coat tighter. A few minutes later, she felt a poke at her back. She turned around and looked around. No one was there. she could see a shadow right behind her though, but it was not hers. Now she was truly terrified and ran away. But she felt a force like a magnet pulling her in the opposite direction towards a towering, large house. She screamed loudly, but no one was there. When the magnet-force succeeded in pulling her in, it locked the door. Elizabeth lay there weeping. A few seconds later though, she heard wicked cackles. The girl fainted and opened her eyes hours later. What she saw was indescribable. She saw a creature with hair like string and a long pointy hat. It had green skin and piercing yellow eyes. It looked ugly but absolutely horrifying. She also saw something flickering; it seemed white, but she wasn’t sure. She continued hearing voices in her head. She screamed and screamed but the noises seemed to get louder and louder. Now no one knows what happened next, but a few hours later many people went into the house. They didn’t see anything except for blood splattered everywhere and the dead Elizabeth Ween lying in the hall. On that day, October 31 was officially declared Halloween in honor of the girl who died that horrible night.

10-28-2011, 12:09 AM
The Spooky Surprise

One day, I was going to my friend’s house on Friday after school, and as I slowly climbed the stairs, I heard the boards creak, and was terrified, but I had climbed the last of the stairs, and carefully turned the doorknob, and inside I saw that there was a Halloween and late birthday party for me.

10-28-2011, 03:41 AM
The Haunted Cottage
There was once a happy couple. The husband's name is Tom and the wife is Anna. Sadly, after a month of their marriage, Anna died because of cancer. Tom was very http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-sad.gif. After 5 years of depression,Tom met a woman named Amy who seems to be perfect to be his next wife. They soon got married together.They live in a cottage which Tom built for Anna before, it is also where he used to live with Anna. They lead a happy life until the couple decided to move to a bigger house. That's because Amy is now pregnant. One day, Amy went downstairs to the basement to wash some clothes while Tom was upstairs with a real-estate agent to discuss about the selling of the cottage. When Amy was about to wash a shirt, she saw a mysterious shadow on the wall other than her. She turned around to look. Surely, there was a woman about her age standing on the wooden stairs. She was wearing a loose white dress and covered with <span class="ev_code_RED">blood</span>. The woman said in a creepy voice:" DO NOT SELL MY HOUSE!" and keep repeating what she said. Amy was very terrified that she dropped the basket full of clothes and screamed as loud as she can. Tom came running down to the basement in a rush. "What's wrong, Amy?" Tom asked "Th-Th-there's a creepy woman st-st-standing there just now. I think it's a g-g-ghost." Amy said in a trembling shocked voice. Tom brought Amy upstairs to the living room with the real-estate agent. "Perhaps it's better to see me in another time. Contact me when you're ready." the agent said. After the agent left, Amy described how does the ghost looks like and Tom instantly knew it was Anna. He told all about Anna to Amy. Therefore, they are absolutely positive to move to a bigger house. After 2 weeks, they finally move to a bigger house. Amy went to the hospital to get some pregnancy medical check-up. Tom was on the way to the hospital when a weird car accident happened. The car accident cause him to die. Meanwhile, at the hospital room, Amy was waiting patiently for Tom alone. Suddenly, the ghost Amy had seen before(Anna),appeared at the corner of the room out of nowhere. Anna came close to Amy and tried to kill her. Amy tried to defend herself but she wasn't strong enough and so she died.
THE END ( hope you like it )

10-28-2011, 02:28 PM
The ghost woman
One day a man was driving down the road.He saw a foggy object floating in the air. the object slowly drifted to the side walk and as the man got closer he could tell it was a woman.The woman said she was lost and also that she was twenty. the man took her to her house and the girls parents said that she had died two years ago.Then the girl just vanished into thin air.Now every time he goes past the house the man will see the girl and her family. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif

10-28-2011, 03:09 PM

Whatever you do if you don't believe in Ghosts keep it to yourself....

Well, there i was alone in my house on halloween I was never really interested in the halloween festivities. Eventhough this year i promised myself to be different about the whole thing It was always going to haunt me but what could i do, i just didn't believe the lies, the torment about Ghosts. I am sure to tell you my life changed forever, this is how i came to believe what you say people can hear you even the dead.

One night I heard rappings, I felt chills and I witnessed shadows moving through the room. I turned to go back to my room when I was confronted with the image of someone dressed in white from head to toe. It stood six inches off the ground and the face was pale; eyes hollow and black. Its bony finger pointed at me shakily and anger emanated from it very clearly and very intensely. Of course I was terrified at the sight and didn't know what to do. After all, I was alone and it was dark. So I did the most stupid, foolish thing I could think of. I went back to my laptop and kept writing my story.

I blazed on my keyboard, slurping my soda and getting every mental image I could put into words as quickly as possible. After a time, I decided to stop for just a short break to stretch my legs, and a picture in the hall crashed to the floor. This told me that stopping was the wrong move, so I returned to my keys once again. I just kept writing and writing and writing. They were there, I knew it and I knew that they knew what I was doing. They even knew what I was thinking.And while most of the activity stopped after I finished the story, a few of them have stayed behind. I know they're here. Once you know how they feel, you never forget it and once you've stepped over the line, you can't pretend it never happened.

Really. It's in your best interest.

Because once you step over the line and start to believe, you are in for a ride that will change your life.

But that ride comes with a price.


10-28-2011, 03:31 PM
One day a mom bought her daughter, Sally a doll and the doll had 2 fingers up and the mom thought the doll was making a peace sign. So she bought it. Sally hated it so much that she put it on the street in hope that someone would take it. That night she heard her bedroom door open and someone whisper,"Sally, I'm on the first step." The next night Sally heard,"Sally i'm on the second step." The next night she heard,"Sally i'm on the third step." So on and so fourth. Then for some of the following nights she kept hearing her bedroom door open. Then one night she heard the doll right next to her saying,"Sally i'm here." The next day her mom found Sally on her bed with the doll on top of her with a knife in her hand and her daughter was dead. Later that day she realized that the doll had three fingers up.

10-28-2011, 04:49 PM
a family went out 1 night and left a babysitter with there baby.Half an hour after the babysitter put the baby to bed it started crying so the babysitter went in to its room and saw a life size clown doll standing at the end of the room.So the babysitter rang the parents and said there was a life size clown in its room.The parents said that they never bought that because the new that the baby did not like clowns.When the babysitter got back into the room the clown was standing next to the baby witch was dead frowning.......................................... ....
And that was the last anyone ever saw the baby and the babysitter

10-28-2011, 05:08 PM
Title: The Woods

Once I went into the woods. My friends were with me until they went and chased a bunny. They told me they'd be back. I waited and waited. They didn't come. I searched the woods for them and I found the bunny they were chasing. Then I heard screams from the darkest part of the woods. I followed the noise and I stopped. Shadows filled the clearing. Three of them were still while the others ran around recklessly. I thought it was a dream. I was wrong. I ran away in search of my friends. I saw one bone lying on the ground with blood on it. I thought it was an animal bone, but then I saw hair bands and strips of blonde and brown hair on the bone. I looked closer and there they were. Three skeletons lying on the ground. My friends, gone. I ran to Mr. Apple and told him what happened. As I led him to the site I felt a hand push on my back and a sharp blade lightly pushing on my neck. As I turned around it pushed harder and harder. I turned quickly around and there he was. Mr. Apple, the murderer of my friends. He held it high and BAM!!!! It all went black........... http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/sadeyes.gif

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The Ghost named Abbey
"Smash!"That was the noise I heard when I woke up this morning.I realized that it was Halloween morning so I said to myself,"It's probably my brother,Lewis.He's a HUGE Halloween fan.So,I went, half-asleep,to Lewis' room.He was sleeping,snoring actually.
Then I heard the noise again,"Smash!"It was coming from upstairs.Probably my parents.So I went to their room.I thought,Sweet,sweet revenge!There always shouting at me for breaking stuff,now I'm gonna catch THEM!When,I got there,they too were sleeping!What was going on?
By now,I was awake!Then,I heard it again,"Smash!"It was coming from the attic.Lewis told me it was <span class="ev_code_RED">haunted</span> so I never went there since I was seven years old.I was scared,but my fear was too weak for my curiosity.
To continue...

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<span class="ev_code_RED">Halloween Night</span>
A DAY IS A FAMILY TRAVEL IN FULL HALLOWEEN IN A HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST, when they arrive it was too late, so they went to bed, dinner and went to their beds, but they can not sleep because of noise from the kitchen , GIRLS THAT WERE 10 AND 5 YEARS, BELLA AND LINDY , THEN THE BROTHER OF 11 YEARS, THE Michael said:
He starts getting GOON, A GHOST CAME FROM NOTHING AND TOOK HIM, The girls started to scream, PARENTS WERE RUNNING FOR FOOD, BUT were caught by GHOST.
THE BellA said:
The girl said:
-Take it easy, you will find a home, BEFORE COMPLETING 14 YEARS!
BELLA AND LINDY The Orphanage from running
And starts a INTURMAR fast!
THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY BOUGHT THE HOUSE THAT WAS THE PARENTS HOUSE PASSED THEM WHEN THE HOLIDAYS disappears, only destroyed the kitchen and made a loft to be more useful because it had 2 KITCHENS.
Bell said:
LINDY found a broom on the floor and felt-upon it and fell.
Bell said:
LINDY BEGAN TO FLY AND APPEARED VASOURA a witch's hat on her head from nowhere.
I'm flying, I AM A WITCH!
Witch said:
Witch said:
-WELCOME TO SCHOOL of witches and wizards
Witch said:
Witch said:
And ran into their room
Witch said:
BELLA AND LINDY enter the room, FULL OF TABLES FORMING A family tree
Witch said:
BellA said:
-I have seen the movie Harry Potter!
Witch said:
Witch said:
Witch said:
-We end up with this woman! MUAHAHAHA
Witch said:
Witch said:
Bell said:

Witch said:

BellA said:
Witch said:
Witch said:
I WILL TEACH lifting, shook WAND, let your mind and rest assured EMPTY! BELLA YOU FIRST TRY!
Bella starts to shake the wand, LEFT EMPTY MIND AND WAS easier, would lift objects
Witch said:
Bell said
Witch said:
-YES, you are ready, you will find yourself, go to WITCH-mountain, the greatest and most dangerous mountain in the world HALLOWEEN
The fairy said:
Bell said:
Bell said:
How do you know that needs to go for witch-Mountain
The fairy said:
-I read MINDS KNOW! Then go up the mountain! DIAMOND IS AT THE TOP

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Scarlett Katie Blazer is a 13 year old girl who used to live on a dead end…..
I moved here to start a new life after my dad and mom got a new job in this state called Oregon. I loved my new house because it was pretty. When I went in I noticed the paint on the house was coming off but you could barely notice it. I started a 3rd diary since my other two were to full but then, like nothing I had dreams of me dying in my new old rugged house. But this night I knew I would change my cold life…. It was an October cold night and I had decided to go with my brother Tyler to an early Halloween party. My brother was already there because I decided to go late because I was so tired I was standing beside the fire place writing in my diary when my page flew in the fire I went to catch it and I burn my hand I screamed in pain to the sink I wash my hand then I saw the horses in the barn I forgot about the pain and went outside because the horses were acting very strange the lamp in the hay had fallen and had catch the hay on fire Tyler or I must’ve left it on I thought then I got all the horses out in the field far away from the fire but when I looked in to check if I had gotten them all my jacket was long and had caught on fire so I took it off and stepped away I was seeing black so I started to cough then the darkness got worse so I tried moving away but then I fainted then after one hour I lifted up and I was looking at my body burning I stepped away mad I now lurk the house to protect my family and take revenge on people who were mean to me and I mostly took revenge on my brother because of what he did to that lamp ……….

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The Ghost of Balete Drive There were two people(lovers) who drove at Balete Drive. Suddenly, their car broke down. The guy said, "Wait here,I'm going to get some gas. Don't let anybody in this car." the girl was very scared but nodded. A few minutes passed. An hour passed and she heard an old man saying,"Open the door." "No."she said. Then the old man waved her Boyfriend's head. She screamed. The old man was laughing gleefully as he shook the keys to the car. He unlocked the car and killed the girl. From this day on, she stays in Balete Drive waiting for her boyfriend to return. THE END.

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october 31 night a child wos looking for ketchup. he didn't find ketchup and he thought that wos similar to blood.
he got some blood and gave it to his mother. when he went to bed, he heard a voice, it was the voice of the gost he stole blood.the gost caught the child and took him away.
in the morning his parents started to look for him but couldn't find him. they cried a lot and they are still looking for him. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/bigtears.gif

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this story is about a orphan who liked her foster parents but there was one problem they were vampires!!!!so one day when one day when the little girl was sleeping the vampires went into the girls room and sucked her blood and from that day on the girl was never the same since her foster parents sucked her blood she was turned into a vampire and when her freinds came over there was a strange screaming sound when they came to check itthere was a writing on the wall that said escape while you can [CO [/CODE] eek

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Amber By:sarah glitzy paris

Oh, you hear the stories about how dangerous Ouija boards are, but hey—it’s just a game. Mary waited until midnight to begin our little game, and the four of us—Sarah, Jessie, me, and, Mary, started by asking all kinds of silly questions.

It was a strange-looking board, covered with letters and symbols. There was a plastic pointer that was supposed to move across the board at the behest of the spirits. The instructions called it a planchette.

Around one thirty in the morning, the planchette suddenly froze in Mary’s hand. It wouldn’t move, no matter how much we pushed and pulled.

Mary turned her frightened blue eyes toward me. “I’m not doing it,” she said, lifting her hands. I grabbed the planchette myself and tried to push it around, but it was fixed to the board.

Suddenly, a kind of electric shock buzzed through my fingers. I gasped and tried to pull my fingers from the planchette, but they were stuck. Mary and Jessie both tried to pull my fingers away, nothing helped. The other girls stared with wide, round eyes, as the planchette came alive under my fingers—which were still fixed to its surface—and began to move.

“Help.” The words spelled out under my hand. “Help me. Help me.”

The planchette kept moving back and forth between the h – e – l – p continuously, until Sarah cried out: “Who are you?”

“Amber.” The board spelled. “My name is Amber. I am eight years old.”

“What’s wrong?” Mary asked. Her face was so white all the freckles stood out like darkened age spots.

“Water. Danger. Help. Scared.” The words spelled out as fast as my hand could move.

“Call 9-1-1,” Mary cried suddenly. “Quick. Amber is in danger.”

By this time, Sarah was gasping into the phone. Then she hung up the phone. “They wouldn’t listen to me,” she told us, almost in tears.

At that instant, my hand was suddenly free from the planchette.

“She’s gone,” I gasped,

“See if you can contact her again,” Mary said urgently. “We need to know if she’s okay!”

I picked up the plastic planchette again. “Amber, are you there?” I asked softly, afraid of what might happen.

After a long pause, it moved slowly across the board and spelled out the words: “Too late.” And after another long pause. “Water. Flood. Drowned. Mobile. Alabama.” The planchette stopped.
I knew that Amber was gone.

None of us got much sleep that night. In the morning, we rushed through breakfast and then looked up the Alabama news on the Internet. None of us were surprised to read that there had been flash floods the night before. I read the names of those who had died in the flood. One of the victims was an eight-year-old girl named Amber.

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i was just coming out from the resturaunt that me and my high school friends meet at.i was talking to the owner that was going to give me a job.As i was walking out i see this thing in the air that says my name.It says "mary i am stalking you".I call the police right away but it is too late,the sign is already gone.I think to myself "am i seeing stuff?".BUT HOLD ON!there it is again.I say to myself" now this is getting creapy.So i take off in my mustang,driving as fast as i can.I was terrifide!I ran up to my moms front door going"MOM!MOM!MOM!LET ME IN! no answer. so i had no choice but to use the emergency key my mom hid under the door mat.As i am unlocking the door, i see blood on the walls and on her brand new white refrigerater. I say to myself "were is mom.the house is quite still.as i walk to my moms bedroom i hear "GET AWAY!GET AWAY! GET AWAY YOU CREEP! DONT GET ANY CLOSER!!"It sounds like my moms voice but it is just her tv.she loves watching soup aprus.As i get in closer to he bed the vlood stops at the closet door.So i open it up there she is uncousence.I try to call 911 but my phone is dead.i walk over to her phone but the cord is cut.i bring her body to my car i turn the key but it just wwont start!!!!!!!!!!!!I start to panick. so i say " guess i am going to have to go bye foot.!so i finally get to the hospitl there is nobody there! i dont know what to do.this is sos so so so so so so so so so so creepy!!i say 'no no no no no no no this cant be happening i guess i will sleep at my moms house tonight.so i am sleeping.when i hear "maaaarrrrryyyy maaarrry' and "i know your here come out nd your death will be less painfull.come out come out werever you are"I hide in my moms closett.i think "how would anybody know i am here,the lights arent on,the key is hid. OH NO!! my car! i am so stupid!! uhhh they know what my car looks like!so i am dead the next thing i know!but just a sec. this may seenm real but i wake up and my eyes are full of tears.i say"whooo,thank god that was just a dream!

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Here is my story...

Nightmare of Scare
original story by Aunella Willow
Hello fellow readers!I know that all of us love Halloween because the costumes,fun,and candy of course!But this Halloween that I will tell you about might have been the worst one for me yet!Now if you want a good scare and a chill to run through your bone keep reading,but if you're scared of ghosts and monsters don't bother to continue.Now anyways it all started like this....I was upstairs still doing last minute packing since we were moving to a new town named after our family.Anyways my mom was downstairs talking to the guys who were gonna haul out all our bags and stuff.My mom called me downstairs to ask if I was ready.I told her 'Umm almost!' When I was done packing I hurried and carried my bags downstairs. We finally got left and it took us about 12 minutes to get there.We stopped right in front of a beautiful mansion.We got out of the vehicle and I thought how can people have left this beautiful town,well without the rust and dirty things all over the buildings!'Where do we put your stuff at mam?' said the guys in the truck.My mom answered back 'In front of that mansions gate please!'After the guys left we started unpacking and it took us all day.By the time we were done packing it was already 10:56!So mom ordered pizza since it was too late to cook dinner.After we ate dinner we went straight to bed.The next day we worked on the cafe across the street the whole entire day.When it was 8:00pm mom cooked dinner.We had baked potatoes with steak!Yumm!The next day I couldn't find my mom anywhere!I called her like a million times,I even called her friends,and my friends!But there wasn't any answer that could help me find her.I looked all over for her around the town even in the dumpster bin!But no hope or help was to be found to see where mom was.The truck is in front of the mansion,so she must be here somewhere!I ran inside crying.I ran into my mom's room and it was all just white walls and no furniture!I looked a little closer to the corner of the room and I saw blood and a knife on the floor!I ran out screaming outside and when I reached outside the mansion gate was closed!I didn't even close it when I came in crying!I turned around and saw my mom...But she was a zombie!!!I started to scream and cry at the same time.I ran screaming into the house.I locked the door and ran into the bathroom upstairs and locked that door too.I was wiping the tears out of my eyes in the mirror when I saw a mysterious shadow in the mirrow too.I looked closely and it was a ghost!!!It had a knife in it's hand too!It was the same one from my room!!I screamed and ran out the door.I looked outside the window and I saw monsters running around the yard trying to bust in the house!Finally they kicked the door down and saw me standing upstais frozen.The next thing what happened was I was knocked out by some old man hobo that died in his human body and became alive again in his human body,but not a zombie.When I opened up my eyes again I was in a clear dark room.It was in the basement.I was chained up to a chair.I heard a creaking sound on the steps in the room above me.I heard the door slam open.An evil ghostly voice whispered to me "You have what we want,and what we want is you!"I answered back and said "I'll never die for you!!You turned my mother into a zombie and you've scared me so many times!!!Never!!" The ghost stopped talking.I couldn't hear anything at all.It was so quiet in there that if a needle dropped to the ground I could hear it!My hands were tied behind the chair with chains so I couldn't move them that much.Suddenly my wrist started to hurt badly.I heard the chains fall off from the chair.I put my hands in front of me and looked at my wrists and they were bleeding!Th ghost was in front of me and had the knife in his hand with blood on it.He started to laugh with a very deep voice evil laugh.He looked at me with a laughing evil face.I wanted to cry but I knew I had to show them that I can't be defeated by some monsters.I started to pinch myself thinking it was all just a dream.But it didn't work,it was reality.I lost alot of blood so I passed out.While I was out I felt something that hurt really bad.It wasn't my wrist either..It was my heart!!!I was back "alive" then I relized something.I was looking strange.I was..I was..a monster!!!I ran out of the basement screaming and crying.I ran into the bathroom and saw myself.Suddenly the ghost came behind me and he stabbed me in the back.I felt my heart being ripped out.He ripped out my heart quickly and turned it into stone,then put it on a display case in the hall like a piece of carved rock.I started to feel evil cause my heart was gone.I saw blood dripping down from my back.I knew that I was still that good girl and that I had to get it back!I walked to the living room area where all the monsters were including the ghost.They thought I was a regular monster.I listened to the ghost speak about what they're gonna do with me,cause they were thinking I was in that dark room.I heard them talking about turning me into a ghost.I ran outside and pushed the gate with all my strength and it opened.I ran all the way to where we used to live.I went inside and fell down on the floor,I passed out again.When I came back "alive" everything was back to normal!We were at our old house getting ready to move in.It was deyja vu!I didn't even do all the things I did before I ran downstairs hugged my mom and ran to that old town.I went inside the house and got bitten by a black widow.There,right there!A ghost family appeared right in front of me and welcomed me to the house.They told me about Brutus.The ghost who didn't like anybody and if anyone messed with him he'd plot and plan to kill or hurt them later in a few days.They told me he lived nside the closet of my room.I thought oh great!Another wild adventure!The 4 kids ran upstairs pulling me by the arms showing me my room.It was a beautiful room!It had pink polka dotted wallpaper,with a canopy over the bed that had light pink sheets.It was very beautiful.They're was 2 closets too.They both looked alike.One was where Brutus lived and one was where all my clothes were.I had to guess which one was mine.I picked the wrong one too!I picked the one where Brutus stayed.It was 2 days and finally Brutus hurt me badly.While I was sleeping he crept out and cut my legs with a knife.Cut as in made marks with it.I passed out again and came back to when I was a monster.I finally got enough courage to fight the evil ghost.I walked straight up to him and took something out of my pocket.I didn't even know it was there but I reached in there and put my hand in there for a little while and said "So you think this is funy?!My life is ruined because of you!I know you've had your time to live as a ghost and now your times up!I may look ugly,but at least I have a heart! ... Wait no I don't have a heart beacuse you took it out!But I used too!So I know what love means!"The ghost responded back "OK,OK!I know I've been evil to you and others but I have a reason for all of it.Ok,so my brother named Brutus,well he and I always used to fight with eacg other.Then one day when we got into a bad fight,so we then decided not to talk to each other anymore.After that happened Brutus has lived in this mansion for 3 years in the girl's guest bedroom.He never came out either.He killed himself and he became a ghost in that closet.He called himself the boogie man,since he lived in a closet.Anyways he's not int here anymore cause I wanted to make him more mad by turning him into a zombie.But as a zombie he killed himself again and then went to the graveyard and buried himself so he wouldn't be a ghost or monster anymore.So that's why I'm evil..Cause my brothe hates me.I told him "That's no reason to be evil!"He started to get his hypnotism watch out of his pocket.Before he started to hyponotise me I pulled out something I didn't even know that was in my pocket...It was a lighter.The house was dark and I read from a book that monsters and ghosts were afraid of light.I pressed down the button and as soon as the fire came out I threw it in the air and still lit with fire,it fell on the ground and it started a fire with light!All the monsters disappeared.So did the ghost,I ran outside to open the water hose and put out the fire.I fell on the couch and fell asleep.When I woke back up I found myself on my bed sleeping.My mom was calling me to come eat breakfast then finish packing up.Later when I got done we were in the vehicle we were gonna drive.I smiled and looked at our house knowing that that dream wasn't gonna happen or maybe it would!Mysterious Mysteries!But ever since that dream I had I've had courage,bravery,and I learned that when you get defeated that you can rise up and try again.
Hope you like my story!Please comment below if you like it! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

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Once upon a time in a smallvillage, was a girl named Terrison. She was only 15 and she went into this haunted house.It has been there for 2000 years.When she knocked on the door,it all of a sudden opened up. The girl just walked right in with confidence.When she saw a stairway of stairs,she started stepping one by one.When she reached the 5th step, wicked voice started saying,"Get out of here little girl!"She threw up a little inside,but kept going.Once again on the 10th step,when Terrison stepped on it two large pumpkins from above started flling from the ceiling.She did a little scream and suddenly started runnung up the steps before anything else happens.On the 15th step a cherry pie came down the steps but in the air.The girl started getting frightned.The pie then "flew" onto a desk and then crashed on the girl's hair. "MY HAIR!!!"Says the girl.Finally she finished on the 20th step.All of a sudden a man with a ax chasd her to a dark bedroom,locked her in,and left in a flash.A strange voice started saying,"Leave or else...." The "person" then grabbed Terrison's hand and then Terrison realized...A GHOST IS GRABBING MY HAND OH MY GOODNESS AGHOST IS TOUCHONG ME AHH HELP I GOT TO CALL THE UFO,911,411,MY MOM AHHH HELP MEEEEE!!! To be continued...

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One day I walked over to the playground at my local park. It was starting to drizzle slowly. Then, I saw them. There was one little girl and two older girls. One of the older girls looked like the little girl's sister. I was standing about 30 feet away from them. So, the little girl seemed to be screaming at her sister. Then she ran up and started climbing the play set. The sister started climbing up after her. That's when I noticed the blood. The other older girl ran away, but didn't notice me. When the older sister got up, they both slipped on the younger girl's blood. The older sister fell first. I think she fractured her skull. She just was lying there, motionless. But, the worse part was the younger sister. She was falling, falling, and I thought she was going to hit hard. But, she never hit. The girl sank right THROUGH THE GROUND! I screamed and ran away. The next day I searched the newspaper for them... and I found BOTH of the sisters there. They were both dead. I found out that their names were Lucy and...

Are you ready for this...

Are you sure...

Last chance...

OK. Here goes...

The younger girl's name was...


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Once upon a time, there was a prince who was in love with a princess from a different country. He would fantasize about her falling in love with him but he knew that would never happen. He slowly learned that she had no clue who he was, for all she was concerned he was a peasant.

He devised a scheme to get her to notice him. The prince called for the best witch in all the land and in exactly 30 days he got what he wanted. The witch arrived by smoke in the prince's chambers. The prince was overjoyed that she had arrived.

"Thank you! Thank you!" he cried. "I need some magic to get a princess to notice me."

The old witch cackled and disappeared rapidly. The prince became miserable that the witch left that quickly but little did he know she was working on a potion of her own. She was working on one that would turn every person in 100 feet of the princess to turn into a zombie.

After she finished with the potion for the girl, she made one for the boy. The witch made a potion for the boy that would make him immune to the first potion.

The witch delivered the two potions and watched as they worked their magic. The princess quickly fled the castle looking for someone that could save her. The prince had no idea that this was happening and he hoped that the potion that the witch would make a love potion for the them.

The princess ran day and night and finally came across the prince's castle. She quickly rushed into the castle. She searched the castle for someone to save her and found the prince. He didn't turn into a zombie like all the others but by that time there were too many zombies to fight.

They both accepted their deaths knowing that they had found the perfect match. Slowly the zombies devoured them. The two royals turned into zombies as well and were destined to an eternity basking in the warmth of each other's love.

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Once upon a time,there was a little girl named ella she did not know her and her famliy were the living dead but as she passed the grave yard into the castle and theree were her father and mother and they said "darling come come as i crown you princess of the land" her mother said evaly.The next morning she went outside with sun screen and there was the prince jake he whould not even talk to her as ella passed the prince said " you you as a princess you a such a problem".That night the princess went out i looked for her dinner she sall a rabbit and bit of the neck the blod of the rabbit was tasty to her as she went back carrying th rabbit. wait in tel chapter two plz coments. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/icon_twisted.gif

Posted Sun October 30 2011 12:28

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chapter two

"ahhhh what are you doing here lalay"ella said "well i'm going to kill you as well as your famliy"lalay said "you won't kill my famliy you won't understand" ella said 'NO NOW DIE" lalay said lalay took out her sord and chased after ella but ella jumped and bit thr bird the bird attcked lalay then lalay jumped but she missed ellathen ella bit down on lalay's neck then lalay was dieing slowly and said " we use to be friends tel now'the next morning to be continued.......

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one very stormy night, there was a very scary hunted house in that house lived 1000 Ghosts! in that very house. every halloween when children are out they never ever go there for that one of the children around the area went there one halloween and and said" trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat" the 1000 GHOSTS!had a treat from him. The boy died that very night and so no one every gose there.But one day a little boy about three years old he didn't know about the boy and went to the house and said"trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat" the 1000 GHOSTS! ate that little boy up and the little boy was never seen again so never ever go to that House if you dare and you will dieeeeeeeeeeee that not all you well never live again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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The Whispering Liar

One day a girl returned home from school. She was very excited because her class was going to a 3 day trip to a old castle. Her friends all told her that the castle was haunted and had ghosts that had been there for decades. But, of course she didn't believe them!
The next day her class was headed off to the castle. As soon as the bus was getting closer to the castle, the girl started feeling sick and was hearing weird noises. But she ignored them. When her class was exploring the attic, the girl saw a picture that had her face on it. She screamed a scream that could be heard all over the country. Her friends went up to her and was trying to figure out what happened. The girl pointed to the same picture that she freaked out at but her face was no longer there. Instead there was an old lady's face. Now this girl was starting to believe her friends and rushed out of the attic. It had been a long day for the girl so she and her room mate went to their rooms. The girl's room mate went out to get something. So she was alone. She shut her eyes for a moment and suddenly heard her name being whispered. "Emily, Emily, come with me, Emily..." Emily freaked out and tried getting out of the room but the door was locked. now what was she so post to do? So with all her courage she asked the ghost "What do you want?!" The ghost replied and told Emily to go to the attic and break the picture she saw her face in. Then he will not haunt her anymore. So Emily did what she was told and broke that picture. She breathed a sigh of relief and she was not haunted, for that day. The second day the ghost came back and told Emily to open up a box of spirits in the basement and will really never haunt her again. But, of course he was lying. Th problem was Emily never knew. She did what she was told. And felt her shoulders relax. The next day the ghost came back and Emily started yelling at the ghost. The ghost was laughing his dark and crumbly heart out and ignored Emily. He whispered to her that he swears if she just reaches her hand out , he will never, ever haunt her again. So Emily reached her hand out and the ghost grabbed it and pushed her into this portal. The ghost kept his word and never haunted her again, but that day was the last day anybody saw Emily...

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(this is based on a true story)
Once there were two brother living in London.They were poor with nothing to eat and no where to live.That is until they found the hotel."come on lets go!"Said Charles, who was the oldest
brother."oh no i am NOT going in there!" said Jon. Come on just for tonight, its getting cold!" "oh, alright, but ONLY for tonight." They walked up to the old abandoned hotel. Charles found a crowbar and tried to pry open a window. Once they were Jon immediately wanted to get out! they wandered around looking for a place to sleep,then.... SLAM! "What was that" mumbled Jon. "nothing, stop being a baby!" They found an old dusty room with only one bed."We will have to sleep here." said Charles. The two brother slipped into the bed and fell asleep.Later Jon woke up by the sound. The sound of a witch cackling, and doors slamming. "Charles,Charles wake up!!!" "What?" "I heard something!" Charles got up and searched the room. But said there was nothing there. Then a green blob appeared on the wall! It grabbed Jon and choked him on the wall! Charles did everything he could do,but it was no use!Charles ran out of the room,out of the hotel and tried to jump over the fence that surrounded the hotel.But the green blob caught up,and snatched him as well! Years later while a cop walked along, he stumbled upon a body.He called for backup and they discovered Charles's body and Jon's body....both DEAD!!!

10-30-2011, 06:53 PM
This is my story. I'd like to thank a friend of mine that helped me with the great idea!!! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

Apple Cobbler of Doom

A long time ago, in a universe unlike our own, there were two people living in separate parts of a forest. The boy living in the western part of the forest was named Exile. The other young lad that lived on the Eastern part of the forest was named Void. Exile wanted to bake a pie, for there on that day, was Hallows Eve (also known in our world as “Halloween”). And on Hallows Eve, it was their birthday. Their thirteenth birthday to be exact.

It was a dark, misty night, as it always is on Hallows Eve. While the fire was burning to bake the pie, young Void heard a voice. A voice he had never heard before. It said in these exact words, “My dear young Void, do you not feel a burning sensation in your soul? Can you feel the pain?” Void shouted, “Who’s there? No, I do not feel pain! Leave me at once!!!” The reason why Void was so disturbed on that night was because it was the night that his parents died. The night when he was only 3 months old. He knew not of how or why they died. The mysterious voice repeated once again,” Void! Do you not feel the burning sensation in your own soul?” Void was silent for a while. Now, he did feel it. Tears ran down his face. He asked the voice,”H-how do I stop this, this horrible feeling?” The voice laughed oddly for a while. Do you not remember your only friend Exile? He is baking a pie in honor of both your birthdays. You will shortly hear the phone ring. He will invite you over. A moment later, the phone did ring; And Exile invited him to join their birthday celebration!

After Void agreed to go, the phone wire snapped. The voice said,” Now go. Before that delicious, mouth watering pie gets cold.” Void went on his way over to Exile’s house. Although, on the way he heard voices. Voices ringing in his poor ears. By the time he arrived at Exile’s house, a Scream unlike any screams he had ever heard ran through the forest. Exile ran outside with his oven mitts on. But before he could come up to Void to greet him, the voice said, “Do not mention your pains. The pains in your soul are for you, and you alone to keep secret!” Exile hugged Void. Exile asked Void,” Why are you so pail? Did the journey here scare you?” Void replied,” Did you not hear a scream unlike any scream you have ever heard when I arrived? Exile replied, “Ha! You must be going mad after the smell of our pie!” Void was silent. The two boys went inside. “ I’ll go get the whipped cream and drinks!” exclaimed Exile. As Exile was in the back room, Void could see that this pie was enormous! It covered the entire table!

The voice came back saying, “Do you not smell it? Do you not feel the warmth? Do you not remember the pain and suffering in your soul???… Now, we both know that you can’t resist this Delicious pie. I’m sure that your friend Exile won’t mind if you just take a little piece.” But just as Void came down to take a small bight, Exile heard the loudest scream ever! He could tell that it was his friend Void. He searched all around the house but couldn’t find Void! Then, Exile heard a silent laugh. It was coming from the kitchen, the same place where the pie was. As Exile came closer, the laugh became louder. The pie was still on the table untouched. It got much colder. The pie looked as if it had an evil grin. Exile believed it was just his eyes playing tricks. But no. The pie, which was the evil, mysterious voice then exclaimed to Exile,” Do you not feel the aching stomach of yours? Oh, how it cries out for food! Now come closer and have a bight. You know it can’t Hurt!” As Exile watched the pie, the fire went out. It was completely dark. After a few moments of silence, all you could hear in those woods, was a young, thirteen year old boy’s scream… No one in the two boys universe knows what happened to the boys. The only people who know, is I, the Narrator, and you, the reader.

The End

10-30-2011, 07:21 PM

Long ago there lived a young girl named, Haruhi Suzumiya, she was blind. She could only see with her ears by listening to even the softes sounds. She was very rich with 2 parents and a VERY wealthy family. But then she had a cousin named Hiku Suzumiya. She was quite the opposite of Haruhi. She had 1 parent and wasnt as quite as rich as Haruhi. She always lived in a dark gloomy world.

One day, Hiku dedided to visit. This was the very first time Haruhi was going to meet her cousin. By the time Hiku stepped through the front door, Haruhi knew something was wrong with her. By the time it was night Hiku snuck into Haruhi's chamber. She had a knife in her hand. Hiku was jealous of Haruhi because she had better. She grabbed her knife and whispered, " Good-bye."

The next morning Hiku woke up with great pleasure. But she wasn't in her nice black bed. She was in a coffin locked up...WITH A GIRL. She was blond...LIKE HARUHI....had blue eyes.....LIKE HARUHI.....and wore the nice, soft, pink dress....LIKE HARUHI....because it WAS HARUHI!

Hiku never knew it would end like this! But it did! Hiku died with Haruhi that same night. How did it happen?

By, Startbeyou

10-31-2011, 07:53 AM

Once in the camp of shady oaks a scream rang trough.Ah! the grim he is alive he was in my tavern.He was looking for me. then he turned around and saw me! then he came for me and he grab's me and then i yelled and he drop's me and he said i will get you.(next day),it was bright and early one morning and they could hear her screams in the night but they did not know who was screaming . the countsler got up that morning and found no one in that tavern. that was the story of the GRIM , ha ha ha ha.

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Susan and Ned were driving through a wooded empty section of highway. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, the sky went dark in the torrential downpour. "We'd better stop," said Susan. Ned nodded his head in agreement. When he stepped on the brake, the car started to slide on the slick pavement. They went off the road and slid to a halt at the bottom of an incline.

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My heart pounded in fear in worry of what would happen next.Here i was pressed against the dark dingy wall hoping to hide from the murderer that was out to get me. How did i even get into this mess anyways? All i wanted was to get a nice cup of coffee from the shop around the corner from my apartment, but as usual I attracted danger. I decided that it was safe enough so i kept on walking down the road.
As i was walking i felt eyes on my back and quickly whirled around in defense, but strangely no one was there so i kept on walking. When i got back home i realized that my door was unlocked. Strange? I went inside and gasped at what i saw. I trembled in fear trying to get the horrible sight out of my head. All this blood was smeared everywhere from who knows what. I ran out of the room and smacked into a strange man with a mask. I screamed my head off, but the man quickly covered my mouth and dragged me off.
Soon it was to hard to breath through his hand and i passed out, but before i did i saw the man coming toward me with razor sharp teeth and with that he said "sweet dreams" and i blacked out

I hope you enjoyed the story! I know its not as good as the other ones, but its the best i can do with scary stories. THANKS!

*to get to the rainbow you have to go through the rain*

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Always There
Personal Experience
My mom died when I was just seven, but I always felt like she was closer to me than any living person. I'm 14 now, and this happened to me not long ago, while my dad was in a meeting and my sister was at work.

I was IMing a friend when a message popped up. The signature was, "I'm always there 4 u."

"Don't take the bus to school tomorrow," it said.

I didn't have any friends with that signature. I squinted at it, then typed back, frowning, "Ok but who are you?"

After twenty minutes, there was no reply, so I gave up and closed the chat windows.

The next morning, I overslept. When I woke up, I was in a frantic hurry to get to my bus step, but I was halfway down the sidewalk towards the place where the bus picked me up when I remembered what "I'm always there 4 u" had said.

I hesitated, feeling the tug of lateness pull me towards the bus stop, but remembering those words so vividly. Finally, I dashed back to the house and asked my dad to drive me to school.

I jumped out of the car at the school to find everyone solemn-faced. My bus had crashed, it seemed; no one had been killed, but the back had been severely crushed and luckily there was an empty seat where most of the damage occurred.

It was my usual seat, I realized. If I'd been on the bus that morning, I would have died.

With a strange sort of weightlessness buoying me up, I went home that day and opened the chat logs. There was no sign of the strange message from the day before. I logged on to the IM site and searched for "I'm always there 4 u."

I already knew before the window loaded what it was going to say.

"No results for 'I'm always there 4 u'," it read.

Whether it was my mom or my guardian angel -- or if my mom is my guardian angel -- I'll never know, but I'll never forget what happened that day.

11-02-2011, 05:39 AM
This my haunted house story when there was a scary ghost how killed a guy who love to ski and run so when he was dead people remembered him and prayed for him