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08-27-2011, 02:37 AM
Ive been going through all the old posts to find answers while im waiting for answers here.Also waiting for downloads to download,when i came across this gem,posted on 25/5/2003 by Beirut.
There's a patch coming out - I can wait.

The FM isn't perfect- I don't care.

Trolls fill the halls - I ignore them.

People are ranting - I'm not listening.

The whachamacallit on the FW-109 and the Me-87 and all the other whoozits and frinjammers are only 90% historically correct - I haven't noticed.

I bought IL2 and FB to have fun. Period. And I am having fun. A beer in one hand and a flightstick in the other. Great graphics and the sound up high. Is it because I have a girlfriend and a job that I'm not losing it over the imperfections? I think some people need to go out in the sunshine a bit more and mellow out. It's just a sim, though a damn fine one at that!

Thanks to Oleg, the modders and the moderators for providing so much flying fun for us boys to play with. Do what you do when you do it and we'll be here to enjoy it.
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08-28-2011, 01:08 AM
well when you used to get over 35 m/s climb rate out of the K4 using the pitch , you have a verifiable problem that needed fixing

"its pretty & fun - the only thing is it would have been cooler with missiles"

^ genuine Microsoft CFS 3 review