View Full Version : Sponsored Ubisoft RB6 LV league.

11-21-2006, 05:34 PM
Ubisoft sponsored RB6 LV: Sign ups are now on Nxgamers.com

1st Prize: 7 copies of GRAW2
2nd Prize: 5 copies of GRAW2
3rd Prize: 4 copies of GRAW2

This is a sponsored league event and leagues start in 1 week.


11-21-2006, 05:40 PM
1. Option to turn radar off

2. Ranked games suck, it takes so much work just to get into a ranked game and play for any kind of points. I hate getting kicked out of room everytime and then having to go find a new one! Maybe do it like Halo 2 does it with auto filling room as an option.

3. Irritating that some unlocked equipment can't be used with custom face character. Fix please.

4. Bad multiplayer vs. single palyer graphics. I know that 6 on 6 matches may be too heavy for the good graphics but you should be able to handle at least the story mode with the true quality of single player graphics.

5. Where are all the good guns? No M16, M4, or L85. Glad to finally see the glock though. Can we get these gun models in a future download please?

6. While we're on the subject of guns I've always had a problem with how R6 rates the performance. Two 5.56 assault rifles stacked side by side with similar barrel lengths can have dramatically different damage ratings. There is no reason for this other than just randomly assigning arbitrary values. All 5.56 should fire more or less the same for damge, all 7.62 should fire roughly the same damage within their category as well, etc., etc.

7. A few more old maps would be cool as future content. I vote for remakes of Presidio, and Warehouse. Maybe something like GRAW's Junkyard map would be fun too. But please don't forget to add some co-op specific maps as well like how you released Garage for the first R6 on Xbox, don't release ONLY adversarial maps.

8. How come on the PC versions of R6 you can play terrorist hunt on multiplayer maps as well, but you can't do that on console R6? This is dumb and should be addeded in future realease as it would give more variety to the co-op terrorist hunts.

9. Why no snake cam in co-op terrorist hunt? Thats kinda silly, I know that can be implemented.

10. Bring back the ability to open doors fluidly, there are several tactical reasons for this, inlcuding popping off a few rounds a closing it beofre the AI can strike back, and giving concealment while shooting without having to be behind cover.

As for the good things about the game, geeze everything else if friggin awesome. Rappeling and cover system are the best thing that ever happened to R6 great job! This games is the best 360 game yet, and can only be made better with a few simple modifications.