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01-09-2007, 12:43 AM
"Burning Streak"

Timeframe: 1943 ? August 1946
Country: Germany
Location: Kursk; Lvov; Berlin
Available Planes: FW-190; MiG-13; He-162C; Ta-183
Number of Missions: 11.

"You?ve been at war for years. All missions are a blur. You barely notice the tracers, explosions, and death screams over the radio. When starting on another routine mission in support of the Battle of Kursk, you could not even imagine that you just started on the path that would lead you to amazing new planes, and that you would become one of Germany?s highest decorated heroes"

Hi guys,

I've been playing the various IL2 games for a few years now and this is my first question to you.
Im the above campaign I can't seem to get through the second mission. The objective is to do a escort/recon mission over an enemy airfield while you fight of the various LA's and Yak's. When you take-off your airfield your airfield is under attack from an enemy tankcolumn but's that not the problem. The real problems (for me) start when I get back to my base to land. The enemy tanks have taken over the airfield and shoot everything that tries to land and there isn't another airfield in sight to put my plane down. I tried to bomb the tanks before heading off on my mission but that didn't help much. I even tried to fly the whole mission on autopilot (I know, it's a sin ;-) but the endresult is always the same. A fiery flameball..... me.

If you have you completed the mission, please tell me how. It seems like a great and very well written campaign but right now I'm getting a bit frustrated by it.


01-09-2007, 02:09 AM
Well, after i completed all the objectives and got the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED message, i hit escape and End Mission. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/shady.gif
I always turn the "No Instant Succes" option off because it is somewhat unrealistic for me.

So if you're just in the second mission, start the campaign over with the option turned off and you don't have that problem anymore.

Landing on a captured airfield is ludicrous anyway.

Or you can edit the mission in the FMB and you're good to go too.

01-09-2007, 02:36 AM
I am pretty sure most of these campaigns ask to turn "No instant sucess" OFF. Otherwise it is impossible.

01-09-2007, 03:54 AM
yep its clearly stated in the Campaign start. No Instant Success should be unchecked.

On another note I think these new campaigns are great!(both VVS and Luft.) They are excitingly story driven with a variety of AC and missions.I am a little disappointed with the Burma campaigns as they seem like the same old boring "escort this 500km and back" over and over which remind me alot of the New Guinea campaign.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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01-09-2007, 08:52 AM
I did a fast crahslanding from the east side so that the tanks did not have enough time to kill me and I ended up with more space between them and my plane.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


Actually everybody talks about aerial combat. I maintain that hitting ground targets, and especially ships is more dangerous than aerial combat. - Joe Foss

01-09-2007, 10:48 AM
It's important to the plot that you land on your captured airbase, after all. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I did what Anto did, and just crash landed the plane and ended the mission once I came to a stop but before the big guns could take me out. Overall the story worked pretty well with how I flew, which I was impressed with. Sadly, they were far shorter campaigns than I was expecting (I was expecting to go all the way to Berlin in the VVS 46 campaign).

01-09-2007, 07:28 PM
I landed on the airfield, looking to taxi off the runway, saw a T-34 sitting there swinging it's gun over to me! I pushed full throttle but overshot the runway, hit the bumpy grass and nosed over. I didn't wait around to see if the tanks would fire at me. Ctrl E out of there!

It's the mission after that which got me frustrated. It was impossible to steer the I250 to line up with the runway, so I cheated, and changed the weather from nasty to less than nasty. I wonder if the creator really tested this?

Otherwise, the campaign is enjoyable. The worse part is trying to not damage the He162 engine in mild maneuvers against the Mig jets, which are so very uber compared to the Salamander (very appropriate name here).

Good luck!

01-11-2007, 08:58 AM
I have a problem with the 3rd mission on Burning Streak. Whenever I try to start the 3rd mission, the game crashes to the desktop. All the other Campaigns I'm playing seem to be working fine.

Anyone else get this problem?

01-11-2007, 10:44 AM
I was really surprised that when flying the captured I-250, the Russian I-250s still intercepted me and shot me down. I was expecting the 'red planes don't kill red planes' coding to keep me safe. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/51.gif

I never did get the plane to move forward out of the enclosure in mission #3. I guess the rocket engine is part of the solution? Anyhow, I kept tipping forward and crashing, or getting blocked in by the motorcycles, so I finally just skipped the mission altogether.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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