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09-14-2010, 11:24 AM
I was just wondering is there anyone else is who is extremely frustrated that you can't redo your memories when you get done? I mean the homage to the game is that it's so good that going back and replaying anything you just finished seems crazy until your actually beat the game.

But then you get stabbed in the back by the developers by not being able to do what you could do in the first game and repeat any memories. I can't say for a second; especially with the menu displaying all the sequences so nicely, ever would have seen this coming. I'm actually kinda insulted that they did this.

Additionally I was wondering if anyone else noticed that when on missions and stuff the auto targeter for the free run and where you will jump to goes all crazy and starts making you jump in random directions?

I get it all the time I can put down the remote and Ezio is stilling hopping around like an idiot half the time. Especially annoying in missions where you randomly jump off the roof to your death when you are holding the buttons only to climb straight up.

It sometimes seems like this game was not polished or game tested. does anyone know if it was? (yes I'm sure it was because they all are or at least should be) If it was, then they failed to have someone on thier team who plays the game like me. I guess I don't play it like anyone else because I found problem after problem and sometimes it was so aggrivating I had to stop playing because the character simply was not doing anything close to what I was telling him to do with the buttons.

That or they simply couldn't not fix any of the hundreds of controler based problems that someone like me would have found. I would have rated this game the best game I have ever played if it wasn't for the constant problems. There were even more limitations on what you could do that in the first game... or at least it seemed that was because Ezio likes to hop left when I'm pushing right, forward or backwards. Unbelievably the second one had MORE errors than the first any none of it had to do with the new content not previously available in the first. I was definately diappointed as I was expecting a smoother product, not a choppier more random error plagued game.

Apparently this company needs a game tester like me who will find every wrong way to do things. Well if Ubisoft reads this, I do professionally test video games and I would really like to help you fix it up. I mean I can write you pages of problems more from the second game than were in the first. Really unexpected.

There is only one thing I am unsure of though. I did play the first game on the ps3 and the second on the xbox 360. Maybe less effort was put into the Xbox 360 version, I mean beta testing is only on the PS3 right now so perhaps it's just a slap in the face from developers to everyone who buys it on the xbox over ps3. I'll know which one to get next time as I have both.

09-14-2010, 11:33 AM
There is a reason why the developers could not incorporate memory replay.

On the PS3 the controles were fine for me most of the time.

We all agree there are some PRO's and CON's in AC2 but there's nothing to do about it now..

Sony requested Ubisoft and probably even paid them to host the beta on the PS3.

09-14-2010, 11:39 AM
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