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05-30-2011, 01:34 PM
My idea is to appear a window when you start game with Easy - Medium - Hard - Advanced.

If you chose advanced it extend that window with these options:

Combat: Easy - Medium - Hard (Easy Guards do 1/4 damage, Medium Guards do 1/2 and Hard Guards do same damage, of course when using the same MEELE weapon and keeping ezio damage)... if with a sword you remove 2 squares out of 9 (if max health the stronger guard have is 9), the guards will do on you 5,5%, 11% or 22% (if you have 20 squares: 1,1 squares, 2,2 squares or 4,4 sequares)

Stealthy: Easy - Medium - Hard (changes the dots in the mini map, easy shows guards and hidden places = blue dots, medium shows guards and hard doesn't show).

Hidden Blade: Easy - Medium - Hard - Very Hard(Easy AcB like, Medium Ac2 like, Hard Ac1 like with killstreaks, Very Hard Ac1 type)

Player's Gun: Easy - Medium - Hard (easy fast and kills with one shot EVERY GUARD, medium slow and klls one shot EVERY GUARD, hard slow and kill with two shots the guards with highest health)

Guard's Gun: Easy - Medium - Hard (easy needs 3 shots to kill you when max bar, medium 2 shots and hard 1 shot)

Player's Crossbow: Easy - Medium - Hard (kill guards with highest health with 1, 2 or 3 bolts.. always aims fast)

Guard's Crossbow: Easy - Medium - Hard (kill you when with max health with 3, 2 or 1 bolt)

Fall Damage: Easy - Hard (easy don't change damage, hard makes you lose many damage)

Armor penalty: No - Yes (Yes -> lose speed while running, scaling and in combat, jumps near)

For those who don't want so many things to chose, they could chose between Easy - Medium - Hard which would be a mixed of the options listed up there.

It would be much better so we could chose what we prefer adding freedom

Sorry for spelling errors