View Full Version : help with memory sequence 7

11-20-2009, 02:42 PM
ok i got to memory sequence 7 where u have to chase the guy as altair and when the guy escapes into the tower i can figure out how to get to the top. i think i see how to get up there. theres a wooden poll sticking out with a lamp on it but when i try to get on the poll it wont let me and i have tried for a long time and still cant figure it out. idk wat im doing wrong

11-20-2009, 02:44 PM
yea the same thing has been ****ing me off for the past hour or so, i looked all around the building and cant find it and i cant get on the wooden poll either. i have no idea wat to do, but also i dont think its memory sequence 7 cause u aint in the animus when it happens

11-20-2009, 02:46 PM
yea idk wat to call it but ihave been trying for about a hour to and i even tried letting my little brother play to see if he could some how figure it out but he couldnt either and i really just wanna play

11-20-2009, 02:53 PM
Hey kathopl, there should be a couple threads with some useful information for you here, but here is a link to the support site with the directions on how to complete this area.

Climbing the Tower During the Altair Dream Sequence (http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ubisoft.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=12989&p_created=1258656533&p_sid=pg7SgtNj&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_srch=1&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX 3Jvd19jbnQ9Niw2JnBfcHJvZHM9MTQyMSwyMDk3JnBfY2F0cz0 mcF9wdj0yLjIwOTcmcF9jdj0mcF9zZWFyY2hfdHlwZT1hbnN3Z XJzLnNlYXJjaF9ubCZwX3BhZ2U9MQ!!&p_li=&p_topview=1)

11-20-2009, 03:39 PM
ok so here goes, you end up on the balcony with the truss or pole sticking out in the middle and no way to get there.... stand on the balcony railing to run up the side of the tower, at the top of ur run push left quickly! there may be some sort of R and A button (xbox360) i did and didnt notice but i sure dont think so. anyhow Ezio will jump on top of the pole and you can continue ur ascent and finish out the sequence. Hope it helps!

P.S. It gets so much better after this!!!