View Full Version : Where do you find the smoke bombs

11-23-2010, 09:57 PM
Where is the location to find smoke bombs I need them to compleat the stary, the war whe you have to close the gates, the walkthroug says smoke bombs, prob is I don't know how to find them

11-23-2010, 10:17 PM
Buy a pouch from a tailor shop? Not 100% sure but I think at some point you can get it.

11-23-2010, 10:20 PM
I'm fairly sure you just buy them from a merchant. Not sure if you get it from a smith or a tailor though. I remember just straight up buying them though. No quests or anything required.

11-23-2010, 10:55 PM
If you don't have the pouch for Smoke Bombs, you can find that at the Tailor. If you already have the pouch, you can purchase Smoke Bombs from the Blacksmith, I think.