View Full Version : Demo?

08-03-2005, 01:13 AM
Is a Demo for this game Release.

08-03-2005, 03:08 AM

08-03-2005, 04:06 AM
This is something I do not understand (mind you I purchased SH3). The only reason that comes to my mind is that it adds costs to release an Sh3 demo . If you wanna have good sales numbers, releasing a demo can be quite effective in the sales department. For some people good reviews are not enough, also a great review does not mean that you personally will think the same after purchasing a game a playing it for a while. One word - pity

06-17-2006, 01:39 PM
The only thing keeping me from buying this game is the lack of the ability to try it out first. I simple refuse to pay for software that I can't try out first. So if UbiSoft felt the motivation to develope a demo in the next few months I bet it would boost sales even now.