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10-04-2011, 01:30 AM
I think it would be a nice direction if in Assassin's Creed 3, they take our protagonist into the age of exploration...possibly into the Americas or Asia. Assassin's Creed has always been done in a western "civilized" society of some sort, but it would be great to see some of the crazier stuff that they don't do in modern times:

-Aztec sacrifices
-Sultans (All the kings etc.)
-Warriors (Zulu, Mongol, etc...)
-Artifacts being worshipped
-More ships and cannons
-Less is known about the world!

Here is a tidbit of a little gameplay chapter I did. I couldn't find a name for the main character so I just named him Sans Serif (typography term) as a placeholder. He is fighting against the Spanish Armada and trying to retrieve a Piece of Eden that Cortes (a templar if I ever knew one!)used against the Aztecs decades ago in his expedition into the Americas.

So here we go:

Chapter I
--July 1572, Tierra Firme--

Sans Serif stand aboard the deck of the “Pascha” (one of his flagships) during a chaotic coastal battle in Panama and cannonfire rips apart the night sky as the ship slowly maneuvers along a treacherous cliff towards the Spanish fort at Nombre de Dios.

*Note: You can fire a wheel lock musket/pistol and use a sword to defeat opponents.

Flashes of gunfire go off in the distance as you hear the faint sound of the Spanish yelling “Fuego!!!”. Then, moments later, a barrage of deadly cannonballs hurtle dangerously close to the ship, narrowly missing as they plunge into the sea. (Drenching the screen for an added water effect!) One man aboard the ship calls out “Captain! Spaniards atop the ridge!” Above, on a cliff, Spanish soldiers appear and start firing their muskets towards you! Using the musket and pistol, you must quickly shoot the enemies off the ridge! (For dramatic effect) After Serif shoots one of the enemies, he falls down the cliff, wounded, letting out a terrible scream before striking the water.

*Note: You have to shoot these enemies down before the ship reaches a certain point or they will kill you.

Then the cliff face subsides and a valley opens up along the gulf. Another sailor yells “Soldiers on horseback to the North! Captain!” Spanish soldiers on a supply carriage ride alongside the ship and fire their pistols! You must get into cover behind crates alongside the ship and stop them! Throwing small barrels of gunpowder, Serif must toss and shoot them midair with his pistol to destroy the carriage. After exploding the third barrel, a wheel comes loose and the supply carriage violently crashes, throwing ingots of Peruvian gold into the air! (After this happens, a treasure appears [Peruvian Ingot]. You can pick it up and sell it later.)

Finally nearing the fort, a group of men appear with a cannon! Using the cannons aboard your ship, you fire and destroy them, finally making it to the coast where a cutscene begins:

The battle is slowly ending as Serif walks along the coast and a group of his men approach carrying a prisoner
Guillaume Le Testu: (Thick French accent) Capitan! We found the scum betrayer and he is willing to talk!
Thomas Doughty: Please! Serif! Have mercy! The Spanish deceived me!
Serif: (Draws his sword) And now as a man of my word I'm here to return the favor! Was mercy spared when you betrayed us to the Spanish at San Juan de Ulua?
Thomas Doughty: Please! They have Peruvian gold in the armory! I will take you there! They were planning on loading it into the ships en route to Spain!
Serif: (Laughs) Indeed, fortune favors fools! Swear to me this and you may yet be spared the fate of the Spanish tonight.

One of the men points a pistol at Doughty’s back and he slowly leads you to the armory. Along the way, Spanish stragglers attack and you have to fight your way there. Eventually you reach the armory and go down a flight of stairs into a chamber.

Doughty points towards the far side of the room.
Doughty: There! The gold is behind the barred door just like I promised.
Serif: And I thought you were going to lose your tongue! Release him.
The men release Doughty as he hurriedly runs out of the room.

Moving a cannon in the armory through a small puzzle, you light it and shoot through the metal bars! As the dust settles, Serif sees all the gold he can imagine! Among the artifacts found is a medium sized relic covered in an old cloth. Drake pulls off the cloth, and puts it in his pocket as he picks up and admires the treasure.

Guillaume Le Testu: Captain!!! There is no time to waste! Spanish reinforcements have arrived! We have to get back to the ships!
Loud cannon fire is heard hitting the armory.

Running up the stairs, you encounter soldiers, and kill them with your sword as you fight your way back up. You make your way back to the ships and fight more Spanish along the way. Eventually you reach the coast and another cutscene begins:

Serif stands atop a retreating rowboat and yells, “The Spanish have not won yet!” Then you see Thomas Doughty slowly aim his pistol at Serif from the coast and say "Mercy favors the weak" (A single gunshot sounds) and Serif falls into the rowboat wounded. When his men finally carry him onto the deck of the Pascha, Serif pulls out the cloth he took from the armory to stop the bleeding from his wound. Then he stops. Written on it is (Spoiler!)

I'm not a really good story teller, but I tried. Tell me what you think!

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well, I apologize for not reading the whole thing (yet), but I would like to point out that in Project Legacy there already was an assassin that went to the Americas along with Cortés.

10-04-2011, 01:36 AM
^Wow, I didn't know that! I'm going to look it up to find out more...

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Originally posted by free2play27:
^Wow, I didn't know that! I'm going to look it up to find out more...
It's not much of course, since Project Legacy is only a Facebook game, but it does feature another PoE and the main character of that memory (and several others) is very interesting.

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You'd be surprised how little is known about the world during the times AC has been set in already. Communication and travelling was dead slow then.

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Originally posted by Calvarok:
You'd be surprised how little is known about the world during the times AC has been set in already. Communication and travelling was dead slow then.
Very true. People had the strangest views of what people in Asia looked like for example.