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11-20-2010, 07:38 PM
Most people who post a 'review' type subject say how it sucks or how disappointing it it. I beg to differ.

Brotherhood's Combat has been improved a good deal in this game. Newcomers to the series wouldn't really utilize the controls, and people who aren't good at the combat of AC would totally be out of reach of what Brotherhood has to offer in its (what I think) amazing combat.

First off, enemies now attack more often, and are much more aggressive. I know some people who sit there, and just WAIT to counter an enemy. SO BORING! And I hate watching them do that! Now, I guess those people will have much more fun, seeing as enemies attack way more.

Each weapon has special attacks, some even adding other weapons into its attacks. The Poison Blade can now shoot as well; the Swords/Maces (medium weapons) can now utilize the hidden pistol in combat - perfect for picking off those annoying horsemen (that is, if you do not knock them off at first); we also see the Dagger can now be accompanied by the throwing daggers, perfect for fighting with one my favorite weapon types, and throwing at long range (though weak). Large weapons (Spears, Bearded Axe, that LARGE SWORD) can all be thrown - the spear can be shot through someone! I really enjoy throwing them, and the axes and swords look awesome flying through the air.

One thing I loved doing is doing drive-bys on guards using my Hidden Pistol (which aims more faster)or my Crossbow (quiet, effective, fast, and loaded with ammo).

Another thing which makes me drool even more is the Execution Streaks. Now if you're just a lame counter fighter, you'll never get to do this. What it does, when you effectively execute someone with any weapon (or sometimes counter them good) you can then kill EVERYONE around you in one tap of the X button, performing nonstop kills and executions (Which look totally awesome) until you get hit. I noticed using swords and maces Ezio was to slow to counter an attacker after executing someone - so just try this Execution Streak with the Hidden Blades which can counter more effectively.

Seriously, Execution, Execution, Execution, Counter, Execution, Execution, Counter.... repeat... as repetitive as it sounds - it is really cool to watch and really fun to do. It isn't TAP X TAP X TAP X TAP X! You have to effectively counter the attackers so as to not lose your kill streak. I seriously killed a whole army in the Virtual Training session using this.

The Brotherhood
Ezio can now rescue citizens like in AC1, recruit them, and train them up to Assassins. This is pretty cool, though it makes getting past guards easier. Simply lock on, tap the LB button (or L1) and let your Assassins do the work. Upgrade Armor, and Weapons for more effectiveness in combat. Sometimes they appear dumb, other times awesome.

They literally appear from nowhere. Once, they randomly hopped over a wall, jumped from hay, out of the sky... but still cool nonetheless.

I do NOT see why people say "It makes the game easier, I do not like it"... All they got to do is STOP using it. Simple.

They can also perform the Arrow Storm - with arrows raining down on Guards with deadly accuracy. They can use Smoke Bombs, then assassinate almost if not all surrounding Guards. They can use the Hidden Pistol, ride horses, and I am pretty sure they MIGHT be able to wield axes (not sure)

I am strict about using them, never want one to die. You just try to train them up, then you see them die and think "All that for nothing?" Not 'major' characters, but them dying made me feel disappointed - which makes me watch out for them.

Eh... the Story is more focused on one particular setting - Rome. Lots of returning characters from Ezio's life, plus new ones. Desmond and his gang arrive at a very familiar place, and you can play as him much more, even leave the animus.

The story seems more 'stuck' to itself though, not as dynamic as AC2 was. However, lets not forget how random AC2 was - running here and there doing odd jobs several times in a row until one final mission for a sequence (with a few exceptions). AC Brotherhood Story is 'ok' but not awful.

Desmond's story will leave WANTING more, and will leave you SHOCKED and SURPRISED!

Leonardo's Inventions / Spoilers?
Tanks, Flying Machines, Machine Gun, a Naval Nightmare - all are cool machines but aren't to connected to the story like how the Flying Machine was in two (the Carriage does NOT count as one of Leo's Inventions). Driving the Tank playing Tank Wars was fun, gunning down horses was fun, bombing workshops with a winged machine was gun, burning down ships with flaming arrows was fun - in all I loved it!

The new Poison Darts are ok, but I never use'em. Effective however. Leo can supply you with a Climb Leap Glove, extra hidden blade, and the darts, and finally a Parachute (Which comes in handy if you screw up a Leap of Faith).

The Predecessors
Basic Combat --> Advanced AC1 Combat --> Advanced AC2 Combat = Combat gets BETTER
No Machines --> One Machine --> Several Machines = Better!
No New Weapons --> Ability for More Weapons --> Ability for a Bit More Weapons = Better
I could go on...

Thing is I love this game. My top two featureS:
1. Execution Streaks (TOO awesome)
2. The Brotherhood