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Use a translator http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif) Excuse me for a lot.

1. Two types of upgrade units with use experience.
a) Units have 2 upgrade. Need improved housing for an upgrade. 2 Upgrades homes.
b) upgrade will happen automatically after the battle, when the squad has enough experience. Gold does not want to use.
c) Each unit has 4 abilities (passive (magnifies) or active (eg, a special punch)). At the beginning of a unit has 0 abilities.
d) When a unit to gain experience and upgrade, there is a choice between the two powers. Need to choose one of them.
c) If the soldiers who have added experience of other soldiers of the same species. And if it is heavily influenced by experience, that one upgrade is lost. And given the choice - what to keep upgrading. If a choice is possible.

2. There is capital, which gives the added bonus of protecting the castle and 250 gold per turn.

3. Converted city give only 50% of creatures in the week.

4. There is a choice of planning gain beings.
a) On Monday, you can choose from the castle planning - once a month. After four weeks at the castle will increment units.
b) Increase in units per month is 500% (if 4 weeks - 400%)

5. There are various relics for the city. Among them is the Holy Grail. Relics of 3-4, they are golden and very special. They need to find the maps, as usual.

6. The hero can stay in mine. Only the hero and his units.
a) Some units may not be in mine.
b) Mines with a security given a larger radius of the review.

7. 2D image of the city with squares or hexes. Interface is more square, as in the third part.
a) Size 2D city more than it is now in the screenshot. View of the city is not necessarily square.

8. A boat in the inventory (as a catapult).
a) You can swim along the shore on a boat (as in Civilization). If the boat is purchased.
b) If you swim farther, you need a ship. Ship need to buy the shipyard, as usual.
c) A ship can not take with them into the inventory http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif)
d) When the flight of the sea hero uses a boat. If the boat is not the hero is destroyed.
e) In the cave there is a flying ship. It allows you to fly over the lava.

9. Neutral party. When neutral squad found the hero (hero ran past).
a) Above the detachment displays an exclamation point and the unit starts to build a fortress to protect 10% for 5 turns. After 5 turns in the order will be 50% protection.
b) If a strong squad - squad pursues the hero a few moves. You can use spells to deceive.
c) If a neutral party is very weak, and the unit is not destroyed. After 5 turns detachment will disappear (escape).

10. Road.
a) The map was originally a road. But it is not built.
b) If the captured castle, the road is gradually being restored (there). If the lock seized by the neutrals, or another race, the road will disappear again. Will build the road for the other race. The way each race has its own and has its own color (if the opponents of the same race).
c) Without the road area has more species of wildlife.

12. Music - only symphonic.
a) Without the "good" and "evil" motives. Without voices and musical pipes. Music varies on different surfaces while traveling.

13. The city has a button autodial warriors. "
a) If there are troops in the city, the hero will get progressively Search every move from the city automatically. If you specify a hero for the troops. When the hero got all the troops, automatic button down or gives a choice for another hero.
b) slow growth - to fill nearly raised armies. For example, 80 - 82 - 84- 86 88 for one turn. Where is 100/100.

14. Commanders as in WoG 3.58f.
a) Force Commander automatically increases with the level of hero.
b) If the commander is destroyed, it needs to revive the city. With the use of gold.
c) The hero without a commander can not move. If commander was destroy in battle, a hero, too, destroyed and cannot moved on the global map.
d) It is for that hero with 1 units - strange.
e) Initially, the hero has a commander.
f) The commander can always hire the castle.
g) You can give name to your commander.

15. Combat vehicles have a similar effect with an aura.
a) The tent supports (increases) of the selected union hero.
b) The cart with supplies supports the shooter.
c) Ballista weakens an enemy squad.
d) can catapult to shoot at the enemy. If the enemy has passed 1 / 3 of the battlefield, the catapult can no longer attack him. Catapult has only ranged attacks - the castle and war enemy. Basically atack the arrows.

16. In the tavern of the castle (especially capital city) can talk to the quest heroes.
a) A lot of conversations taking place in the tavern of the castle - a special window in Fallout 1-2.

17. Artifacts wear.
a) Wear long.
b) If the charge in an artifact is over, the power of the artifact (the effect) is equal to 25%. Artifact can not be destroyed.
c) Light from the artifact less if it is worn.
d) You can change looks like an artifact to a new one.
e) were are 2 effects 100% and 25%.

18. Map obscured, as in the third part.
a) When the captured enemy castle, the area around the castle is unknown.
b) The hero gets more experience, when he opens the fog of war.

19. Battlefield.

a) Step diagonally requires 2 units of traffic.
b) Fighting global change. For example, the unit is tired, if you made a move. His speed in the next round will be 1 unit lower. If he did not go, its speed will increase by 1 unit. Speed 8/8. One move 7/8, yet the course of 6/8. If you have not gone - the rate of 7/8, etc. Something like that.

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