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05-06-2005, 12:54 AM
Hi All!

First, I'd like to apologize if this has been much discussed, the "search" function on the forums seems to be out of order.

Second, I'm a total "noob" to Sub sims, and only a casual sim player at best. After all the media hype on Silent Hunter III, and finding the whole submarine warfare of WWII interesting I decided to give the game a go. I am a patient man and love reading thick manuals (which this game is infamously lacking), and doing extensive tutorials (really I do). So with great enthusiasm I started the (very very short) Naval School and all was going well until I hit the torpedo lesson.

My problems? My torpedoes bounce of the hulls of ships 4 times out of 5. Bear in mind that I am on ultra-easy setting (wanting to start from scratch and building my skills slowly), besides I don't think you can raise the realism settings on the tutorial. So, they either bounce off or miss completely. I've tried to be the perfet 45 degrees of the path of the ship, and standing still but to no avail. In the torpedo map solution (F6, I think) are the dials and switches to change the solution and I have a minimun understanding of these, I could use some pointers. What is the difference between the Impacat and Magnetic switch setting, for example?

I desperatley need some advice (if anyone could put in some pictures it would be great!!) or web links to sink at least a couple of the 4 needed ships because I'm about to give up on this seemingly wonderful sim.

I know mine is an extensive question but I have run out of ideas, a million thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction!!

Now I'm off to work, check with you guys tonight!

Oh and happy hunting...

05-06-2005, 01:12 AM
Have you completed the torpedo training mission? If so, do it again and for simple 'point and shoot', line up the cross-hairs of your periscope/UZO on a target ('lock' is optional), you must see the target data appear on the notebook (top right) as this indicates a target 'auto-solution'. Fire.... boom... death... kill.

Try to satisfy a few basic parameters though:

Position: Perpendicular to the course of the target i.e. side on (90 degrees not 45). At acute angles, the target is much smaller and the go-boom bit at the sharp end of the torp won't make contact, so instead of BOOM you get CLANG as the torp shears off.

Range: 500 to 1500m The torps only arm after 300m (under this they will bounce off) and over 1500m is only good for stationary or very slow moving targets that don't change course or speed while the torp is in the water. Don't waste fish on fast maneuvering destroyers.

Angle to bow (or stern for stern fish): Less than 90 degrees from 0 (or 180 stern). The standard fish can turn a little more but are no good at circuit racing. Judge this from the heading at the top of your scope/UZO view, not from the readout on the right, this is buggy and lies.

The above comes with a 2-day warrantee of a kill provided the U-boat is operated within the specifications issued by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Of course, me being me, if you want help with the realistic, manual targeting system, go ask someone else. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

05-06-2005, 03:28 AM
And you must set a proper torpedo depth for each specific ship. I mean, a C3 has a different draft than a DD. While the first one has a huge draft (9 or 10 meters?), the second is rather low (2 or 3 meters?). So, if the torpedo impacts where the hull curve steeps, it may bounce off it, despite a good AOB and gyro. For best results, try setting an "under the keel" shot. Thatâ´means setting the torp depth just below the keel of each ship so the explosion will cut it in two. I would recommend to choose this option just in rather calm seas, as otherwise draft will not be stable.

05-06-2005, 04:17 AM
cueceleches is correct, you should be using the magnetic explosion method as often as possible, since under normal circumstances it causes more damage than making one hole in the side of the ship. doug.d and his fascinating avatar are wise in the ways of torpedos too, the most normal cause of torpedos bouncing off the hull are either that you are shooting at an angle or shooting closer than 300 metres. The trigger 'whiskers' on the front of the torpedo are short so that it doesn't explode in the tube, and if you hit your target at angles 15 or so degrees either side of 90 then you're looking at a probable dud.

For best results you want to be between 500-1000 metres fromm your target, 90 degrees on to his course track and you will fire when the gyro angle of your torpedo is as close to zero as possible. You will see the gyro angle in a little display just below the data pad in the scope or UZO view, and this is the angle the torpedo will turn to when you fire it. Torps have a little gyro compass inside and when youu fire it, the torpedo turns to the assigned angle when it leaves the tube and then runs straight until it detonates or runs out. The closer to zero you make this angle, the less you're relying on that clockwork mechanism and the more likely you'll hit something.

As cueceleches pointed out your best trigger method is to avoid hitting the hull of the ship at all and use the magnetic trigger feature of the torp to get kills at all angles. When you ID the vessel, read it's draft off of the recognition manual and then in the torpedo computer screen (F6) set the depth of the torpedo to run about 1 metre under the keel of the ship. When the torpedo runs beneath it the megnetic trigger should notice all that metal above and BANG! This does more damage and is more reliable than a straight impact shot, since it will work at almost any angle and causes masses of structural damage all over the ship. The only problem is that in real bad weather, the magnetic trigger can get knocked about and they have a tendency to explode moments after arming, giving you away and wasting a torpedo. In storms, set the torp to impact only and make sure you're side on. Have fun.

05-06-2005, 07:23 AM
Frankie, I'd echo the sentiments of the guys above but if you're struggling you should print out Wazoo's targeting guide. Its a great help to players at all levels.

05-06-2005, 03:49 PM
Good point, set trigger to magnetic. I've never had a torp pass under a ship without detonating but sometimes when firing down a charging dd's throat, the torp passes almost all the way under it from bow to stern before triggering and lifting the dd's rear out of the water so that the screws bite air. Surprisingly, a few of them have survived this kick in the butt.