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11-19-2004, 12:25 PM
I am totally amazed that BoE/DGen can give me such a heart-stopping mission..... Too bad I time-skipped and therefore can't save the track, but anyway, enjoy this true story.


it was 18 June 1944, I was a 2nd Lietenent of the 352FS, 357FG. We have just been transftered to the airbase B1, which was a forward base just behind the line, and just been re-equiped with the brand new P-51D-20-NA.

This morning we were out for a free hunting on the Le Harve airspace, which heavy enmey activity had been reported recently. 8 Mustangs, I was number 6. We saw action even before taking off, there were two BF109G6s coming in. They went after our flight leader, but he claimly bait them into a trap, which our number 2 and 3 made no mistake in getting the job done.

Our morale are sky-high when we were climbing to 12000ft and headed to the target area. 5 minutes before arrival the flight leader spotted a group of 8 Fw190F8s at 12 o'clock low, at about 5000ft. He ordered the attack, and we dove down one after one.

Just before my turn I spotted a huge cloud of bandits coming in dead ahead. Their big red noses told me they were BF109G6s form the infamous JG2, and there were at least 12, may be more. I immediately reported it to my leader, but seem it is too late.... they were already TnBing with those F8, which, as it turned out, was costing them dearly.

At this moment only number 8 were flying with me. Together we were going to buy as much time as we could for our squadmates, before they could climb back to our altitute and save our a$$.

Our enmeies seem to have other idea. As it turned out, it was a very well-organized set-piece. Those 109s dove down toward our squadmates immediately, while those 190 followed our spuadmates' climb. Trapped in this sandwitch, my friends would have nowhere to go...

Spotted this trap from above, and obviously unseen by both groups of bandits, we were the only ones who have a chance to prevent the worst from happening. With number 8 covering me, we moved silencely into the six of the tailing 109s pair. I holded my fire until 200ft, scored good hits around the cockpit of the wingman's plane. It igiled immediately, rolled to the starboard and dove striaght down to the sea.

To our amazement, his wingmate was unaware of his friend's demise. Good for us, and I duly shot at him at 300ft. His engines caught fire, and quit a moment later. He tried to escape by barrel-roll and then spit-s. I know he was not gonna make it back home anyway, so I let it go. I must conserve my energy, because I know I gonna need every drop of them.

At that time I heard tons of swears coming in through my radio. Surely my friends are not in good shape, we better help them now. Swears became cries as we closed in, and we saw two Mustangs falling down with flaming tails. In quick succession I shot two bandits from my frends' six. The first one dove into the sea, I thought I hit the pilot. The another one lost his rudder, and number 8 finished it off.

Knowing the numerical advantage our enemies have, and the danger it presented, I zoomed up immediately afterward, consevred my energy and regained my SA at about 8000ft. At this time only 4 Mustangs are still alive, number 2, 3, 8 and me. Meanwhile there is at least 10 bandits around. I dove toward number 2, who was running for his life at about 2000ft, and has 2 109s on his six, with all guns blasting. At the same time number 8 headed toward number 3, who is TnBing with 2 190s at 5000ft.

Sadly, when I arrived the scene, number 2 had already lost his engine. He tried to crash-land, but those 109s finished him off before he has a chance to do so. My mind was overloaded with anger and sadness, and I gave the tailing 109 a good 3-seconds shot. He exploded in mid-air.

Now I was in point-blank range of another 109. He was aware of my presence, and responsed by turning sharply to the right. This worked well for him, as it spoiled my firing solution. Instead of bleeding off my energy advantage, I did a high yo-yo, and came down again. This time there was no escape, and I got his engine, and proably his control, as I saw him corkscrewing down in a very steep angle. I let him go, he couldn't make it anyway.

Immediately afterward I saw tracers shooting pass me. They were from 2 190s at my 8 o'clock low. It was a lucky escape, and obviously they won't let me go easily next time. I had the upper hand, however, because I was faster and higher than they were. I gambled it all-out by zooming straight up, and at the same time called in number 8 for help.

They tried to catch me, but they struggled when doing so. We came down together, and zoom up again. This time my advantage became very obvious. Low in energy and in a dangerous position, they tried to escape by diving toward the deck. But it is too late, number 8 arrived at this perfect monment. He got one of them and crippled another one. I finished the job as I came down at 300 MPH with all guns blasting.

At this atage I didn't have much ammo left, I thought it is the best time to bug out. Despite having a overheating engine, I redlined it for a little bit more time, and dove in a slight angle toward our home. I updated my SA, and found that only number 8 and I made it back home in one piece. After a long tounery, our sweet home was within my sight, I took a breath of relief as I lined up for the landing, full flaps. gear down......Oh wait, tracers!

The tracers is from the AAA of my base, I thought they must have misidentified me? But it is not possible (in this virtual world). I looked back, and found 2 109s at my six. Obviously they were so determined to have their revenge. I retracted everything, redlined my engine, and called number 8 for help. My friend back hime did me a great favor, with dozens of AAA blasting, those 109s broke their attack and turned back for home, but not before my now-trustly number 8 came in and claim one of them.

I triple-checked the airspace before I lined up again. And I kept looking at my six before I touched down, this nearly spoiled my landing fatally. I made it nonetheless, and together with my number 8, we reported to our CO. Final score 15 vs 6, I got 6, he got 4. Number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 each got one before being shot down. Only Number 5 make it alive as a POW, he hit the silk.

11-19-2004, 12:37 PM
Good read, by halfway I forgot it was from game. Almost like reading a pilots interview about that time he and........

11-19-2004, 01:20 PM
The mission was so engaging that I was totally exhuasted after the mission and need to go to sleep immediately... and the next morning I still felt sad about my cormades...

11-19-2004, 03:45 PM
I strong recommend this mission....I don't have a host yet, if anyone is interested in this mission just drop me a PM http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif