View Full Version : Multiplayer glitch - no target in gameplay - please patch or solve!

11-21-2010, 09:23 PM
I tried three times last night to play the Multiplayer...
I think the first map was Forli, and I think I got one target and one pursuer. After that the target icon just kept on showing question mark.
I didn't have any pursuers either so couldn't respawn. I quit the game and went back in from the Multiplay menu, it dropped me back in the same game halfway through but I only managed to get about 500 points b/c it glitched again.
So I quit at the end and went back to the PS3 menu and started the game again, and had the same thing happen (different map) - no target, no pursuer. I quit about 3 mins into the game.

This has happened to me before (particularly have noted it in Forli and Florence), but not three times in three games. Very annoying! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/compsmash.gif

Can you please fix this in a patch.

11-23-2010, 10:52 PM
I've been having this exact problem myself. I'll get up to like 1st or 2nd place, then I spawn with 2 or 3 pursuers, and yet the game refuses to issue me a new target. So I walk around the map for about a minute and a half with no target, and no way to make enough points to keep my score up, until eventually one of my three pursuers shanks me. After I die it may give me a new target, and it may not. However, the damage is done when I have to go through a third of the match with no targets to kill. Needless to say I don't end the match in 1st place when this happens.

Another goofy thing just happened, where instead of no target, I got to first place, and toward the end of the match my entire HUD disappears besides my radar. Having a radar is nice, but I can't see who my target is supposed to be, nor can I see how many pursuers I have, or even my abilities.

Combine this with the same matchmaking problems everyone is having and I've just decided to stop playing it until they fix the damn thing. It's fun gameplay, don't get me wrong... it just hardly ever works for some of us.