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11-12-2004, 10:05 AM
S! This isnt a contest of the "best warplane" and neither that this is a contest about "noob" or "expert" planes so please dont start a flame war here. I just want to know about your favourite plane in game and how you subjectively judged its strengths and weaknesses and what task that it is suitable most.

I'll start with mine.

Plane of choice: Ki 84 IC
Strengths: Highly maneuverable, fast, incredible firepower (2x30mm cannon).
Weaknesses: Black outs quickly, performs badly above 6000m (try to intercept a B29 cruising at 7500m or above and you'll know what i mean).
Best suited for: DF below 6000m, ground attack (cannons and 2x100kg or 250kg bombs).

Ok, that's mine. What about yours?

11-12-2004, 10:58 AM
Strengths: Fast! Powerful weapons 4 x 30mmm nose based weapons, good high altitude performance, excellent dive characteristics.
Weakness': Engines prone to overheating, and burning when misused or hit by minimal enemy fire, difficult to maneveur at low speed. Extremely vulnerable on take off and landing, needs to be nursed prior to achieving higher speeds where it hits its cruise range.
Best Suited For: Bomber interceptions and ground attack when Jabo w/ 250lb/500lb bombs. Can rip apart enemy fighter formations easily as well as long as you fight vertically and don't get drawn into a turn fight.

11-12-2004, 11:54 AM

Pros: great climb, great low speed agility, good "all-round" fighter, nose mounted weaponry (except for 109E or podded versions)

Cons: Worse handling after G2 and in late war. Heavy elevator at high speeds.
Oleg-added cons: Banana Peel snapstall, soiled late war canopy glass

Best suited for: everything.

11-12-2004, 11:58 AM
Strengths:Excellent climb rate, great BnZ characteristics, and highly modifyable with different types of weapons. 30mm nose cannon is ideal.
Weaknesses:Not too great in the turn, poor handling characteristics under 300km/h. Doesn't take many hits to critically damage.
Best Suited For:Bomber intercept (gunpods), high alt CAP.

11-12-2004, 12:30 PM
All time Favorite- The Sturmovik itself

Have to admit though- I'm getting very fond of the A-20 and beaufighters

Jason Bourne
11-12-2004, 12:41 PM
Favorite Ride: Rufe float plane
Pros: In the Pacific, no need to look for a landing zone, just fly far enough in one direction and you can land. Good dog fighter considering its got a huge float on it. pretty good early war fire power (2x20mm, 2x7.7mm)
Cons: can be hard to land, floats are lower than gear. not very good compared to normal zero, slower, not as nimble. can not cary a big bomb load. still falls apart a the slightest hit from .50s

11-12-2004, 01:27 PM
Craft: P39
Pros: It looks purty!
Cons: It don't turn.
Best suited for: Looking mighty fine whilst travelling in a straight line.

Seriously though, it is my all time fave! But then I always root for the underdog.

11-12-2004, 01:37 PM

Pros: Excellent speed at 3000m and above
Very good high speed maneuverabilty
Great forward view for high speed shooting
Long range

Cons: Poor backward view
Average to poor acceleration

11-12-2004, 01:43 PM
Craft: A tough call between several canadates, but A-20 and P-38 top them. (focus on A-20)
Pros:Fairly fast, excellent ground pounder, manueverable for a light twin bomber, and of course nose .50s.
Cons:Those gunners of mine always seem to shoot 50-180 degrees away from the fighter that's actually attacking us. Still a bomber.

At first I wasn't too fond of the Beau, figuring that since she carried a very small bomb load, she was designed as a fighter, but found that to be quite wrong. However, after some missions with ground pounding, I found the cannons, and since have really enjoyed flying that bird as well. I'm very happy that Oleg put in some light twin bombers.

11-12-2004, 02:01 PM
Favroite Ride:F4U

Pros:Superb high speed manuveribility, fast, good altitude performance, good range, heavy payload, excellent climb rate, very tough, more nimble than most fighters of its size. Most Important--->Darn Good Lookin'

Cons:Not a "true" dog fighter, higher degree of difficulty to land on carrier compared to most planes.

Best Suited for: Long range ground pounding, intercepting kamikazees.

11-13-2004, 10:10 AM
Favorite ride: F4U-1A Corsair
Pros:Fast beast, turns on a dime, fun to fly.
Cons: Short arresting hook; hard to land on carrier.
Best use: Every thing in my opinion!

11-13-2004, 10:19 AM
Brewster B-239 (and when flyable, F2A-2 and possible future B-339D)

Pros: rugged construction, great rearward view (especially compared to F4F, F6F and F4U), manoeuverable, easy stall/spin recovery. Overall better than F4F.
Cons: B-239 is underpowered, stalls fairly easily. F2A-2 should have better speed.

Buffs rule!

11-13-2004, 10:26 AM
Great. Thanks guys, keep 'em coming. Hopefully this will be helpful for many to learn about this sim http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

11-13-2004, 10:35 AM
Favourite ride: A6M3
Pros: retains the supreme manuverability of early zero, with added speed of later zerohttp://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/59.gif, good armament, mean looking kite.
Cons: a few 50' cals and BOOM or SNAP goodbye wing, low speed and not great for BnZ attacks
Beast use:kicking but in low and medium level dogfights against any pilot dumb enough to try and out manoeuvre you

such a shame it doesn't have a tail hook for carrier operations against those overconfident USN pilots http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/icon_twisted.gif

11-13-2004, 10:48 AM
Pros: looks hoooooooooooooooooot!
Turns well, easy to take off and land (not for me though, then again i probably couldnt put the P-11 on the deck)
Alright fire power. The 20's are good, and the flash from the .303s scares a few people i'm sure. (and it'll only get better when the patch comes out)

Cons: I can't fly well http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

11-13-2004, 10:49 AM
Really hard to pick just one, but I guess:

Fave ride: Ju 87B
Pros: Pure 90-degree screamer. Has sirens. Best choice for My First Landing Training Plane. You get credit for your AI gunner's kills.
Cons: Has climb and level performance of an ET-enhanced bicycle.

Other candidates would be the Rufe, the Beaufighter and any biplane.

11-13-2004, 10:52 AM
Riding Mower XL2400

Pros: Confortable chair, turning, & incredible cutting power
Cons: erratic engine malfunctions, poor backwards visability, & weak overall speed