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01-20-2011, 06:45 PM
Just to give the guys at UBI Soft an idea where I’m coming from, I’ve been playing RPG’s and MMO’s since Final Fantasy 1 and Zelda were launched for the NES in the 80’s. I really love AC Brotherhood. I bought it and was immediately sucked into the world and the persona of the main character, Ezio. The other characters in the story are also well developed and very unique from one another, which is refreshing for a game of this scope. I have currently played the game for over 60 hours, and have a 99% Synchronization.

I would like to focus on suggesting ways to improve the game through Downloadable Content for the main story mode:

`` Part 1, End of Game Play:
For a completionist gamer who feeds heavily off collecting everything, I have pretty much conquered this piece of the game. What would be helpful is if there would be more things to work toward, items to achieve in game, things to build, places to go, new challenges that create ongoing conflict, and more ways to build factions or create alliances with new factions. Here are some examples.

Scenarios/Randomly Generated Encounters:
Borgia Towers are randomly reclaimed by the templar armies or those that still sympathize with the Borges’ cause. Missions could be for Ezio to reclaim these towers or to defend them against those trying to take them from the assassins.

Perhaps Ezio has gained the support of the new pope, or those who support him. So the pope spawn random missions for Ezio to protect him, or “rid” the church/court of the corrupt.

Perhaps someone saw one of the less experienced guild assassins kill someone, and now the head of the order (Ezio) has to go and “clean” up the mess (aka take out the eye witnesses).

Ezio now has access to ships that can sail the neighboring sea. Perhaps a scenario where his assassins/thieves/mercenaries either protect cargo…or attack a ship from an enemy country to steal loot and/or intelligence.

Mini Games:
This game could benefit from more, or expand on mini games. These could be: fighting mercenaries with wooden swords or whatever. Maybe the thieves guild does some serious gambling Ezio could get his fingers in. Horse races across the city/countryside could be a daily challenge. Perhaps the assassin’s in the guild could compete with you for a target kill or steal something (not unlike multiplayer).

Rebuilding Rome/Villa:
Now that Rome is rebuilt, it’s time for Ezio to rebuild his villa, making Rome his new home. Since at this point in the game, most players will have millions of Florences (coin, like I do), they need something to invest the money in. Perhaps making a part of the countryside, or an instance where Ezio can rebuild his court. This villa would be totally customizable, down to the types of buildings, the layout, and the décor inside. The base map for the design is built so that Ezio and his companions/family can be seen in real time wandering the villa.

The villa could also be a place where instances/scenarios could occur. Perhaps a special guest from a future/past game comes, and Ezio needs to entertain this person (through in game role play options). And this could even mean some visitors attempt to assassinate Ezio or someone close to him, spurring an instance where he needs to defend himself and/or others.

Designing new assassination gear or equipment:
Perhaps there could be a way to customize assassination gear with the help of our good friend Leonardo. Swords with guns built in. Knives that can shoot from a spring loaded gun up the sleeve etc. Maybe take some ideas from the multiplayer weapons.

100% Total Synchronization:
As far as I know, there is nothing to be gained to become 100% synchronized in this game. I am less than one percent away from this, and fully intend on achieving this for the sake of game completion, but there is little other motivation.

Part 2, Expanding In-Game Items:
• Weapons:
o There is a 5 star weapon in the dagger & light weapon categories (dagger of Brutus & sword of Altair), but no heavy weapon. The closest thing is a Spadone, and it doesn’t compete with the Sword of Altair, even with damage. Perhaps a Bartolomeo d'Alviano’s beloved sword could fill this weapon.

o Better versions of each type of weapon (i.e. blunted, axes) to fit a broad range of player taste/preferences.

o Add the use of reach weapons, such as the spears and polearms the guards use…beyond having to pick them up off of a dead one.

o Perhaps existing weapons and/or equipment can be enhanced with the help of Leonardo to do more damage, become faster, and deflecting attacks.

• Armor:
o Armor’s appearance more customizable, through more color combinations.

o Provide bonuses such as speed increase in running, greater chances of dodging/deflecting attacks, additional health, if armor pieces are mixed/match from different sets. This could provide a penalty in some areas, but bolstering others to the players taste.

• Outfits:
o The additional “outfits” are great. Perhaps add more that totally alter Ezio’s appearance…even to the point where the player is instead controlling his sister (Claudia), or any of the skins seen in multiplayer.

Part 3, Additional Story Content:
• Reliving some of the key main plot/story line through the experiences of the supporting characters.

o Example 1: Play as Claudia who makes her way to Rome after the villa was destroyed, then takes matters into her own hands as she has to do what it takes to build a brothel…rooting out the competition etc. Then Perhaps some story for her after she becomes a full fledge assassin. Maybe she is instrumental in finding out Cesare’s whereabouts so that Ezio can confront him in Sequence 9. There is the whole story of how the courtesans had to infiltrate and coerce information out of the political figures so that Ezio could lead the assault on the Borgia, Cardinal, and the pope himself.

o Example 2: Play as Bartolomeo as he leads assaults against the French and/or defends his fort. Perhaps get some more backstory from him on how he earned the respect of his mercenary men. Maybe he was once an average mercenary who rose to power by showing his leadership skills and charisma.

o Example 3: Play as La Volpe, how he had to maintain his thieves guild, even under the oppression of the Borgia before Ezio came about. Learn how La Volpe and his men obtained information from the Borgia for Ezio to be successful. Understand why, through experience La Volpe believed that Machiavelli was a traitor.

o Example 4: Play as Caterina, and how she lead the opposition to the French and the Borgia until she was captured. Maybe even go as far back as the storyline of AC2 and how she came to the Villa before it burnt down.

• After playing any one of these storylines through, allow free control over these characters to roam around Rome in post game content…this could include performing each of the guild challenges with the secondary characters. Allow Claudia to become the leader on the assassin board challenges…or the thieves guild challenges etc.

As I stated before…I am a game enthusiast and spent a lot of time playing this genre of games. I also have years of experience developing my own gameplay through Dungeons and Dragons as Dungeon Master, leading playing characters through quests and stories that I made up along the way. If you would like to hear more ideas, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking. (oh and I apologize if I misspell any of the names/words above. I do not want to offend anyone.)

I’ve spent about 10 hours playing multiplayer. Once I get more practice and experience with the abilities, I may write on ideas to this part of the game as well. I come from a long line of MMO’s such as Diablo 1, 2, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, and World of Warcraft.

Others looking at this feel free to respond with your feedback and please add more ideas.


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I like your "End of Game Play" ideas.

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read the books and play project legacy and you'll have all the back stories you need, but i don't know if anyone will want to play any missions that cast you as claudia until after after she becomes an assassin, cause the things she dose to impress her brother and earn his respect are pretty bad

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