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11-17-2011, 03:46 PM
I've seen DVD games of sh-3 is back available again in the stores .
I do not see sh-4 sh-5 so much more in the stores , I do not know why that is.
I think that sh-3 will continue for years .
maybe I see players online in GWX 3.0 Gold ?

I play sh-3 is not much, because I follow a training for skilled care .
care of old people in nursing homes . I enjoy it and it's a very nice job .
the studies are difficult , in the school where I teach follow, there are 30 girls in school and 2 men .
All around the age of 16 to 55 years , The school is truly a team familly .
Today there was a girl not in the classroom ,that girl is in hospital with lung cancer. however there were tears in the classroom .
that girl has ended her career, her dream was to provide people in hospital .
people in the classroom is like a real familly ,
I've never seen those people before , yet we grow closer together, everyone cares about each other in the classroom .
that training in high school is a real experience in my life , I am 44 years old , sorry that I never did before that training in high school .

I'm not much sail in my submarine in silenthunter 3 .
Oh, I think I have made more than 100 multiplayer missions in my career of sh-3 .
ok captains
Admiral deep sharks is not much online , but the seawar is not over yet .

see you later captains .
greatings from cristopher