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Yeah but this is a report on the Mk Ia, which had 12x.303's... even I wouldnt attack ground targets with that, unless I wanted to spend all my rounds trying to burst a tire.

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Typhoon is perhaps the best looking British fighter or my taste http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

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On that report - 'Mosquito FIGHTER VERSION'.

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I'd like to see the list of modifications that turned the Typhoon into such a great GA aircraft. It's always interesting to see how the issues were addressed.

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Here is the list faustnik:

1. Deletion of sissy .303 armament for the more manly 20mm Hispanos.

That is all.

But all through its service life the Tiffie went through a number of modifications namely:

-Fish plate strengthening around aft fuselage.
-Replacement tailplanes, Tempest type installed to later Mk.Ib's
-Bubble canopy
-Engine upgrades and replacement of 3-blade prop for a 4-blader
-Anti-shimmy tail wheel.
-Cannon covers for improved aerodynamics

I think that it was a failed interceptor that was discovered to be a great GA aircraft once the cannons were fitted, since it was pretty fast down low, and it was a very rugged aircraft. Fitting RP's and bombs only seemed natural and thus the mighty Typhoon we all know came into being.

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Thanks Skunk. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_cool.gif

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Whirly, Whirly, whirly!

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Good show P-39.

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P39 has the engine excellently placed for ground attack, as long as the hits dont go into the pilot instead!

Did the P39 have some frontal armour in front of the pilot?

Just thinking, that maybe a hit which would normally be stopped by the mass of metal in the engine, may got straight into the cockpit if it hit the front of the p39.

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Originally posted by Xiolablu3:

Did the P39 have some frontal armour in front of the pilot?

Yes.I have a cutaway diagram of the P-39D and it shows two armor plates in front of the cockpit.It also shows some armor just behind the prop spinner.

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Originally posted by Xiolablu3

Did the P39 have some frontal armour in front of the pilot?

Yeah, there was a plate in front of the pilot, behind the cannon, and one behind the gear box up towards the prop.


Oops, sry Berg, you beat me to it.

The heavy engine behind the pilot wasn't good because in a crash landing it could come loose from its mounts, and that's real bad. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/sadeyes.gif

The Soviets generally used Cobras as fighters, not for GA work like some western books describe.

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The armoring provisions of the aircraft consisted of seven parts: reduction gearbox armor, cockpit forward bulkhead armor plate, lower windshield armor plate, windshield armor glass, armor plate behind the pilot, turnover bulkhead armor plate, and oil tank armor plate.

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The oil tank armor is listed as one of the plates the Soviets removed to improve COG. This seems very dangerous, as even 7.62mm hits are going to cause an oil leak.



Since this is a Typhoon thread maybe we should be discussing Typhoon armor? How tough were the Typhoons? They must have been very durable to be so successful in the GA role?

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Just the look and structure of it make me think that it must have been heavily armoured.

Its not like a bit of extra weight that armour plate would bring is going to make much difference to the flight characteristics of that massive plane.

I mean, its not like its going to add a very big percentage of weight, unlike adding a big armour plate to a tiny Zero or Bf109 for instance.

This is all just a guess tho, I dont know the facts. I just think it would be pretty daft not to have the Typhoon heavily armoured.

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Some info' on the 'poor man's Whirlwind' http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/59.gif




A big problem early on appears to have been it's similarity in certain profiles to the Fw190, several friendly fire incidents.

I don't think it was that well armoured, it's size and shape being more a result of the large power plant rather than concerns for pilot safety.

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Chris Shores

the Typhoon was armoured. Mod 346 (55 lbs of fixed armour) and 347 (496 lbs of removable armour) were introduced in spring 1944. I am not sure of the exact disposition of this armour but photos show trial installations of sheet armour applied to the cockpit sides and floor and around the radiator. Nor do I know to what extent this armour was employed on operations. However many photos of Typhoons from D-day onwards show stencilling on the radiator fairings - "This fairing is armoured" - as a warning to ground crew who might be removing the fairing.

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The Tiffie was a tough bird. Most of the targets given to Typhoon squadrons were Flak infested hell holes that no one else wanted to attack.

Some examples of Typhoon damage:



From the books Typhoon and Tempest : The Canadian Story by Hugh Halliday and Osprey's Typhoon and Tempest Aces of WW2.

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Excellent pics. Skunk. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

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Anyone have a cut-away showing the Typhoon's armor? Was the same armor carried over to Tempest?

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I'm looking through my stuff for you Ronn. Havent found anything yet.

While were on the subjects of Typhoons, does anyone have a detailed history of RAF 1 Sqn? I'm looking for info on a Canadian pilot who served with them, MOSSIP, F/O Harrison Taylor (J15927) DFC. I'd like to know what aircraft he flew with them.

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Originally posted by Skunk_438RCAF:
I'm looking through my stuff for you Ronn. Havent found anything yet.

Cool. My impression was always that the Typhoon was a pretty rugged bird.

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Still havent found anything on the armor R...

But I did find this:


Tornado prototype, powered by the Rolls Royce Vulture, essentially 2 Peregrine engines mounted one on top of the other, in X configuration. So its basically a Whirlwind, since it has two of the same engines http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

Also note the striking similarity to the Hurricane, it just seems to be an enlarged version of it. Note the twin exhausts.


Contra-rotating prop experiments...


Bristol Centaurus powered prototype Typhoon.