View Full Version : Anyone else?

11-19-2010, 11:31 AM
So first off all say that AC brotherhood is by far the best multiplayer experience I've had. Starting out kinda sucks but you learn every game what to do/not to do by others. Once you start leveling up it becomes very addicting. Still looking foward to perks just to see what they are(im only lvl 12 I think) so not too far away. The U-play thing is cool and that it informs you of news but it didnt say what the update was about, just an update. When might a new one be coming out? Only glitches I've noticed is once in a match after taking out my target his body became a while blur on the ground and continued to stay there. I ran around and thought i would get a new mark but it still said to go to the white blur. I then was taken out. Spawned shortly after and killed my target and his body became a while blur. Other then that falling through the map on a few maps after i assassinate my target gets annoying cuz then i have to leave. overall though its amazing.

last but not least. people need to pick their personas faster. I've waited 2,3, and 4, minutes for some idiot to pick his persona.