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04-30-2011, 11:45 AM
i would personally want the series to go back to the routes and have us actually investigate our target before we kill him, and also allow us to decide how to perform an assassination, in ac2 and more in bortherhood the assassinations were very linear, ac2 wasnt bad but in acb it was just annoying that i am playing an open world assassins creed game and i cannot decide how to kill my target. i would also like improved graphics, acb graphics were gd but who doesnt want improvement right. also an improved parkour systme, the parkour system is excellent in ac but mayb they can add something new and exciting like the combat systme in acb where you would get into a chain of kill which was when you got into momentum, mayb we can have it that altair's parkour is faster after momentum builds up.

04-30-2011, 12:00 PM
another idea i thought of was to have counters for hands agaisnt weapons, we retain the ability to disarm weapons but by using gautlet sheilds we can counter attacks. this will make altair more badass, also we should be able to perform assassinations outside of combat with hands, for example we sneek up behind a soldier and instead of the hidden blade we brerak their neck with our hands. tht would be cool.

04-30-2011, 12:35 PM
New things, new things, hmmmm.
How about a good story, haven't had one of those in a while.

04-30-2011, 12:36 PM
First off, you really shouldn't double post like that. If you think of something later, just use the Edit button. Just a little heads up. Also, grammar would help.

With my forum pedantry out of the way:

> I agree with your comment about investigations. What I would like is a hybrid system: there are some compulsory missions to complete beforehand, AC2/B style. BUT you can also do optional information missions to learn more, like in AC. The information you obtain needs to be a bit more helpful this time, though -- some of the things you learned were all but useless in AC.

> Again, I agree with your hand-counter idea. That could potentially be very useful for missions where it tells you not to kill anyone -- just knock them out with a fist counter. By the way, you CAN do hand assassinations. Equip sword or shortsword but don't unsheath it. Approach your target and then attack for a fist insta-kill. In fact, one of them is a neck-breaker.

Now for my ideas:

> Improved freerunning sequences. AC and ACB were too slow and jarring, but AC2 was perfect. In particular, Venice was utterly brilliant. Bring back Venice-style freerunning courses!

> New freerunning parts. AC2 introduced swinging pots; ACB had merchandise lifts. ACR needs something like this. Some ideas:
----> The ability to quickly vault over low obstacles without standing on them.
----> The ability to drop down quickly from a roof.
----> You know those rope lines between buildings you can walk on? If you're at one end, maybe you can cut it with your blade and swing across on it?

> Improved stealth. AC2 introduced hidden kills and crowd blending, but ACB didn't really add anything. Some ideas:
----> High-profile hidden kill: if you're in a haystack and your target is too far away for a hidden kill, hold high profile and press assassinate. Altair (I assume it's him this time) leaps out and assassinates them. You can do this manually in AC2 and ACB, of course, but often they'll detect you because it's so slow.
----> Bribe/Threaten guards: if you see guards blocking entrance, you should be able to bribe or threaten them to let you in. There's a chance they'll say no and attack you.
----> The ability to take someone's clothes when you kill them could be cool. When you're disguised you cannot become notorious and guards will think you're a normal person, but you lose all non-hidden weaponry. Also if you become exposed then you lose your status as a disguised person (because they now recognise you).

> As for combat, the only improvement I want is an upgrade to assassin recruits. Be able to have only three of them with you in combat, and you work in pairs. For example, if you press counter, it might show you and a recruit co-operating as the animation -- Altair ducks under a blade, and his ally behind him shoots the guard who attacked him. It could look really cool. Double executions when a recruit's around wouldn't use bullets up -- Altair stabs one guy, your ally stabs the other. I really hope to see this... but I know it's really unlikely.

Just some of my thoughts.

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