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01-24-2005, 05:59 AM
Personly I love Raiden very much and I'm waiting for the PF patch with it.
I know that in the patch will be included the mostly produced modification - the J2M3.
This production of this version started in late 1943. This plane was famous among the Japanese pilots and also among the allied pilots because of it's good characteristics, but this version
suffered from some serious defects, such as not enough powerfull engine (especially above 7000 m), narrow cabine, bad view, non effective armament and etc.
In spring 1945 the J2M5 came into production. Unlike the J2M3 the had a much more effective high altitute engine, improved view from the cabine, higher speed (about 620 km/h) and also more powerfull armament.
By default the armament consisted of 4 wing 20 mm cannons: a pair of slow firing, low velocity type 99M1s and a pair of powerfull, high velo-city but slow firing type 99M2 Mk 4s.
But many J2M5s instead of type 99M2 Mk 4s got a pair of powerfull 30 mm type 5 cannons (cartrige: 30x122 mm, weight: 70 kg, shell weight: 345-349 g (HE only), rate of fire: 450 r/m, muzzle velocity: 700-710 m/sec). That made the J2M5 a deadly bomber killer. J2M5 plastic model kit with pair of 30 mm type 5 cannons is being produced only by Hasegawa Model Kits firm (only in 1/48 scale), those who have it will know more about this plane.
Unfortunately for Japanese only 34 (or 35) of these exellent interceptors have been dellivered, they were mainly used in July or August 1945. Unlike many so called "what if" planes this plane saw an actual battle.
I think that it would be grait to see J2M5
with 30 mm type 5 cannons in PF, I hope Oleg will notice this great plane of the WWII.

01-24-2005, 10:11 AM
I'm a Raiden fan too, & I can't wait for the J2M3. I agree the J2M5 would be a great addition, but ... not counting on it. Still if it doesn't require too much work & documentation is available, who knows !


01-24-2005, 01:36 PM
There are plans on J2M2 (or was it J2M1?) and J2M5. Though, untill the J2M3 will be complete (it is already) and officially accepted and inserted (it is not yet) in the game, those are only plans. But, repeat, they exist.

01-24-2005, 02:41 PM
They Need to do something for this game, So far its;
"thanks for PF, I never had any intention of flying it-but anyway thanks,
now Im taking my bombers back to europe , and by the way wheres my patch for the euro stuff?"

Servers empty, no IJN/IJA online...even early war where they have the best advantages...

After all why wear a "black hat" when you got no mk-108...simple really I guess..right??....Split the community? p-shaw-My eye...they neednt have worried.


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01-25-2005, 12:11 AM
the Raiden is a plane wth its own character for sure !

cant wait to see how she flys in FB/PF , a 30mm cannon version would be even better !