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03-10-2010, 09:45 AM
Hi All,

I'm not a heavy gamer but I absolutely loved both AC1 & now AC2 (PS3).
I have completed the game as far as I can and have now downloaded and (I think) installed Bonfire Of The Vanities.

I know I'm being thick here, but I have no idea how I access these new missions/areas. I thought I had installed BOTV and I started the game again as my completed version didn't seem to work anymore.

I read that the new area will be available in Florence, so I have tried to get to it but it tells me that this area is not yet available.

Can somebody please let me know what I'm doing wrong as I don't have a clue? Is there an easy way to tell if this has installed somewhere?

Any help greatly appreciated! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif


03-10-2010, 10:01 AM
I havent got round to downloading them yet mate but i think the noew area of florence opens once you leave florence for San Gimiganno.

03-10-2010, 10:18 AM
I got past that bit a while ago - I'm near the end of the story. Could it be that it's not available until the end of the story?

03-10-2010, 02:37 PM
The section to the south of Florence isn't available until chapter 13, which is Bonfire of the Vanities.

03-11-2010, 02:27 AM
Excellent - thanks very much!