View Full Version : Big Question about Artillery

10-08-2010, 12:03 PM
Hi, I was playing a 1vs1 game(60min) and I was the brits and he was USA.
After 20min playing I have 4/5 of the map in control but he's making a big defend base...
He has over more than 20 artillery and around he's base he had Anti tank, air support and recon and heavy units..

I have tried to get in to his base, but nothing worked :s I have tried Tanks rush, air planes..
Nothing worked :s

And i needed more score points to win. But after 60min he had more points because he killed alot of units with he's artillery..

Does anybody have a good solution??

10-08-2010, 12:29 PM
you could of moving loads of sextons up guard them with AA few tanks keep aa in woods or somthing though and just pound him also keep everthing radio silence

10-08-2010, 02:01 PM
Max out your unit capacity with assault guns, tanks, tank destroyers, air recon, armoured recon and fighters.

Stay under radio silence and move the whole column up to his defensive line. Use assault guns to clear unarmoured defences. Tanks and tank destroyers kill the rest.

If he had all those static defences he won't have had as as many mobile ground units as you. And if he had 20 artillery units he's rendered 1/5 of his force useless in the face of an air or amoured ground assault.

Or you could have used fighter bombers to surgically pick a hole through his air defences, then struck at his anti-air building with bombers and hit the arty with fighter bombers.

The worse thing you can do in this game, with the scoring working the way it does, is throw dribbles of units at a balanced defence. Just build a bigger army than he can have then move in in your own time.

If all he has is arty reaching out to you, hide your things and make his recon your priority. You can easily keep radio silence and camo net active indefinitely.