View Full Version : Deaf sonarman responsible for loss of U-342!!!

09-10-2005, 10:26 PM
This is extreemly annoying!

So I was ordered to sit right outside NY harbor by the BDU. This was crazy since it is 1942 and those elite American destoryers have joined the war. But hey this is Hitlers wacked out military so I decide to be a good seaman and follow orders.

Anyway I reached the patrol grid and I knew I was in trouble so I decided to spend my assigned 24hrs submerged at slow speed. I crank the time compression up to 1042x and relax since my sonarman has warned me of distant contacts before.

HOWEVER all of a sudden the time compression drops to 1x and I hear pinging!! I ask Mr. Deaf and Dumb what the contact is and he reports a destroyer at short range!!!!


Did I do something wrong or is this game porked. Do we need a "clean the wax out of sonarmans ears" patch!!!

Col Tibbetts

09-10-2005, 10:45 PM
If you were cruising in a straight line for a prolonged period of time with no change of direction, it is possible that he came up from astern, where your hydrophones are virtually useless. That's why it's always advisable to do a "Crazy Ivan" from time to time. That was/is a tactic used by the Russian subs to clear their baffles, the acoustic dead spot behind. A Crazy Ivan is an unexpected [to the pursuer] 360 degree turn every now and then, never on a predictable schedule. They would do it to listen for American subs tracking them.

09-11-2005, 12:43 AM
Did I do something wrong


The Avon Lady
09-11-2005, 01:17 AM

09-11-2005, 01:43 AM
Sometimes I just sit in the middle of my patrol grid like a spider in it's web. I have the rudder hard over to one side and just keep going in a circle at a very slow speed, sometimes I just set 1kt. When travelling from one place to another, I plot a zig-zag course which effectively enough clears the baffles. You hear everything this way...

09-11-2005, 02:15 AM
In the absence of more information, I'm not sure whether you did anything wrong or not. If you were silent running at, say, depth 50 and charted a search/zig-zag pattern then what happened is anomalous. So long as your SO/RA were both qualified Warrant Officers AND not fatigued - putting your SO/RA compartment solidly in the green - you should have picked up approaching ships using the above tactic.

If you were all stop and silent running, then the escort should have detected you. If it came from the stern, you'd pick it up as it went past. Then you could ambush it, if you so desired.