View Full Version : useful-important tips for acb multiplayer players !!!

11-22-2010, 01:24 PM
all these tips are from my experience as i played the game, now i am 21 level i think but i learned a lot of things and i wanted to give out some tips for players who are starting out.

1. don't rush to kill your target, don't run and don't climb on rooftops too much. try to get close to him then lock him and kill him. in that way you will earn more points for being stealthy and silent than run onto him and kill him

2. when you got a pursuer on you as you always do you don't know how close to you he is or who is he so turn around the camera sometimes to see behind you as he always kill you from behind the most of the times.

3. when you unlock smoke bombs then put them always with you as they are useful.

4. whenever you see a red arrow run its your pursuer and he is trying to kill you but because he rushed to do it or he made a mistake you can see who he is. at that time if he is walking to you throw a smoke bomb the you can stun him with the O for ps3 or B for xbox, now if you want to use other abilities or you don't have unlocked yet smoke bomb just run for your life. by killing you you don't lose any points but you give him the advantage to get more points and finish first.

5. if your pursuer chasing you then try to hide somewhere or to blend in a bunch of civilians, if these civilians are the same character as yours then its more of your advantage, if you have the morph ability then use it to morph the group of civilians to the same character as yours, or use disguise to get another character morph

6. now some tips on how to get more points: if you make the first kill you get extra points, if you kill silent then you get more points. try to kill while you are close to the target and blend with a group then kill him you get more points for focus and hiding. or if the target is walking down and you have spotted him while on rooftop lock him and kill him, you get points for aerial kill. if he tries to escape on rooftop and you are right behind him don't kill him wait to start climbing the wall then kill him you get even more points for acrobatic kill. by escaping you get more points too.

all these tips are just some tips i learned by playing the game, the game its so awesome. its for players that want to stay stealthy and to kill without being spotted. so if you are a shooter multiplayer guy then don't even buy the game. for those who are starting out again don't run like crazy and free running you can be spotted very very easy and get killed too. and don't rush to kill your target wait for the right time lock him up and then kill him.
so hope i helped whoever read this!!!