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10-26-2007, 11:03 PM
The fact that I live 7 thousand miles away from the mainland has caused me to become an offliner. I know it does not have the allure of online play but beleive you me, it is fun and can have a high learning curve. Best of all you can play up or just have fun blasting planes out of the sky. Either way, you will gain experience. Just be ready to die and Die and DIE! Remember that when playing up (i.e. against superior A/C) you are going to die a lot but you WILL get better.
In the last year or so I have lived in FMB. Its not hard. You bring up a map, create a few objects and hit fly... Ok, maybe its a little more involved but the rewards are great. The variety is only limited by your immagination and the fun never ends.
It is my opinion that 8vs8 offers the true Dogfight experience. Here is the low down. In FMB I create a base. Allow yourself a little time for this. I like vehicles to go by as I begin the mission. This give a feeling of business to the enviroment. I like putting a siren on base too. Then put a couple of AA trucks and a fuel truck or something going by. Be carefull that the trucks waypoints dont run into one another. This could cause them to go around each other and run on to the airstrip as you are taking off. Put up some barracks and a few objects around. Some AAA can be good but dont go nuts. You want a few bursts and tracers here and there, you dont want the AAA killing everything. You can gain a feel for this as you practice but ussally no more than two large calliber guns and two machineguns do the job. Work on your base from time to time. Dont feel like Guadalcanal was built in one day. Next I create some waypoints. Keeping in mind the height I want to fight at. This can be as easy as a patrol around the base at 1k or as complex as a climbout to meet the enemy at 6k meters. You choose the flavor... I create myself two squads. Say 8x 109f4. Now I create the "bandit" squad. 8x P39N coming in. I make sure to set one of the waypoints to the enemy on both sides. Also give yourself some room to gain height or... Not. Sometimes getting bounced at a disadvantage creates more drama. I apply skins to the squads. Play with the weather and height of the clouds. Fighting and flying at 1000m or more can be cool if you are above the weather, then coming in to land in a thunderstrom adds realism. So choose thunderstorm then lower them clouds to 500m.
Do not forget to check one of the boxes as "Player". I like to fly lead. In order to do this ensure that you are flight 1 squad 1. The next squad should be flight 1 squad 2 and so on. Ensure you do this with the "bandit" squad too. Reason is this, Now that you are done with the mission, you can save it to say, Single mission, DE, 109F4 but then you can also save it to the Russian P-39N folder. What, there is no RU, P-39N folder? No worries you can just create one by going in to C,Program Files, Ubisoft, IL2, Missions, Single, RU, Here you just create a folder called P-39N1. Now when you get ready to save it in FMB just save it there and then MAKE SURE YOU PICK A P39 as a player aircraft. And change the tittle from F4vsP39 to P39vsF4.
The mission begins and you are flying round your base, you suddenly see a bunch of black specks in the distance. You call out to your squads to close formation. As they get closer your AAA begins to put black puffs in the air. You are climbing hard then order the attack. You dive on the enemy and the merge is murdurous. Planes are flaming and some burst into pieces. The enemy is on your tail, you climb and twist and turn. A bandit passing by, takes a casual shot at you putting three holes in your windshield but lucky for you he explodes as one of your mates lights him up. You out turn your tormentor and begin to get some good hits only to have to leave him as you get hit again from above and to the rear. As you break into scissors, you are sure you will die....

This my frieds is 8vs8. IMO this is how the game was meant to be.
All you newcomers dont forget to stop in at Bearcat 99's Nugett's Guide to getting off the ground. Its a great read with lots of info to get you going.

Happy Hunting

10-27-2007, 04:44 AM
Nice said Maico !

Good to hear more positive things, unfortunately they tend to be forgotten much faster than negative.

I wonder where you live...

10-27-2007, 07:18 AM
'I wonder where you live...'

Either space or heaven methinks.

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10-27-2007, 07:22 AM
Maico have you tried Mission Mate or the UQMG? Great tools...

10-27-2007, 07:58 AM
Originally posted by Bearcat99:
Maico have you tried Mission Mate or the UQMG? Great tools...

Ditto on that one. There's no land-line broadband available where I am(aka the boondocks), so FMB, MM, and UQMG are the way to go.

10-27-2007, 08:08 AM
I am an american contractor working in Qatar. DSL here goes over terrible infrastruture and my ping hovers in the 300 plus range. I have tried UQMG and never really understood it. Mission Mate might be worth a try... I really need the Idiots guide to make a mission.