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The Hard Times
Chapter 1

"I'll call you later, dad! Bye!"
"Love you, lolly!"
"Love you, too! Bye!"
16-year-old, Charlotte (Charlie) Lovelace put down her iPhone and ran up the stairs wondering what she would wear to the St. Patricks day party. Her dad and his girlfriend were taking her to it.
Charlotte's parents had been divorced for only 3 weeks. Charlotte had gotten used to calling her dad every other day to update what was going on. Mrs. Lovelace hadn't taken the divorce very well adn Charlie had to take care of her mother.
On the other hand, Charlie's dad had found love right around the corner...Literally!!! Charlie's dad had fallen in love with a pretty blond when he turned the corner and found out she went to work with him! They were perfect for each other!!
Never Say Never!!
Charlie picked up her phone in her room and noticed the caller ID hadn't showed up.
OMG!! It was Jake Allen! Charlie's bf!
"I just wanted to ask if you wanted to see a movie with me and a friend?" Jake said.
"Sure! I would love to! Who's your friend?"
"You'll see. Ok, i'll pick you up at 7:00, kay?"
"Ok! Can't wait! Bye!" Charlie said.
"Love you. Bye."
YAY!! But, what would Charlie wear to the movies?? A thousand butterflies were inside Charlie's stomach! Jake didn't seem happy over the phone. He's always happy...maybe somthing happened? Guess i'll just have to wait,thought Charlie.
Before 7:00 hit, Charlie went to pack for her weekend with her dad. St. Patricks day was on Friday and she didn't have school then, so she could visit her father.
Charlie packed all of her stuff, including 3 outfits, and of course, her 3 lockets. The first locket had her dad in it. The second locket had Jake, and the 3rd locket had her mom in it.
Before the divorce, Mrs. Lovelace gave Charlie the 3 lockets. 1 for Mrs. L, another for Mr. L, and an extra for Charlie. She adored them!
The same day of her Sweet Sixteen, in school, she met Jake. They had Tech together. He was new and he happened to sit right next to Charlie. The next week, Jake asked to go out with her. Of course she said yes!! Charlie introduced him that night during dinner, and they loved him!
Ever since, Charlie has turned down dates to the movies (and to prom!) even when Jake and her were fighting. She loved Jake and couldn't risk losing him.
Charlie checked her clock, 6:15! She still had to take a shower and make sure her mom had dinner!!
After dinner, Charlie's iPhone rang.
Never Say Never!!!
"Charlie?" Jake said.
"Hey, Jake! I'm almost ready! Meet me outside." Charlie said.
"Ok, see you soon."
She hung up and said goodbye to her mom.
"Bye, mom. I'm just going out with Jake. I won't stay to late, promise." She cooed.
"Ok, bye honey. Have a good time!"
She ran outside and jumped into Jake's car. "Hey!" Charlie said.
"Where's ur friend?" she asked, while she buckled up.
"She's already at the movies." Jake responded.
"Oh-wait. SHE?" Charlie sounded angry.
"Yep. Charlie, i'm breaking up with you." Jake said calmly. Of course, he was sorry, but he couldn't help but feel excited about seeing his new gf.
"I don't understand, Jake. I haven't done ANYTHING wrong! You trust me, don't you?" Charlie felt a surge of hope.
"Of course, Charlotte." Jake said.
"Then why are you doing this to me?" Charlie cried. She was the nicest she could be to him. Charlie couldn't imagine what it would be like without him.
"I just don't..." Jake trailed off.
"You don't what? You know what, you can go to the movies without me." She noticed they haven't even moved out of the driveway of her house.
"Charlotte.." Jake started.
"Forget it, Jake. Like you said, we're over." Charlie raced inside the house and shut the door behind her.
"Sweetheart?" It was her mother. "What's wrong?", she called.
Charlie couldn't talk about what had just happend. Everything had gone terribly wrong. She never knew it would end this way. She went upstairs and looked out her window, Jake was gone and he had left with her heart.